Season 6

Episode 601: “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

Episode 601:  “‘Til Death Do Us Part”
Original Air Date:October 24, 1999
Written by::Rosanne Welch & Christine Pettit
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Molly Julie White
Jimmy Bobby Edner
Jordan Kevin Kilner
Donna Jordan Baker


Molly Avery’s preparations for her husband Jordan’s 40th birthday surprise party are interrupted by a phone call from her doctor’s office — they suspect she may have cancer, the disease that killed her mother and grandmother at the same young age. Andrew, working as the Avery’s farmhand, believes that Molly is his assignment, but Tess cautions him that there may be some other surprises. Despite Andrew’s pleas, Molly refuses to tell Jordan about the phone call and spoil the party. Instead of being happy at the surprise, Jordan seems depressed to find everyone gathered in celebration. He finds some joy in talking with his good friend Donna, and they reminisce about their high school romance.

Molly and Jordan’s young son Jimmy interrupts the party with the news that one of the cows has gone into labor. Jordan, Andrew, and Jimmy struggle to deliver the calf, and it is born premature. Jimmy plans to raise the calf and names it Hannibal, but Jordan tells him that some things are meant to live and some things are meant to die. Molly takes these words personally. After the party, Jordan goes to the barn to check on Hannibal and soon there is a gunshot. Andrew immediately runs to the barn and stops Molly from entering. Jordan has killed himself. Andrew is as devastated as Molly. He feels he has failed his assignment, but Tess tells him he did the best he could.

Monica arrives as the vet for Hannibal, and starts to talk with Jimmy about his sorrow. Molly desperately searches for an answer and, after tearing the house apart, finds a single earring in the bedroom which she recognizes as Donna’s. Despite Andrew’s cautions, Molly is convinced that Jordan was having an affair with Donna, and that he killed himself when he found out she was returning to her husband. Monica tells Andrew that he must tell Molly the truth soon — he knows more about Jordan’s final moments than he has revealed. Andrew refuses, not wanting to confess his failure. Molly confronts Donna about the affair, but Donna insists it isn’t true, reminding Molly that she has been in their bedroom hundreds of times — with her. Jimmy continues to care for Hannibal and becomes upset when his mother refuses to go into the barn to see the animal. Monica warns Andrew that he is running out of time to help this family. Molly enters the barn for the first time since the suicide to be with her son. This triggers a memory and Molly recalls that Andrew was the last person to see Jordan. Monica reveals herself to Andrew, reminding him of his duties as an angel, and as a servant of God.

Andrew goes to Molly and reveals to her that he is an angel and that he did spend time with Jordan that night. Andrew found Jordan with the gun and reminded him of how much he had to live for and how much God loved him. He told Jordan about the phone call and how much Molly would need his help. Believing he had gotten through to Jordan, Andrew left him in the barn, only to return after hearing the gunshot. Molly is furious at this revelation and slaps Andrew. Andrew tells her that even though Jordan lost hope as others do, it amazes him that most people actually remain hopeful despite terrible circumstances — and this is her task right now. Comforted, Molly reconnects with Jimmy, telling him that despite what lies ahead, they will not let each other lose hope.


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