Season 6

Episode 607: “Voice Of An Angel”

Episode 607:  “Voice Of An Angel”
Original Air Date:November 11, 1999
Written by::Glenn Berenbeim
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Alice Charlotte Church
Miss Piper Jill Gascoine
Bum Wade Andrew Williams
Ivy Erika Christensen
Street Performers ‘N SYNC
Manny Michael Leopard
Keegan John Cothran, Jr

In New York City, Tess and Monica enjoy the vocal talents of some street performers, but when Monica tries to join in Tess points out that, clearly, singing is not one of her gifts. Monica reminds Tess that she has always prayed for a beautiful singing voice, and when she hears one echoing down the halls of Carnegie Hall, she believes God is finally answering her prayer. Much to her disappointment, Monica finds the voice really belongs to a rude English orphan girl named Alice. Alice is in New York to perform in a vocal contest with her choir, and is Monica’s assignment.

Tess tells Monica that she is to give Alice a “singing lesson.” Monica reluctantly agrees to be Alice’s chaperone for the day, and they start to explore the city. Alice, who remembers a song her father taught her, wants to see Herald Square, and Monica, trying to be friendly, takes her there. At Herald Square, Monica meets Andrew posing as a mime and relates a story: Centuries ago, in heaven, Monica was kicked out of the angelic choir for her horrible voice. Since then all she wants is to be able to give glory to God through song — specifically by singing the song, “Panis Angelicus” with a voice befitting an angel. Monica finishes her story to find that Alice has ditched her, returning to Carnegie Hall to enter the solo competition singing “Panis Angelicus.” When Monica hears the sweet notes coming from this sour child, she becomes jealous and walks off the assignment.

Monica ends up at a karaoke bar where, when she asks for coffee, she is served Irish coffee. As she further explores her affection for the drink, Monica’s inhibitions decrease and, despite Andrew’s protests, she performs a truly painful rendition of “Danny Boy.” When she taunts a policeman, Monica is arrested and put in jail where she sobers up and meets a young girl named Ivy. Ivy, abused by her father, is being held for stealing a CD. Through Ivy, Monica learns what God has been trying to teach her — that you shouldn’t take what doesn’t belong to you. Monica prays for forgiveness. After she receives a scolding from Tess, Monica returns to the assignment, but Alice doesn’t arrive on time for the choir competition. As Monica begins her search, Andrew tells her that Alice is not really an orphan and that her father is still alive.

Meanwhile, at Herald Square, Alice meets a bum who says he is her father. Monica then arrives to reveal the truth — that the bum is not really her father. Monica tells Alice that she is an angel, and that she has been sent to give Alice a singing lesson. Alice wonders how an angel with a sub-par voice could teach her anything about singing. Monica tells Alice that she has been singing to the wrong father, her earthly father who abandoned her and doesn’t deserve her. Instead, she should sing to her Heavenly Father who loves her and will never leave her. Alice begins to sing “Panis Angelicus” as Monica speaks the words in English. Later, at Carnegie Hall, Alice continues the song giving an emotional performance, finally using her talents to glorify her Creator.

Songs from this episode:
“The Holy City” by Charlotte Church from her latest album: Charlotte Church. Click Here to get it now!

“Panis Angelicus” by Charlotte Church from her album: Voice of An Angel. Click Here to get it now!

“God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You” by ‘N Sync from their album: ‘N Sync. Click Here to get it now!


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