Season 3

Episode 318a: “Amazing Grace, Part 1”

Episode 318a: “Amazing Grace, Part 1”
Original Air Date:February 23, 1997
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Russell Greene Gerald McRaney 
Claire Greene  Wendy Phillips 
Joshua Greene  Austin O’Brien 
Nathaniel Greene  Eddie Karr 
Anderson Walker  Lou Gossett, Jr. 
Tonya Hawkins Loretta Devine 
Rev. Gentry Hall  Al Jarreau 
Queenie  Jenifer Lewis 
Calvin Cantrell  Sean Nelson 
Charmaine  Charmaine Neville 
Michael Burns  George Newbern 
Nicky Pacheco  John Ortiz 
Mary Harding  Esther Rolle
Dr. Serena Hall  Lynn Whitfield 
Kim Chyung Kyung Soon-Tek Oh 
Mrs. Kim Kieu Chinh
Chanice Cantrell Myriah Darden

Tess visits Russell Greene, announcing that God has a special purpose for Josh.

Despite his fathers misgivings, the teenager departs with her and meets Monica, who has temporarily lost her sight. After the Cadillac breaks down, Michael Burns stops and gives Josh and Monica a ride to Denver. His grandfather owns an inner-city mini-mall there and has tasked Michael to fix it up so it can be sold. The inhabitants are abuzz about the new landlord, who has arrived with “a kid and a blind lady.” Uncomfortable in the urban setting, Josh learns from Monica to look with his heart rather than his eyes. The trio befriend Mary Harding, a luncheonette owner; her grandchildren, Calvin and Chanice Cantrell; Queenie, who runs a beauty salon; her vivacious best friend. Tanya Hawkins; Nicky Pacheco, a lawyer on a quixotic quest; Dr. Serena Hall, who persuades Michael to donate a space for her Uncle Gentry’s church; and Anderson Walker, a former activist weary of fighting the system.

With racial tensions already high, Mary urges Michael to take action against the grocer, Kim Chyung Kyung, whom she suspects has a gun. The young landlord also discovers he and Anderson share a love for music and the desire to fix up the mini-mall so Michael can leave. But while he and Josh paint over graffiti, Andrew appears on the scene. Anderson rushes outside and tries to save Michael and Josh from a drive-by shooting…

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