Season 1

Episode 101: “The Southbound Bus”

Episode 101: “The Southbound Bus”
Original Air Date:September 21, 1994
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Jerry J. Jameson
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
Robert J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Adam Charles Rocket
Christine Morrow Linda Hart
Ruth Ann Russell Wendy Phillips
Nick Morrow Mark Metcalf
David Morrow T. J. Lowther

Tess guides Monica on her first assignment as a case worker after being promoted from search and rescue.  On the southbound bus, she befriends David Morrow, a young boy who tells her that his mother and sister died in a car accident.  After helping David fend off some bullies, Monica escorts him home.  There she meets his father, Nick, a police detective who is looking for a live-in nanny.  Monica is hired for the position, but soon has a chance encounter with Adam, the Angel of Death, who informs her that although David’s sister, Katie died of crib death, his mother is very alive.

Confronting the child with his untruth, Monica learns that his guilt-wracked mother left home afterwards and hasn’t returned.  She promises to bring his mother home and sets out to find her in Hewitt, leaving David in Tess’ care.  In a seedy café there, Monica befriends two waitresses, and mistakes one of them for David’s mother.  She arranges a meeting between Ruth Ann and Nick, which backfires when the police officer recognizes the waitress as a wanted fugitive.  The angel appeals for Ruth Ann to stop running, but she refuses to turn herself in.  Returning to the cafe’, Monica discovers the other waitress, Christine, is actually David’s mother and reveals herself in an effort to persuade the woman to return to her family.

But Christine blames herself for Katie’s death and refuses.  In anguish, Monica prays for guidance and returns to David and Nick to deliver the bad news.  The child is crushed, and Tess admonishes Monica for her mishandling of the assignment.  While Nick is outside comforting his son, Christine drives up in her red Cadillac; Monica’s revelation convinced her to return home, thus reuniting the family.  In gratitude, Christine gives the angels her Cadillac, which Tess gladly accepts.

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