Season 6

Episode 616: “Life Before Death”

Episode 616: “Life Before Death”
Original Air Date:February 13, 2000
Written by::Glenn Berenbeim
Directed by:Martha Mitchell
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Tommy Keith McErlean
Rose Lesley-Ann Shaw
Kieran Gerard McCabe
Maggie Elaine Symons
Ian Ryan Todd
Birdie Tara Lynne O’Neill
Annie Dearbhla Hannigan
Fiona Careena Melia
Angus Bryan Glanney
Charley Eugene Lee
Dion Chris Babers
Rev. Thompson Tom Todoroff
Father O’Malley Peter Renaday

Monica is ecstatic to be assigned to help her beloved Ireland, where she first set foot on earth. Her assignment is a group of teens from Northern Ireland, whom she hopes to persuade to come to the United States through a program called Project Children. However, the group of teens is made up of both Catholics and Protestants, religious groups that have been fighting a bloody religious war for centuries. Recently, a peace treaty was signed, but peace is dependent on the youth of Ireland. Monica interviews teenagers for the program, and finds bitterness and prejudices on both sides.

She hopes that two particular teenagers, Tommy, a Catholic, and Rose, a Protestant, will be able to lead the others into peace. Tommy’s brother Gavin, whom Tommy greatly admires, also encourages Tommy to work towards peace by accepting the trip to America. In America, the teens find that their prejudices are strong, and they are reluctant to overcome them. The first night, Tommy and Rose both wake from bad dreams of their violent childhood and meet in the kitchen. They share a cup of tea and begin to fall in love. Under the guidance of Andrew, Monica and Tess, the teens slowly begin to cooperate on renovating a house.

Late one night, Tommy and Rose meet in secret to share a loving moment, but it turns sour when they discover that Tommy’s father was in the IRA and Rose’s father was in the British Police. The damages done to both parents during a riot are still scars for the young lovers, and the prejudice that set their fathers against each other is suddenly rekindled in these two young leaders. Monica is extremely discouraged, but Tess reassures her that peace can be reached. The next day a fight almost erupts between the two groups. The battle is averted by the arrival of an Irish band, and the teens dance, their common culture uniting them. It seems as if peace has been achieved until Tess arrives with some bad news: Gavin is dead. Although his death was declared an accident, the explosion that caused it makes all the teens suspicious of each other again and widens the gap between Tommy and Rose.

As Tommy prepares to go home for the funeral, he and Rose reluctantly approach each other. As they start to fight again, Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells them that the Father wants them to help lead their generation into peace. Tommy and Rose accept the words of wisdom and finally accept each others love. All the children return to Ireland for Gavin’s funeral, and Tommy delivers a message of peace and a promise of goodwill in his eulogy. Led by Tess, the teens unite at the altar and sing “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” a symbol of the lesson of peace they learned in America.

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