Season 3

Episode 326: “Inherit The Wind”

Episode 326: “Inherit The Wind”
Original Air Date:May 11, 1997
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Michael Schultz
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sam  Paul Winfield
Ruth Cloris Leachman
Phil Bill Cosby
Angel of Music  Keb’ Mo’
Kevin Greeley  Charlie Schlatter
Edward Greeley  John McMartin
George Taylor  Ian Abercrombie

An orphanage burns on a dusty street as the Angel of Music observes, singing. The song continues although he has relocated to a rowdy party at a mansion. Tess and Monica, unseen, are chagrined by the excess as the host, Kevin Greeley, carouses with friends. His father, Edward, confronts him but angrily exits. Kevin glimpses Monica in a mirror, but she is gone when he turns around. As Edward ponders how to handle his spoiled son, Andrew appears, announcing God has granted the human one hour to set his affairs in order before his death. During that time, Edward gives his valet, George papers to sign and mail, says good-bye to his drowsy son, opens his Bible, and dies while reading it.

Days later, George is stunned that Edward left him one million dollars and a Bentley. Kevin, however, is furious to receive only his possessions until attorney Tess informs him he must locate Joseph Wells to claim the rest of his inheritance. He again sees Monica’s reflection in a mirror, but this time, she is there. She knew Edward and will help Kevin find Joseph Wells, but he must take the trip without his father’s help or influence. Carrying only his prized guitar, Kevin hitchhikes and is eventually picked up by the angel, Ruth. She, too, knew his father and eventually drops Kevin off at a diner.

There he meets the angel, Sam, after he is forced to wash dishes because he has no money. Sam also knew Edward and teaches the younger Greeley to take pride in work. Ruth again appears and gives Kevin a ride to Joseph Wells, Texas. They encounter the Angel of Music, and Kevin donates the dollar he mysteriously found in his pocket. Kevin also meets Andrew in a nearby blues club but refuses to sell his guitar. At the bank, he is livid when Monica and Tess give him his inheritance… Edward’s Bible. After Kevin storms out mid-revelation, the angels summon a specialist–Phil, the Angel of Restoration. Phil tells Kevin to thank God for what he has rather than blame Him for what he doesn’t have. Finding an abandoned baby, Kevin learns Edward grew up in the town orphanage, which is why most of his estate was left to the “children of Joseph Wells.” Kevin sells his guitar and decides to stay in town and take care of the baby by working at the orphanage and the blues club.

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