Season 5

Episode 515: “On Edge”

Episode 515:  “On Edge”
Original Air Date:February 14, 1999
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Bart Ewing Jack Wagner
Haley Ewing Anastasia Emmons
Alex Thorpe Tara Lipinski
Carl Thorpe Ron Orbach


Tess and Monica are introduced to their next assignment when the Cadillac by Bart and Hayley Ewing, a father and daughter con team.  The angels follow Bart and Hayley to Salt Lake City where Bart has promised Hayley she will be able to indulge her favorite hobby, ice skating.  Monica works as an employee of the skating rink and is short-changed by Bart as he pays for Hayley’s entry.  When Hayley falls down, Andrew, the acting D.J., introduces her to an Olympic hopeful skater, Alex Thorpe and she agrees to help Hayley learn to skate.

Meanwhile, Bart pretends to find some lost money in order to win the trust of Alex’s father, Carl, who is the owner of the rink.  Carl tells Bart of an upcoming fundraiser to benefit the Silver Blades Skate Team.  Bart notices the cash drop bag that Carl is carrying and begins to hatch an idea for a scam.  Later that night, Hayley tells her father she wants to do something other than con people–something she can be recognized for.  At the rink the next day, Hayley tells Andrew that she is torn because she wants to skate but doesn’t want to hurt her father.  Andrew tells her to follow her conscience.  Hayley works with Alex, improves dramatically and begins to demand a more normal life from her father.  Bart promises to stay in town long enough for Hayley to try out for the Silver Blades and she is temporarily appeased.

Bart then begins the con of Carl by asking if Hayley might be able to practice at the rink after it closes.  When Carl agrees, Bart pretends to drop Hayley off, packs up their belongings from the hotel, then returns to the rink and turns off the lights.  While Carl searches for the fuse box, Bart then takes the bank drop.  When the lights have been restored, Bart arrives at the rink to retrieve Hayley.  As Bart and Hayley make their getaway, Hayley realizes that her father has left the snow globe which belonged to her mother at the hotel room and refuses to leave town without it.  Bart and Hayley return to the hotel room to find the globe.  As they leave the cops arrive and Bart is arrested. Knowing that it will be easier for him to get her out of jail then vice versa, Hayley confesses to the crime.  Bart tries to convince Carl to drop the charges but he refuses, forcing a court case.

Monica reveals herself to Bart, convincing him to trust God and listen to his conscience. Bart interrupts Hayley’s trial, confesses to the crime and asks his daughter to forgive him for not teaching her right from wrong.  The judge recommends that Hayley be remanded to a foster home.  Instead Carl decides to be her foster parent enabling her to live and train with Alex.

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