Season 4

Episode 421: “Seek And Ye Shall Find”

Original Air Date:April 5, 1998
Written by::Glenn Berenbeim
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Monica and Tess discuss the next mission in the one-stop town of Savage, Mississippi.  Monica slips on the icy pavement outside of a bus station, hits her head, and suffers from amnesia. Inside the station Dr. Chester Crayton somewhat impatiently examines a frightened Monica. The Doctor is on the way to a prison to watch the execution of a man who murdered his wife. The station is filled with other colorful characters including a bible salesman, the crusty station-keeper named the Colonel, a sweet old black lady named Effie, and a young pregnant Elvis fan, Sueellen.

As Monica struggles to regain her memory, the doctor reveals the hatred and bitterness he feels over the murder of his wife.  Andrew, on his way to “work” the execution, stops by the station and encourages Monica, who doesn’t recognize him, to first seek out who God is, and then she will know herself.  The bible salesman steals Effie’s money, but Monica is accused of the crime and the Colonel calls the cops.  Monica, thoroughly lost, begins to cry, but Sueellen’s boyfriend, Skeeter, teaches her to pray.  Monica prays that God would restore her memory, but instead the police arrive and handcuff her.

Effie, however, decides to forgive Monica and give her the money.  This extreme act of forgiveness reminds Monica of who God is and who she is. She reveals herself to Effie, who is delighted to finally see an angel.  Later at the prison, the murderer asks the doctor to forgive him for killing his wife.  The doctor scoffs at this request and the execution commences.  Monica appears to the doctor and begs him to forgive the murderer as a means of achieving peace in his own life.  The doctor suspends the execution so he can tell the murderer that he has, indeed, forgiven him.

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