Season 6

Episode 603: “Such A Time As This”

Episode 603:  “Such A Time As This”
Original Air Date:October 24, 1999
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Martha Mitchell
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Molly Julie White
Jimmy Bobby Edner
Jordan Kevin Kilner
Donna Jordan Baker


In the middle of the African desert, Andrew snaps photographs of Sudanese slaves toiling in the hot sun. Back in the United States, young Thomas Cooper is upset that his mother, Senator Katherine Cooper, has to return to work in Washington D.C. Monica is horrified to see the pictures that Andrew took, and wonders why the angels aren’t in the Sudan. Tess indicates that Thomas is the little child that will lead them there.

In Washington, Dr. Jospeh Akot, working with Andrew and Monica, approach Kate about the problem of slavery in the Sudan, but Kate, espousing the Sudanese government’s position, denies its existence. They persuade her, however, to keep the pictures, and she relents, stuffing them into her briefcase. Back home Thomas discovers the disturbing pictures and reads Dr. Joe’s letter, which says that slaves can be bought and sold for fifty American dollars. Thomas is moved by one of the pictures in particular, of a small Sudanese boy, who Thomas names Sam after his older brother who died before Thomas was born. Thomas pleads with Kate to rescue Sam, but she tells him that the issue is too complicated. Thomas sneaks the picture of Sam and takes it to school, where Tess, his substitute teacher, encourages him to talk about it during “show and tell.” Led by Thomas, and with the help of Dr. Joe and the angels, the class begins to raise funds to buy the freedom of Sudanese slaves.

Meanwhile, Kate, facing a tough re- election campaign, is given the financial support of a large candy company, on the condition that she remain uninvolved in Sudan, a country that, if undisturbed, will continue to manufacture candy ingredients at a low cost. This makes the situation particularly tough for Kate when Thomas and the childrens’ efforts receive media interest. She argues with her husband James, who supports Thomas, thereby embarrassing Kate. Their fight comes to a head when James accuses Kate of never forgiving him for the death of their son, Sam, who died because they never had health insurance. Indeed, Kate wears a locket with a picture of Sam in it around, tormenting James everyday. Kate argues that if she supports Thomas, she may not be re-elected, and then she cannot help anyone. She returns to Washington and receives criticism for her son’s actions from her campaign contributors. Monica arrives with James and Thomas, who gives his mother the several thousand dollars he raised to travel to the Sudan and purchase slaves. Still Kate refuses to go, crushing Thomas’ hopes of rescuing Sam, and inciting her politically uninvolved husband to vote — against her. Kate angrily confronts Monica for helping with this effort.

Monica reveals herself to be an angel and tells Kate that she is the one God is calling to go to the Sudan to witness the abuses. Convinced, Kate travels with the angels and Dr. Joe to the Sudan, and buys the freedom of many slaves. When all of the money is spent, Kate sees one captive person left — Sam, the little boy from Thomas’ picture — and tearfully exchanges her precious locket for the boy’s freedom. Back in the U.S., James and Thomas are proud to hear that Kate has publicly testified to the existence of slavery in the Sudan.

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