Season 3

Episode 306: “Groundrush”

Episode 306: “Groundrush”
Original Air Date:October 27, 1996
Written by::Burt Pearl
Directed by: Glenn Berenbeim
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sam Paul Winfield
Scott Walden Robert Hays
Jocelyn Ashley Crow
Tony Portino Yul Vasquez
Jeremy Justin Garms
Agent Bradford Jeff Olson

To Monica, Scott Walden seems like a perfect assignment. The charming owner of a small aviation company, he performs numerous charitable deeds and has been a wonderful surrogate father to his fiancee’s pre-teen son. What Monica doesn’t know is “Mr. Wonderful”has a secretive past, which comes to light after an employee borrows a plane to make a humanitarian, albeit illegal smuggling mission. FBI agents arrive and apprehend Scott, charging him with an eighteen- year-old murder committed by one William Grunwald.

Insisting the man is innocent, Monica defends him to his fiancee, Jocelyn and his lawyer, Andrew. Unsure what to make of these events, Scott’s future stepson, Jeremy is comforted by Tess. Monica decides, though, to take matters into her own hands and uses her angelic powers to help Scott escape. Andrew is confounded by her actions, especially since he has discovered Scott Walden is William Grunwald. Despite this knowledge, Monica continues to insist the man is innocent. Tess, however, is irate and directly orders Monica not to help Scott escape justice in any way, shape, or form. The willful angel disobeys that order by concealing his whereabouts from Agent Bradford, then is taken aback when Scott admits he did commit murder. Sam (the special agent angel) arrives and tells Monica her lie of omission has threatened her very existence as an angel. He sends her to “God’s Country”to reflect upon her mistake–not as a punishment but as a lesson.

In the meantime, Andrew starts a revelation to Scott, who bails out of the airplane after an engine fire. Surprised to be alive despite his parachute’s apparent failure, he finds himself in the same nether-region as Monica. She helps him understand that although he killed the man who raped his sister, he should have faced the consequences rather than losing himself in lies. Both angel and human pray for forgiveness, which they receive. Scott’s parachute opens and when he lands, the FBI agents take him into custody. Prior to his extradition, Scott and Jocelyn marry, and he is reunited with his sister, who has since come forward with the truth.

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