Season 6

Episode 615: “Buy Me A Rose”

Episode 615:  “Buy Me A Rose”
Original Air Date:February 6, 2000
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Ellen Kathy Baker
Greg Michael Nouri
Denny  Kenny Rogers
Pookie Judy Geeson
Young Denny Brad Hawkins

Greg and Ellen Sawyer have been married for nineteen years. Tess and Monica’s assignment is to make sure they stay married well past twenty. Greg, a successful Portland developer, is often too preoccupied with his work to notice Ellen. But when securing a business deal takes precedence over their twentieth anniversary celebration, Ellen begins to question her marriage. When Monica, working as Ellen’s assistant, helps her go through some old boxes, Ellen discovers love letters from an old boyfriend, a musician named Denny. The passionate letters reawaken Ellen’s sense of romance and she begins to wonder if she made a mistake in marrying Greg instead of Denny.

Meanwhile, Andrew refuses to sell Greg a lucrative piece of property that would cement Greg’s plans for a waterfront condo. In the ensuing negotiations, Greg barely notices when Ellen leaves to celebrate their anniversary alone at their cabin in the woods. Instead of going to the cabin, Ellen detours to Oregon City, in hopes of reuniting with Denny. She stops off at a hotel and meets Tess, the bartender, who lovingly counsels her to return to her husband. But as Ellen is leaving, she hears Denny’s voice — he is performing in the hotel lounge. Listening to Denny sing his old love songs brings back memories for Ellen and after the show the two catch up enthusiastically.

The next morning, Greg realizes that Ellen never made it to the cabin, and learns that she spent the night at the hotel. Meanwhile, Ellen and Denny walk through the park discussing Ellen’s failing marriage. Though he still loves her, Denny tells her to return to Greg and work things out. Ellen agrees. Greg arrives to find Denny and Ellen kissing goodbye. Greg is furious and punches Denny. Later, Greg and Ellen have it out, and she explains her feelings of abandonment. Greg argues that he works hard to provide and make a leisurely future possible. In a conversation with Ellen, Monica reveals herself to be an angel, and reminds Ellen that love is not a feeling, but a choice — and a commitment that God is calling her to make.

At the same time, Greg goes to find Denny intending to assault him again. Instead, he finds Andrew and once again tries to secure the property. Andrew points out the absurdity of working a business deal while his marriage is crumbling. Andrew tells Greg that he is angel with a gift from God. God has given Greg the property, but with this gift comes the responsibility to love and take care of it — much like the gift of marriage. When Greg finds Denny, he asks him the secret to keeping Ellen happy. Denny tells him that Ellen likes roses and love letters. Greg returns home with a bouquet of roses and tries to open the channels of communication with Ellen. As Ellen and Greg recommit to their marriage, they remember to make each other their first priority.

Kathy Baker was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Guest Actress in a Drama for this episode.

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