A Note from Martha…

5438922_origOne of the best parts of working in television and film, especially in the Internet Age, is the privilege of interacting with fans.  And SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED is graced with a passionate – and talented – fan base.  One such fan is devoting her efforts to Alameda & Downing – A Signed Sealed Delivered Blog.

The name comes from a very brief reference to the location of the DLO in Denver as reported in an article read by Rita in the last scene of the pilot.  What attention to detail someone has!

The funny thing is that AlamedaDowning is actually a very unlikely  location for a major post office.  It’s only two blocks from Washington Park near a residential area about two or three miles from downtown Denver.

I used that intersection as a little nod to God – a reference to the intersection where, when I was walking to my junior high school one snowy morning, I slipped and fell directly in front of a speeding car.  It is an absolute miracle that I wasn’t killed.  But there wasn’t a scratch on me.

I often think of that place as the first time I realized that there really might be angels in the world and that God really DID have a plan for my life.  How different my life would have been without an angel at the corner of Alameda & Downing.

~ Martha

  • Julie M. Gerhart Rothholz

    I wasn’t much of a Hallmark channel person (except for during the Christmas season). But when the Down syndrome community and disability media lit up because a new television show was going to feature a character with Down syndrome, I decided to watch the show, because it’s so rare to see shows that feature Down syndrome as a central topic. I have a son who has Down syndrome, and I wanted to support the show for him, because of him. I was hooked after the first episode, something I never expected to happen. I love the characters and their quirks and how they fit together like family. I love the complex issues they all deal with. I hope we see many more movies with our POstables for many years to come.

  • Yvonne

    I just found Signed, Sealed, & Delivered and absolutely love it! Thank you so much for this program. It’s truly a blessing. Not only do I enjoy and appreciate the message of faith and reference to scripture, I also love writing letters. I’m even looking for a letter opener like Oliver’s. 🙂 I ordered the DVD of the series and the Christmas movie today. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the episodes. God bless you!

  • Daiane

    Both your work and your life are inspiring… <3 God is always sending "notes" to us of His love and awareness for us, and I bet what you just did was one of these "notes" to the fan who writes the blog 🙂 Thank you for SSD, it's definitely my favorite show!

  • Robin Rysavy

    The way God is using you to speak to me and to possibly millions of others is so uplifting. I’m glad your angel was watching out for you that day! Please keep making the wonderful movies, etc. that carry the message of Jesus’ love to anyone willing to accept it.

  • Diane Elizabeth VanOver

    Thank you, Martha ! God definitely had, and has, a plan for you life (Jeremiah 29.11). I am thankful for how He is using you through Signed, Sealed, Delivered.