Season 6

Episode 624: “A Clown’s Prayer”

Episode 624: “A Clown’s Prayer”
Original Air Date:May 7, 2000
Written by::Glenn Berenbeim
Directed by:Larry Peerce
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Davey Jeremy James Kissner
Leroy Phil Fondacaro
Mrs. Donovan Susan Ruttan
Wally John Mahon
Mary Jane Rachel Snow
Eddie Anthony DeFilippo, Jr.
The Giant/Fire Eater George “The Giant” McArthur


Monica and Tess laugh as they look at themselves in the mirrors of the fun house at the Grazeldi circus. Tess reminds Monica that, like their distorted mirror images, the circus is all about illusion. Davey Tucker seems like the luckiest boy in the world because he lives at the circus, yet Davey dreams about being a regular boy. Davey’s father Leroy, an achondroplasic dwarf, works as a circus clown. Since Wally Grazeldi is unable to pay the performers, many are quitting the show. But Leroy steadfastly remains, and Tess, a “talent scout” offers the talents of Monica as a clown and Andrew as a ringmaster. What Wally really needs is a human cannonball. He asks Leroy, but Leroy refuses — he has a phobia of small spaces. As Monica is coached in clowning by Leroy, she begins to learn more about the Tuckers — how close the father and son have been since Davey’s mother, also a little person, died when he was a baby.

Davey befriends Mary Jane, a local schoolgirl who is teased by her classmates for being overweight. Mary Jane tells Davey to keep his father’s size a secret, unless he wants to be ridiculed like her. Davey begins to attend the local school quickly winning over the other kids, even Eddie the bully. When Andrew comes by the school to drop off Davey’s lunch, Davey tells the kids that Andrew is his father. Later, Andrew talks with Davey about his lie. Davey says that he just wants to fit in. The next day after school, Davey goes to the house of his teacher, Mrs. Donovan, to bake cookies and returns to the circus very late. Leroy, being overly-protective, is furious and punishes Davey. Late that night, Davey sneaks out of the circus and goes to Mrs. Donovan’s, leaving a note for Leroy.

The next day, Leroy has a meeting with Mrs. Donovan who tells him she believed Andrew was Davey’s father. Leroy is heartbroken. Mrs. Donovan, a frequent foster mom, tells him that all children are embarrassed about their parents at some time. As Leroy leaves the school, the children, led by Eddie, point and laugh at him as Davey watches sadly. Later, Leroy tells Monica that he has arranged for Davey to stay with Mrs. Donovan, who can give him the “normal life” he desires. When Monica protests, Leroy reveals that Davey’s mother died while trying to provide him with a normal life — of complications from a dangerous limb-lengthening procedure. At school, Tess offers free circus passes to the children. All are excited except for Davey, who, a spited Mary Jane reveals, doesn’t want to see his “midget” father. The children laugh and tease Davey.

On the night of the circus, Wally is still looking for a human cannonball, so Leroy volunteers. Andrew reveals to Monica that Leroy won’t live through the stunt. Tess tells Davey what Leroy’s about to do and Davey rushes to the circus to stop him. But when Leroy approaches the cannon, he becomes afraid and backs out. Monica reveals to Leroy that she is an angel, reminding him that he was made in the image of the God who loves him. Monica tells him that God seeks out His wayward children and Leroy needs to do the same for Davey. Leroy and Davey are reconciled, but the circus still awaits a human cannonball. As the cannon blasts, Monica and Andrew are proud to see that Tess has performed the stunt as the crowd roars in pleasure.

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