Season 3

Episode 319: “Labor Of Love”

Episode 319: “Labor Of Love”
Original Air Date:March 9, 1997
Written by::Susan Cridland Wick
Directed by:Jim Johnston
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sam  Paul Winfield 
Celeste  Hudson Lieck 
Dr. Meg Salter  Priscilla Presley
Olivia Marland  A.J. Langer 
Prof. Brian Salter  Ben Masters 
Mrs. DeWinter  Alice Ghostley 

At a New York City hospital, Monica and Tess are assigned to Dr. Meg Salter, a pediatrician. But when she decides to surprise her husband by boarding his flight to Paris, the angels have to call for back-up. Rookie caseworker, Celeste and special agent angel, Sam are put on the case, and so is Meg’s fellow passenger Andrew, who had intended to take his first vacation in a century. The doctor gets a surprise of her own when she discovers her college professor husband, Brian is accompanied by his mistress, Olivia.

As the plane heads into a storm, an already tense situation gets worse when the angels and his wife learn that the “other woman”is eight months pregnant. A consummate professional, Meg delivers a healthy, albeit premature baby girl, and the plane returns to JFK because of the medical emergency. By the time they get back, Olivia has had two seizures. Monica tends to the infant, while Dr. Parham and his trauma team work on the mother.

Brian, overwhelmed by joy and sadness, receives a revelation from Andrew. The angel urges him to reconcile with his wife and depend on God for strength. Meg, however, rebuffs his initial attempt but is interrupted when Olivia’s condition deteriorates. The dying mistress is comforted by Monica and expresses the desire for Brian to take care of their baby. Lamenting that she never got her life in order, Olivia accepts Andrew’s offer to let God change her heart. Then she dies. Monica reveals herself to a conflicted Meg and encourages her to salvage the marriage. With a newfound appreciation of the mistakes each has made, the Salters reconcile and agree to raise the baby together.

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