Season 6

Episode 625: “Mother’s Day”

Episode 625: “Mother’s Day”
Original Air Date:May 14, 2000
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Audrey Wynonna Judd
Liz Naomi Judd
Celine Mika Boorem
Emma Jean Stapleton
Eric Fredric Lane


Celine sits at the grave of her friend Petey Carmichael giving him an update of the things that have happened since his death. She tells Petey that his mother, Audrey, hasn’t been doing too well since he left — she refuses to compose music and she drinks frequently. Celine asks Petey if he can send some angels to help her. Tess and Monica reminisce about Audrey. Tess tells Monica that Audrey hasn’t forgiven them for helping her say goodbye to Petey. Since Audrey refuses to see Tess, Monica and Andrew, another angel, Emma is assigned to Audrey. Emma, a very fastidious angel, rents a room from Audrey and immediately begins spring cleaning the cluttered house.

Meanwhile, Andrew is assigned to Liz, a tough and demanding radio talk show host who has also lost a child, though many years ago. Andrew proposes a series of radio shows on addiction. At the same time, Monica begins to appear in Audrey’s dreams, repeating the phrase, “That’s what makes you strong.” The next morning, Audrey begins to sing a song called, “That’s What Makes You Strong” but cannot remember how she knows the tune. As she sings, Emma quietly turns on the tape recorder. Later, Celine tells Tess that her family is moving and she won’t be able to take care of Audrey anymore. Tess reveals to Celine that she and Emma are angels, and tells her that they’ll all have to work together to help Audrey.

That night, Celine hears the recording and calls in to Liz’s talk show about alcoholism in hopes of finding help for Audrey. Celine plays some of Audrey’s song over the radio, but quickly hangs up when Audrey enters. Liz is shocked to hear the song — she wrote it years ago, singing it only to the child that she lost. Meanwhile, Audrey chastises Celine for playing the song, sending her home in tears. Liz begins to ask her listeners for more information on Celine. Celine’s father calls in to the program and speaks with Liz. The next morning, Liz and Andrew arrive at Audrey’s house, and Liz tells Audrey she is her mother. Audrey wants nothing to do with her, believing that Liz abandoned her years ago. Liz explains that her father kidnapped Audrey soon after they divorced and Liz has been searching for her ever since. Nonetheless, Audrey is unable to forgive Liz for not being around to help her through Petey’s death.

Monica reveals to Audrey that she is an angel, assuring her that Petey is with God. Monica tells Audrey that she has to give Him the pieces of her broken heart and He will restore her. Monica reminds her that sometimes God sends an angel, and sometimes He sends a mother. Liz tells Audrey that she is also an alcoholic and that she knows what it is like to lose a child — she will help her on the difficult road ahead. As the angels watch, Liz and Audrey celebrate Mother’s Day at Petey’s grave by singing a duet of “That’s What Makes You Strong.”

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