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Wherever I go, folks always ask me the same question: “We loved “Touched By An Angel” and its message of love and faith and family.

What are you doing NOW, Martha?

”Well, I’m doing the best I can.I’m trying to be a good mother to my teen-age girls, I’m helping my husband recover from a stroke and learning to be an effective care giver. I’m still trying to process the fact that the AARP is now sending me letters! I’m learning to get healthy and stay healthy, I’m still learning how to be a better wife and sister and neighbor and friend, and, after thirty years in show business, I’m still writing family and inspirational television and films and now I’m expanding my horizons to include speaking to groups and even singing on stages. But most important, I’m still walking the road of faith and praising God every day for the amazing blessings of being alive.

But more important than what I’m doing is what YOU are doing! How is your heart? Where are your dreams taking you? Do they still inspire you or are they hard to hold on to? What do you need to hear that will encourage you to carry on?

That’s what this website is for – to hear from you and to share with you a little daily encouragement, some inspirational storytelling, messages of hope and faith, weekly videos filled with love and laughter and hopefully a little wisdom!

But I can’t do it without you, so please visit often and share your comments and your own messages of encouragement. Remember that none of us is perfect – some days are harder than others, some days we let others down and sometimes we let ourselves down. But EVERY DAY is a God-given chance to begin again. Let’s do it together.

Love, Martha

  • PH.G ♔

    18 December 2016


    I wanted to wish you a stratofab Christmas and New Year to come! I have great spiritual respect for you and your family because you are so holistic and your series are Godly in spirit. I lived in the USA for a total of twelve years, up to 2008. It taught me community honor, PBS attitude, the understanding of true democracy and the comprehension of the awesome grit of America which is still so young compared to most countries, which themselves, are not always as free and open minded. I have seen some episodes of Touched by Angels and am in awe! Never underestimate what you have done for the good, for people: you honor your ancestors and family. Maybe, I shall have the honor to meet you one day with my family here in the UK or in the USA. God bless. I am an altruist in nature also, and your example of a beaming soul, give me more than hope for our kind.

    God Bless America

    Pascal HD Gillon

  • Just watched Sign, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas. Great show! At one point Oliver asks Shane where she grew up and what her street address was. The answer was Alexandria, Virginia and the street address was 707. This immediatly caught my attention because I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia and my street address was 707. Could I ask you and or your writers(Brandi Harkenon, Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar) if the street name you used was fictional or real? My street name was different from the one mentioned on the show, but my curiousity is peaked. I can cerainly share with you the name of the street I grew up on. Thank you. Sincerely, Cameron S. Brown

  • Richard Stanislawski

    Please include me in your fan file base. I just listened to your interview with Raymond Arroyo and it brought back such great memories. Our whole family looked forward to watching Touched by and Angel and the positive impact it had on our lives. We’ve watched the Signed Sealed and Delivered movie as well, great job. I had my stroke about a year and a half ago myself, and credit my reovery to answered prayer and the Divine Mercy of God. I just wanted to thank you for all values that you shared with us over the years. God Bless.

  • When is Signed, Sealed, and Delivered coming back. I see Christmas show, but is series coming back? Loved it!

  • sue wunder

    Hi Martha,
    Your post struck me when I saw all the “things” you are trying to be better at..Me too:) My son dove into a swimming pool when he was 16 and became a quadriplegic, so I have been a caretaker for 8 years now and as you know, it only strengthens us to love the ones we love even more. It is not a burden but it can quite tiresome and heart breaking when our loved one’s struggle. God has been my refuge, my quiet place to go for rest, comfort, strength and affirmation that I’m doing it all just right. I am like you in that I am strong in my faith. People look to me as an example, for wisdom and admire my strength. Funny thing is they don’t see the moments when I’m lying in bed crying for my son. They don’t hear the arguments I have with my God. They don’t feel my jealousy when I’m looking at their strong healthy boy walking down the isle to his bride. What I’m trying to say is I don’t want them to admire ME, for I am nothing without HIM. I am me when I am dressed in anger, jealousy or fear. But what I share with others, is HIM and HIS love and how it carries me….small, weak, insignificant, dependent me.
    My hope is that people realize I am NOT strong….My amazing God is.:) So admire HIM.

  • Sandra

    I Love Touched by an angel and I have the whole series on DVD! I am sorry but I have to say I am disappointed that signed, sealed and delivered is on the Hallmark channel and I am unable to get that channel. I would love to see that show! I am hoping it will be available on DVD to purchase it because I will buy the dvd! Will it be available to purchase in the near future? I just wish the show can be enjoyed by everyone. 🙁

  • Pinchas

    First let me surprise you by letting you know I am an Orthodox Jew who loved Touched by An Angel and was sorry when it when off the air. By accident, so to say I discovered your new series SS&D. I love it and find it very profound and moving as well as poignant. Thank you so very much for making it I hope the original movie re-airs (I don’t buy DVDs). I truly hope a second season is going to air. There is no series as uplifting, touching et. al. on tv. Thank you and would love a reply if you do that.

  • Every since I was in my younger age, I started watching Touch of an Angle, and this series of productions, had giving me a touch of power and uplifting faith through the Holy Spirit. At the present time I have seen many miracles in my life time, which some have happened within the past year of so. Just a word of advise, when ever you are in doubt in doing thinks in life, please accept the plan that God has given to you in your life, and you will have to make a great sacrifice to be able to say yes, I can do it to make a difference, and accept that plan that God has gave you. Prayers are really powerful, when you least expect it, when a man suffers a Stroke, then on top of it a Heart attack, with all of these tubes in
    his chest and noise. I would visit this person every chance I got to, until he was moved to another Hospital. But to make a story kind of short, the next report I got from his Wife, he was moving and making sign of noticing an individual who came to visit him. Prayers are really and very powerful, if you use them the correct through the Power of the Holy Spirit. I am so glad that several years I renewed by Baptismal vowels, in Jesus Christ, whom died on the Cross for my sins and everyone else. May Almighty God bless each and everyone in your families this day and forever more.

  • Martha, my wife and I live in the Denver Metro area and though we have the natural reaction of “that doesn’t look like that” to “locations” around Denver and Fort Collins in Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, we have loved every episode and look forward to watching more just like we did way back when with Touched by an Angel. Thank you.

    We came across this Denver Post article you might find interesting for a future episode of SS&D. It is entitled Love Letters by Claire Martin and refers to a pair of mailboxes someone has taken to painting and repainting to look like a flirting couple in love. The article is dated 2011, but if you want a copy of it faxed or scanned and sent, we can do that. I think it would be a nice touch and a nod to those of us in Denver.

    God bless and keep you in your great works.

  • Jennifer Hill

    Hi Martha,

    I usually do not ever leave messages but I am on a “Touched by an Angel” marathon. I wondered who produced this awesome show that I love so much. I just had to let you know that I appreciate your brilliance on creating this show. It is very inspirational. I have my whole family involved in watching it as well and they love it too. The energy and inspiration that we get from this show I appreciate it so much. Thank you.

  • Tony Ferrante

    I have been a fan of Touched by an Angel since the beginning and it a took me listening to a Tone Loc song to lead me to your website which I love.
    I’m inspired to create something similar. I love passing around inspiring messages and quotes that I receive from friends of mine on Facebook. Plus, I follow other websites like the Charter for Compassion, The Foundation for a Better Life and Random Acts of Kindness among others. Thank you for this, Martha. Tony from Toronto, Canada. P.S. Are you related at all to Marianne Williamson?

  • Edward Blackwell

    Dear Martha: I have been trying to contact you to give you a beautiful story to review for a possible made for TV episode. I hope this blog is the answer. It’s filled with the “hand of GOD” from beginning to right now which is happening “NOW”. Which is why I need you “NOW” as well. Please contact me soon. GOD BLESS

  • Kevin Dakin

    I just watched the last episode of “Touch By An Angel” and cried knowing it is over. I still watch the reruns today. In fact the last episode was a rerun recorded by my tv company. May God continue to praise u with health both u and your husband. Before i go can u tell me what the cast are doing now the show is over. Does Rona still keep in touch and how can i get a hold of her.
    Again Thanks for making this show. Today Christians and Non need shows like this one to get God’s Important, Vital Message out to the World. I will pray for u all the days of my Life. God Bless 🙂

  • Lee

    Dear Martha—For years I have waited a series to take the place of “Touched” and in vain. The way of the world had me concerned that you would not write again for tv. I began to pray for you and that you would be the “go ahead ” from the Lord to write again. It’s a shame that your new show is on cable. I don’t receive cable so I can’t watch but I am so- ooooooo very thankful that you have come out in love, to the world again, to refresh our souls with generosity and godliness. Take it from me,we as believers need to back each other up and believe that God is doing great things worldwide. There is one more worldwide revival before our Lord returns and maybe this show will help provoke pew-sitters with a spiritual needle in their pants.

    Thank you again for your contribution to our culture with a positive spin on the amazing,unbelievable, incomprehensible love of God.

  • Fran >^,,^

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Times are a bit tough and this show puts a huge smile on my face! It is filled with wonderful characters and stories. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  • gene autry stamps wilkins

    Just wanted to say, saw TBAA from day one. Due to my work schedule missed a few. What to do? Amazon to the rescue, bought the entire series. However, still watch it on UPTV. Your program was special, especially for me. April of 1994, lost my brother to Aids, other major family issues including moving them to St Louis Missouri, losing a ten year old nephew while he was riding his bike.

    These are issues that test anyone’s faith. However, I never gave up on god, of course I howled, hot tears on my face. My mom at an early had taught us that there is God. We should have faith, that god may find unique ways to solve our difficulties, which during the course open our eyes and minds to other possibilities.

    Finally, I retired from the television industry, at CBS owned KMOX-TV, having worked as an editor, photographer, live truck engineer. Your program reminded me and many others, that god is REAL, and there is hope.

    Well done

    gene a stamps wilkins

  • Ray Carlson

    Hi Martha,

    It’s 10:35 pm on April 20, 2014 and “Signed, Sealed, & Delivered” has not appeared on Hallmark Channel. What happened?

    Ray Carlson

  • Jennifer McRae

    Dear Martha,
    I was an avid fan of “Touched by an Angel” growing up and am looking forward to your new series “Signed Sealed Delivered.” I don’t know if you know this, but two years ago I submitted the very idea for “Signed Sealed Delivered” to the Hallmark Channel affiliate Johnson Production Group but I never heard back from them. I gave it the title “The Mail Squad” and had characters names that are different from yours. Nonetheless, the idea was still the same. Did someone forward you my original e-mail or had you already been developing the idea at the time I wrote it? Anyway, thank you for your commitment to bring God-honoring entertainment to our tv screens.

    Jennifer McRae

  • Fariel Mohan

    Hi Martha
    I am do a motivational speech on women who stand out. Of course, you are one of them with Touched by an Angel. I sit with my children and we watch them. I only wish I could see again the 1st series with real life stories. I tell them about that series.
    Anyway, could you answer this question.
    What inspired you to do Touched by an Angel when television was focusing on the opposite?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,

    I was one of the cast on Touched By An Angel 6×24, ‘A Clown’s Prayer’. There was a cast photo taken and at the time I was too poor to buy a copy. I’d give anything to be able to get one now.

    I’ve been in touch with three other cast members, and they don’t have one either.
    Would you have an archive copy or the name of the photographer?
    Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

    Century Russell (the red shirt juggler)
    ‘Magic Century’

  • Brat Karol

    Dear Martha

    Your web site is strangely quiet. Is it a good news or a bad news? I do not know, but either way, I pray for you now. For thirty years, you have been helping other people, encouraging them, mainly – strangers. Today, me-stranger is praying for you, so you will “still walk the road of faith”. Let me quote St. Paul from his 2nd letter to Timothy:

    “If we have died with him,
    we shall also live with him.
    If we continue to endure,
    we shall also rule with him.
    If we deny him,
    he also will deny us.
    If we are not faithful,
    he remains faithful,
    because he cannot
    be false to himself.”

  • Antonio Guzman

    Touch by an Angel runs in my house almost 24/7. You can tell we love the inspiration God gives us through the shows. God bless you and your family. Hope your husband is doing better from his stroke. God is with you. My wife and I love Touch by an Angel. We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and I would love to give her all the seasons signed by you. You think we can arrange on getting this done? Is so, please contact me via my email please. It is tgaz6300@gmail.com or you can contact me at 623-210-2233. I am not asking for it free.
    I just want it to give it to her as a special gift for our anniversary. This women is a women that has been with me through good time and bad times. To tell you that on our first Christmas 1985 we only had a Cornish game hen and one 12 onz can of coca-cola, and one potatoe splint in half, that was our holiday dinner. In a small town in Massachusetts called Shirley, next to Fort Devens, MA. I was in the Army. We had nothing because my ex-roommate from the barrack had secretly stolen a temporary check book and had taken all my money which I had in the bank. She is still with me…we have a better living now, we found Christ…it’s been a blessing since then.

    Please, Mrs. Williamson help me get this special gift for my wife.

    Merry Christmas,

    Antonio Guzman and family.

  • Hello dear Martha! 🙂

    I’m so glad you have this blog so I have the opportunity to thank you! Thank you so much for “Touched By an Angel” and “Promised Land”! I’m from Israel and so only now I got a chance to see Promised Land properly after remembering it was shown on our tv some time ago and recently I had to find it and see it again… 🙂

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Your series really touch my heart to tears even.. 🙂

    I’m so happy for you, that you have taken the time off for what’s Really important in life and it’s our families, friends & God.. Life is All about Love and living with Love in our Hearts.. 🙂

    I’ll be happy to hear from you,
    I have a feeling and a dream to also do what you have done, I see how our television is not as it used to be and we have so much work to do so people will have something Good and pure to see and get uplifted from.. who knows? maybe one day we’ll work together to create something Great? 🙂

    Above is a link to a lecture about my life,
    I’ve made subtitles in English for you also to enjoy.

    You wish you a Wonderful & Happy Life!
    I hope to one day meet you and thank you in person.

    Lots of Love!
    Gil Bar-On, Israel 🙂

  • bob vasquez

    For years i’ve been trying to find an episode of Touched By an Angel whose story line is similar to the construct of the Butterfly Effect. The episode, as i recall, connects many different events together, one at a time. Please let me know the name and the season of the episode so that I can purchase it. Thank you!

  • Mary

    Dear Martha,

    You and your words are an answer to my prayers. Thank you!

  • Laura Van Wormer

    What a shot in the arm this post is to read. So many of us seem to be going through a challenging period but it really does seem to come down to taking things day by day, not getting mired in the past and not panicking about the future, and making a gratitude list when everything seem impossible. Those precious things going right in our lives always seem to get buried under the most dramatic (traumatic) events and, of course, those precious things are what make our lives worth living. At any rate, thank you for starting to blog. I’m putting that on my gratitude list today!

  • Lauren

    Hi Martha! I hope you’re doing well. I’m a huge fan of Touched by an Angel and God has used it to help me in my own life. I was wondering what happened to the episode guide that used to be on the original Touched by an Angel site. The summaries were really detailed, which helped me a lot due to the fact that I’m visually impaired. I was wondering if you were ever gonna put it back up again? I enjoyed reading them a lot. My favorite angels are Gloria, Monica, Tess and Rafael. Thanks!
    God bless

  • Teri Crowder

    This was such a treat for me to get an email from you. I so enjoy “A Touch of Encouragement.”

  • Alex Vincent

    What a pleasant surprise to see you blogging! Excellent. I look forward to your next post!