Season 5

Episode 505: “I Do”

Episode 505:   “I Do”
Original Air Date:November 1, 1998
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Nancy Patty Duke
Michael Mark Kiely
Stephanie Hillary Danner
Eddie Maury Sterling
Dr. Evans Richard Penn

Monica tries to determine God’s greatest gift to humans and hypothesizes that it might be marriage – the wedding of two people. Tess reminds her that a marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Michael are planning to elope with Michael’s younger brother, Eddie, in tow, when Nancy, Michael’s mother, finds out and demands that they have a traditional wedding. Stephanie and Michael relents and Monica and Tess note that this family runs like a dictatorship.

While Stephanie is trying on dresses at
Tess’ dress shop, Eddie gives Michael a special gift, their deceased father’s favorite tie, reworked as a bowtie so Michael can wear it at the wedding. At the bachelor party, Monica pops out of the cake, and befriends Eddie, who asks her to be his date for the wedding. On the day of the wedding, Stephanie and Nancy receive news that Michael and Eddie have been in a car accident. They rush to the hospital, Stephanie still in her wedding dress, to find Eddie fine, but Michael in a coma. Nancy scolds Eddie because he was driving the car and Monica suggests he work through his guilt and sorrow through prayer.

Nancy makes Michael’s medical decisions on her own, angering Stephanie and Michael. As surgery begins Andrew takes Michael’s soul out of the operating room and into a forest where they discuss his future. Andrew tells Michael that if he lives, he will be handicapped. Not wanting to burden his family, Michael asks God to let him die. In the chapel, Monica helps Eddie to pray, putting his brother’s fate in the hands of God. Stephanie sits with Michael after surgery, speaking her marriage vows to him. Andrew allows Michael to see this and he decides he wants to live, and gives Stephanie a sign. But at Nancy’s request the doctors disconnect the life support system.

Nancy tells Stephanie that she is doing what is best, that she kept her own husband on life support for three months, and she has always regretted prolonging his pain. Tess helps Stephanie to forgive Nancy for always keeping her at arms’ length, a defense she created when her husband shot himself. Stephanie goes to the chapel to pray for Michael. Nancy goes to Michael to say goodbye. Andrew appears to her in the hospital room, and Nancy breaks down, proclaiming that she hates God, and asking what he wants from her. Andrew tells her that God wants her to give up control of her and everyone else’s lives. Nancy joins Stephanie and Eddie in prayer for Michael. Others from the hospital join them in the chapel to pray. A doctor reports that Michael is going to live. Stephanie and Michael, in a wheelchair, finally marry.

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