Season 4

Episode 425: “Last Dance”

Episode 425: “Last Dance”
Original Air Date:May 10, 1998
Written by::Jennifer Wharton & R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Terrence O'Hara
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Rafael Alexis Cruz
Liz Alley Mills
Greg Corbin Allred
Candace Karen Austin
Jill  Mercedes McNab
Katie  Senta Moses
Doctor David Kirk Chambers

The pressure to abstain from sex before marriage is almost as great for teenagers Greg and Jill, as the pressure from their mothers to be perfect students. Greg’s mother, Liz, owns a flower shop, and doesn’t like Greg seeing Jill, claiming it affects his grades and will jeopardize his ability to get into college. Jill’s mother, Candace, still dealing with issues from her own past, demands complete chastity from her daughter. It is Monica and Tess’ assignment to make sure these relationships don’t self-destruct.

Meanwhile Andrew, as a DJ, encourages the high schoolers to respect themselves and their bodies. Rafael, as a student teacher, fends off infatuated girls. Monica, as a substitute teacher, holds a meeting to plan the upcoming prom and chaperones Liz and Candace meet. Although they deny knowing each other, it is clear they have a history together. The truth is Liz and Candace were friends in high school, until Candace, who slept around quite a bit, stole Liz’s boyfriend. The enmity over this event hasn’t yet subsided, and Candace asks Liz not to tell Jill about her past. Liz agrees but only if she will forbid Jill from dating Greg.

Tess, as an assistant at the flower shop, obviously disapproves of this idea. Greg and Jill, though very upset and confused, respect their mothers’ wishes, until Jill learns her mother’s secret—that while preaching chastity she lived an unchaste lifestyle as a teenager. Jill determines to do all the things her mother has told her not to do and she sneaks out to meet Greg at the prom. Greg and Jill plan to go to a hotel and have sex after the prom, but Monica tries to stop them. However, they don’t listen to Monica and go to the hotel.

The next morning, Greg drops Jill off at her house and leaves. As Jill climbs to her bedroom window, she falls and is unconscious. Later in the hospital, a distraught Greg tells the mothers that he and Jill spent the night together and Liz becomes upset. Greg can’t believe that his mother is more concerned about his sex life than about his girlfriend whose life hangs in the balance. Tess and Monica appear at the hospital, reveal themselves as angels and ask the mothers, for the sake of their children, to resolve their differences and make peace. The mothers decide to give one another a second chance and give their blessing to Greg and Jill’s relationship. Andrew reveals that Jill will recover and the families rejoice in the news.


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