Season 3

Episode 327: “A Delicate Balance”

Episode 327: “A Delicate Balance”
Original Air Date:May 18, 1997
Written by::Jennifer Wharton
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sandra Browner  Dee Wallace Stone
Coach Pruitt Reggie White
Nicole Rich Kerri Strug
Rebecca Browner  Anndi McAfee
T.J. Browner  Vincent Berry
Bart Conner  as himself
Nadia Comaneci   as herself

In an empty gym, Tess “coaches” Monica on their next assignment. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, who will cover the gymnastics competition for a TV station. Andrew appears after they leave, and the angels then observe the Browner family. Rebecca Browner is a gifted gymnast, whose mother, Sandra pushes her to excel. Unfortunately, her younger brother, T. J. feels neglected. He and another gymnast’s brother dub themselves the “Nobodies” and visit a skate park. Andrew, the park’s supervisor, is concerned by T. J.’s disregard for safety equipment.

Meanwhile, Monica, Rebecca’s new assistant coach, learns she is highly driven and has never fallen during a competition. Displeased that the television crew has ignored her daughter, Sandra complains to Tess, the segment producer. T. J. steals money from Andrew’s cash register to visit the house where his family lived before his father died. He later confesses to Andrew, who makes him work off his debt. Sandra is unhappy to find him doing chores at the skate park. Back at the hotel, he tells his mother he “borrowed” the money to see a movie, but his sister sees through his lie. T. J. angrily exits, and Rebecca also leaves. Sandra later yells at her daughter for missing a meeting with a potential sponsor.

Rebecca confides in Monica that she visited the family’s former home. The angel urges the girl to recapture the joy of gymnastics. Returning to the skate park, T. J. ignores Andrew’s warning to wear a helmet and has an accident. At the hospital, Tess reveals herself to Sandra, advising her to grieve her late husband rather than immersing herself in her daughter’s career. Sandra then urges Rebecca to do her best for herself–no one else. While competing, Rebecca falls. Monica reveals herself and tells the gymnast she is never alone and that her father is with God and proud of her. She finishes the routine with grace, T. J. regains consciousness, and Sandra decides to move her family back into their old house.

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