Season 6

“Episode 608: The Whole Truth And Nothing But…”

“Episode 608:  The Whole Truth And Nothing But…”
Original Air Date:November 21, 1999
Written by::Kenny Solms and Brian Bird
Directed by:Sandor Stern
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Liz Ann Jillian
Lauren Marcia Cross
Ray John Patrick White
Detective Hicks Ernie Hudson, Jr.


Monica, Tess and Andrew sit on a Chicago park bench reading the Chicago Daily Guardian, a tabloidesque newspaper with the motto: “If It’s The Truth, It’s News.” The angels cringe at the sensational headlines and Tess notes that there is more to the truth than just the “facts” these articles portray. According to Tess, Liz Bradley, the editor of the Guardian, is suffering from a contagious disease — cynicism. She is Monica’s assignment.

When Monica arrives at the Guardian to interview for a reporter job, she meets eager young Ray, who works as a gofer while awaiting his big break as a reporter. Liz is impressed with Monica and hires her, assigning her a story about possible shady dealings between Mayor Hunley and some Taiwanese officials. Liz teams Monica with the Guardian’s star reporter Lauren, who is also Liz’s younger sister whom Liz raised. Lauren feels that Liz is too obsessed with her work, and as a result, the sisters fight frequently. Soon after Lauren and Monica begin the assignment, they split up, because Lauren thinks they will be able to cover more ground that way.

When Monica returns to Liz with a soft story about a Taiwanese dance troupe, Liz is furious. Ray, wanting to help Monica, tails the mayor and sees him discreetly entering a hotel room. He gives Monica the tip, and when she arrives at the hotel, she meets Andrew who informs her that the mayor has died of a heart attack. When Liz finds out about the mayor’s death, she encourages Monica to stall the police and look for the story. Monica finds a glass with some lipstick on it, along with a strange manuscript, leading her to believe that a woman was with the mayor when he died. Lauren arrives on the scene soon after the police to “help” Monica with the story — instead she “accidentally” breaks a glass. Back at the Guardian, Liz hopes to headline the morning paper with a story about the “mystery lover.” Monica and Lauren object. Ray, following up on the story, learns that Lauren’s fingerprints are on the manuscript. Monica remembers that Lauren never touched the manuscript, and realizes that Lauren is the mystery woman. Monica confronts Lauren about the affair, and insists that Lauren come forward with the truth. Lauren refuses, not wanting to hurt the mayor’s family or endure the scorn of Liz.

Meanwhile, Liz insists that Monica reveal the mystery woman’s identity and Monica is forced to tell the truth. At first, Liz thinks Monica is lying, but Lauren finally confesses. Liz, angry at her sister’s transgression and reckless in her pursuit of truth, publishes the story humiliating Lauren. Ray investigates further and writes a story about some suggestive phone calls on tape between Lauren and the mayor. Liz reads the story, is furious, and fires Ray. Monica reveals to Liz that she is an angel, that God loves her, and reminds her to speak the truth in love. Liz realizes that she has been using the “truth” for harm rather than for good. Liz finds Ray and apologizes, rehiring him to be a reporter in training. Liz tearfully admits to Lauren that in her desire to protect and prepare her little sister, she failed to be the one thing Lauren really needed — a friend. Lauren forgives Liz and the sisters make amends.

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