Season 3

Episode 316: “Crisis of Faith”

Episode 316: “Crisis of Faith”
Original Air Date:February 2, 1997
Written by::William Schwartz
Directed by:Peter Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Daniel  Chad Everett 
Gloria Brewer  Ilene Graff 
Karen Gregg  Kimberlee Peterson 
Luke Brewer  Christopher Pettiet 
Kelly Monroe Martha Hackett

In a hospital emergency room, a team of medics labors furiously to resuscitate an accident victim. Monica and Tess observe unseen and are eventually joined by Andrew when it becomes apparent the patient cannot be revived. The angels reflect on the events that led to this tragedy.

Their assignment had been to help Reverend Daniel Brewer open the Mount Calvary Teen Center. Posing as a building inspector, Monica could see that Tess and Andrew had performed admirably as the center’s fund raiser and as counselor for the crisis hot line, respectively. But as the angels prepared to leave, they received word from God that the assignment was not over. Despite a basketball injury, Daniel gave an uplifting speech at the center’s dedication. But a cynical reporter barraged him with negative questions. Karen Gregg, the daughter of the church’s accountant, approached the pastor to discuss a problem but was interrupted by the pushy journalist. Though Daniel made an appointment to counsel Karen the next day, she required immediate attention. His son, Luke spied her stealing money, while Tess tallied church funds. The minister’s son walked the troubled girl home, where he stopped her from swallowing a handful of pills. Realizing that Karen’s situation was beyond his realm of expertise, Luke decided to drive her to his father. Irritated that his son was absent from the newspaper interview, Daniel drove to pick him up. On a dark, winding road, the cars collided.

Back in the ER, Daniel awakens, confused by the chaos. He is stunned when his wife, Gloria informs him Luke died in the accident. Overwhelmed by guilt, Daniel shuts himself off from her. Though Tess is able to comfort the grieving mother, the pastor vents his frustrations at God. When Daniel absents himself from the funeral, Andrew delivers the eulogy while Monica reveals herself to the distraught minister. She convinces him to forgive himself and carry on the work God has for him. In so doing, he is able to counsel Karen, thereby finishing the task his son had started.


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