Season 3

Episode 321: “Last Call”

Episode 321: “Last Call”
Original Air Date:March 30, 1997
Written by::Ken LaZebnik
Directed by:Gene Reynolds
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Buddy Baker Tim Reid 
Noah  Eddie Jones 
Mr. Burns  Clifton Powell
Claude Bell  Clive Revill 
Amethyst  Tracy Middendorf 
Loafer  Edie McClurg 
Ernie Wachinski  Fred Sanders 
Marie Wachinski  Terri Hanauer 
T.C.  Thomas “T.C.” Cambell 

Monica, disappointed in the human race, watches as Tess performs in a small Chicago bar. She finishes and announces God has given the caseworker a miracle to give someone in this bar. Initially hesitant to decide, Monica observes the inhabitants: the owner, Noah, who is upbeat despite being wheelchair- bound; Claude Bell, a craggy Irishman obsessed with beating a mysterious stranger in a game of pool; Ernie and Marie Wachinski, a hotel employee with wasted ambition and his co-dependent wife; Loafer, an eccentric crossword- puzzle aficionado; Buddy Baker, a charming salesman who drinks to drown inner pain; and Amethyst, a young woman with a dubious plan for her future.

After observing awhile, Monica announces she is an angel with a miracle to give away. They respond with raucous laughter. Humiliated, she hides underneath a pool table. As the laughter continues, Andrew enters. He is the stranger whom Claude is obsessed with beating. Having been the advance angel for the assignment, the Angel of Death takes a cue from Tess to find out what miracles these people need. Someone else soon enters the tavern–Mr. Burns fresh out of prison. Following a pep talk from Tess, Monica again reveals herself, this time in glowing splendor. Though the people now take her seriously, she is frustrated when none of them want the miracle.

When Ernie’s lottery numbers appear on television, he and Marie mistake that for the miracle. But when he can’t find his wallet, he accuses Mr. Burns of stealing it. The ex-convict’s response prompts Noah to recognize Burns as the gunman who crippled him. Noah orders him to leave, but Tess’ dog soon appears with the missing wallet. Marie is shocked to learn that Ernie played the wrong numbers while drunk. Mr. Burns rebukes the others for squandering their lives, yet saves his harshest criticism for himself. Wracked with guilt, he asks for God to heal Noah. But Monica tells Burns the real miracle is for Noah to forgive him, which will heal them both. The men reconcile, and the others seize the opportunity to reevaluate their own lives.

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