Season 5

Episode 504: “What Are Friends For?”

Episode 504:  “What Are Friends For?”
Original Air Date:October 4, 1998
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Peter Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Carrie Carver    Sheila Kelley
Sam Carver    John James
Tom    Wren T. Brown
Young Tom    Paul Taylor
Young Carrie    Kim Wimmer
Billy    Erich Anderson
Young Billy    Brandon Karrer

The angels arrive in the life of mayoral candidate Carrie Carver to help her learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Monica arrives as Carrie’s speechwriter when Carrie is called away by a message from an old college friend. Monica tells her “truth is the best spin.” Carrie arrives at Frodo’s, her old college hangout to find Tom, who is waiting to hear the news of his most recent cancer test. Andrew is acting as a bartender, not knowing whether or not he will be escorting Tom.   Carrie then resumes her campaign, formally announcing her candidacy for the office of mayor. Carrie then goes to her college reunion with Sam and Monica.

Carrie then sees her old friend Billy. Sam looks on with controlled concern as Carrie and Billy dance to their old college song. As Carrie, Billy, and Tom, “The Terrible Threesome” give an reunion performance, Tess tells Andrew and Monica “Sometimes memories keep people harmonizing long after the music is over.”   Carrie tells Billy she’ll pull some strings at the Board of Education to get him a job and also tells Sam she let him know he can stay in the basement until he gets on his feet. Carrie tells sam she was never in love with Billy.

The campaign rolls on and Billy begins a job as a high school teacher. While Carrie uses the restroom at a local high school, she overhears two students talking about Billy and one threatens to make him “pay” for giving her a “C.” When Sam and Carrie arrive at home that night, Billy has prepared a candlelight dinner for them. The police then arrive with a warrant for Billy’s arrest on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor. As Sam advises Carrie to distance herself in the aftermath of the arrest, Monica again advocates the truth. Carrie stands by Billy. Tom is his lawyer and explains the severity of his situation: a 17 year old student claims he tried to seduce her but refuses to say anything more due to client privelege.

Carrie cashes in her bonds to make bail for Billy, explaining how Billy came to her fathers funeral when she needed him. She makes a statement of support of Billy and learns that the incident allegedly happened in her own home. Sam questions Billy’s intentions. Carrie then speaks to Tom, asking why he didn’t tell her about Billy’s case. Tom refuses to say any more but informs Monica that anyone can read the police report. Monica and Carrie read the police report and Carrie comes to know that Billy actually did have relations with the girl in question.

Carrie then confronts Billy and he confirms, claiming she said she was 18. Billy asks Carrie to help him, to tell that she heard the girl threaten him. She says she’ll have to think about it. She then realizes that perhaps Billy wasn’t such a good friend. Not wanting to betray her friend, Carrie has a dilemma of conscience and Monica reveals herself to be an angel, telling Carrie to not lie for Billy and let him fall so that God can eventually help him.

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