Season 6

Episode 614: “The Perfect Game”

Episode 614:  “The Perfect Game”
Original Air Date:February 20, 2000
Written by::Burt Pearl
Directed by:Martha Mitchell
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Ziggy Sharon Gless
Darrell Denis Arndt
Hank Mark Christopher Lawrence
RC John Caponera
Renee Samantha Becker
Warren Jon Huertas
Sweeney Arnetia Walker

The angels arrive at the Cherry Lanes Bowl-A-Rama where they meet Ziggy, the unhappy owner of the alley. Despite the fact that it is technically the angels “night off,” Monica takes an immediate interest in helping the cantankerous woman. Ziggy, who is too proud to ask for help from anyone, refuses Monica’s offers to watch the counter. At the same time, Darrell, a security guard, is led into the bowling alley blindfolded. Darrell’s friends have brought him to Cherry Lanes to celebrate his birthday, unaware that Darrell and Ziggy, though once best friends, haven’t spoken in years. Ziggy’s resentment of Darrell is immediately apparent. As Andrew and Tess teach Monica to bowl, she’s ecstatic when she knocks down one pin, but even more excited to learn she gets a second chance at the remaining pins.

On another lane, Tess counsels Renee and Warren, a newly engaged couple, who argue about whom to invite to their wedding. Monica questions Ziggy about her anger toward Darrell and suggests that forgiveness would be a nice birthday gift. Contemplating this, Ziggy agrees that Darrell does have something coming and decides to make adjustments to Darrell’s lane. Meanwhile, Warren suggests eloping as the solution to their planning problems and Renee is clearly hurt. Tess explains to Warren that you get married because you’re in love, but you stay married because you do love. The key is to keep talking to each other. Darrell begins to bowl strike after strike. He believes this is his lucky day, but the angels are skeptical about his sudden streak. Sweeney, the snack bar waitress, tells Tess about the history of Ziggy and Darrell’s relationship.

One night five years ago, Ziggy expected Darrell to propose. Instead, Darrell gave Ziggy the keys to his truck. Humiliated and rejected, Ziggy told Darrell to get out and never come back. They hadn’t spoken again until tonight. As the media gets wind of Darrell’s ongoing perfect game, people arrive at the bowling alley to spectate. Darrell, becoming more and more arrogant, believes his fifteen minutes of fame have arrived. When Renee complains about Warren, Ziggy warns her to get out of the relationship. As Darrell attempts his final strike and perfect game, Ziggy yells, distracting him. The ball rolls into the gutter, but to the crowd’s amazement, all ten pins fall! Darrell is crestfallen, as it becomes clear that Ziggy rigged the lanes. As the crowd disperses, Monica is finally able to tell Ziggy what she’d been trying to all along — Darrell has lung cancer.

While trying to maintain her callous demeanor, Ziggy is clearly affected by the news.She tries to apologize to Darrell, but he walks out. Monica then finds Ziggy weeping and reveals that she’s an angel from God, and that Ziggy can learn a lesson from bowling — you always get a second chance to make it right. People who love each other, like Ziggy and Darrell, hurt each other. What matters is the choice you make after the hurt happens. God will always give you a second chance to love. Inspired, Ziggy convinces Warren and Renee to reunite. Darrell returns and Ziggy apologizes and pledges to stick by him; Darrell insists they be more than buddies this time. Darrell and Ziggy walk out together as the Angels continue their “night off.”


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