Season 3

Episode 308: “Something Blue”

Episode 308: “Something Blue”
Original Air Date:November 10, 1996
Written by::Susan Cridland Wick & Jennifer Wharton
Directed by:Terrence O'Hara
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Augusta Abernathy Sally Kellerman
Stan Miller Richard Gilliland
Harriet Miller Linda Kelsey
Alison Miller Brigid Brannagh
Kevin Abernathy Ed Kerr
Diana Abernathy Janet Carroll
Mark Abernathy James Karen
Peggy Abernathy Holly Fields

Tess, Monica, and Andrew observe unseen as Kevin Abernathy proposes to Alison Miller in a forest glade. Six months later, the angels are wedding coordinators for the couple. Although preparations have proceeded apace, Monica feels she has forgotten something, and Tess admonishes her to remember because Kevin and Alison’s future depends on it. Wedding day jitters are compounded by Kevin’s eccentric Aunt Augusta and his klutzy sister, Peggy. But the arrival of Alison’s estranged father, Stan causes her to have second doubts about the nuptials.

Kevin is especially taken aback because his bride-to- be had told him her father was dead. To prove his love, he reads the wedding vows he wrote but is dismayed to learn that Alison hasn’t written her own vows yet. While Tess tries to keep the wedding guests entertained, it becomes evident the wedding may not occur. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious blue envelope goes unnoticed in the bridal prep room. Monica wonders why Stan showed up until Tess reveals she invited him. Kevin’s parents comfort him, while Tess urges Alison’s mother, Harriet to tell the truth–Stan wrote to Alison all these years like he promised. Harriet withheld the letters, initially out of spite for her ex-husband, then to cover her own deception.

Confused, but knowing the truth, the bride and groom decide to proceed with the wedding. Monica then realizes she has forgotten to ask God’s blessing on the event. After praying, she discovers the blue envelope and halts the ceremony. A distraught Alison runs off, but Kevin chases after her. Returning to the glade where they got engaged, the couple receives a revelation from Monica, Tess, and Andrew. Informed that marriage is a sacred institution, of which God should be made a part, the couple also learn the envelope contains the results of their blood tests. One of them has leukemia. Realizing true love can endure a life-threatening illness, Kevin and Alison are married by the three angels in the sight of God.

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