Season 5

Episode 523: “Full Circle”

Episode 523:  “Full Circle”
Original Air Date:April 25, 1999
Written by::Daniel H. Forer
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Kate Valerie Harper
Thomas Anthony Michael Hall
Dylan Justin Cooper
Lester Monté Russell
Charlotte Gwen McGee
Molly Brooke Marie Bridges
J.J. Vince Melocchi



Monica re-enters the life of a former assignment, Kate Prescott, who has spent the last few years of her life waiting for her son, Thomas, to return home. When Monica was last with the Prescotts, Thomas had been falsely accused of murdering a young woman, and Kate doubted her son’s innocence. Later, Thomas was cleared, and Kate has since felt guilty for not trusting her son. Now, Kate’s neighborhood is being leveled to make way for a highway, but she won’t sell her house to the government, wanting to remain there in case Thomas should return.

Monica appears to Kate to tell her that her prayers have been answered, that Thomas is returning home. Thomas arrives at the house with a surprise, his seven-year old son Dylan. At first Thomas seems to have changed his shady ways and accepted responsibility as a father, but Monica learns he is doing drugs and tries to warn Kate. Kate is unwilling to believe the truth about her son, and she finally agrees to sell the house. While taking a walk in the park, Kate tries to encourage Thomas to buy a coffee cart from Tess, as a means to start making some money. Thomas, however, is more interested in working a deal with an old drug buddy. Thomas tells Kate that he needs the government money to buy a coffee cart, and Kate, seeing this as a second chance to trust her son, gives it to him. Instead he arranges to use the money to conduct the drug deal.

Kate spends more time with Dylan, learns that his mother was abusive, and appeals to Thomas to spend a little more time with his son. Thomas reads Dylan the story of David and Goliath, a story they both enjoy because it involves a little guy who stands up to a big problem. The next day Thomas goes to the park to meet his contact, and Dylan goes him as well. Tess arrives at the Prescott house and tells Kate that Thomas said he wasn’t interested in the coffee carts. Kate feels stupid for having trusted him again, and she and Monica rush to the park to find him in the middle of the deal. They arrive to find Thomas being arrested by undercover cops. Dylan throws a stone at one of the cops, giving Thomas a chance to flee. While trying to stop Thomas, Kate is accidentally shot by a cop, yet Thomas continues to run.

At the hospital Kate is rushed into surgery, and Andrew pleads with her to cling to life. Monica finds Thomas walking on the railroad tracks, despairing over his actions, and contemplating suicide. As a train draws near, Monica reveals herself to be an angel and tells him that God is willing to give him another chance, that by taking his life he will be taking part of his mother’s and his son’s lives with him. Thomas, asking God for another chance, steps off the tracks. At the hospital, Kate’s surgery is successful. Thomas asks Kate for a second chance and, knowing that he has had an authentic encounter with God, she is willing to give him one. Before the police arrest Thomas, he hugs Dylan, telling him that he must go and “fight Goliath.”



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