Season 3

Episode 303: “Random Acts”

Original Air Date:September 22, 1996
Written by::R.J. Colleary & Martha Williamson
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Mike O’Connor John Ritter
Danielle Dawson Aimee Graham
Lucas Tremaine Channon Roe
Robbie Hawkins Danté Basco
Phil Palmer James Gleason

A solemn Monica stands in the woods, reflecting on the events that transpired there earlier. Tess appears, reminding Monica that some “days humans behave so badly to one another that it’s all an angel can do to keep loving them.” The caseworker recalls how this assignment began.
Fed up with the “Yeah, whatever”generation, Mike O’Connor questioned the significance of his career on the eve of his 20th anniversary as a teacher. Into his life walked Monica, his new student teacher. Unfortunately, so did Lucas Tremaine and Danielle Dawson, two petty criminals who randomly targeted Mike for kidnapping. Monica tacitly revealed herself to Mike, giving him counsel during his ordeal. The situation began to look less grim when the teacher recognized Danielle as a former pupil. But the volatile Lucas forced Mike to get into the car’s trunk while en route to steal the teacher’s boat at Lake Washington. Unable to free Mike from the trunk, Monica encouraged him by playing the videotape his class made to commemorate his anniversary. Afterwards he prayed, thanking God for his life and for his students. Irritated that he couldn’t find the boat, Lucas hauled the teacher out of the trunk and shot him–despite Danielle’s protests.

Monica, however, managed to record the event with Mike’s video camera. Frustrated with Lucas after the shooting, Danielle punched him, causing the car to swerve. A state patrolman pulled them over and inspected the trunk. Seeing that the camera’s record light was still on, the strung-out woman confessed to the patrolman, who apprehended the pair. Discouraged by her inability to help Mike, Monica received a revelation from Tess to use her gift “words”to help him. She confronted Robbie Hawkins, one of Mike’s problem students who had withheld information about his possible whereabouts. A search party eventually found the unconscious teacher.

The reminiscence complete, Tess affirms that Monica was the right angel for the job. Mike recovers from his injuries and is visited by his students, including Robbie, who sympathizes with his teacher’s ordeal.


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