Season 6

Episode 626: “Pandora’s Box”

Episode 626:  “Pandora’s Box”
Original Air Date:May 21, 2000
Written by::Donna Rice Hughes and Daniel H. Forer
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Charlie Gary Cole
Kate Christine Estabrook
Sarah Evan Rachel Wood
Millie Abigail Mavity
Kiki Mimi Paley
Dean Joey Spillers
Mary Nina Girvetz


The Radcliff family is a paradox of centuries. Mother, Kate, lives in the 19th Century, running an antique shop and avoiding technology as much as possible. Father, Charlie, lives in the 20th Century with his wide-screen TV and microwave. But Sarah, their 13 year-old daughter, and Millie, their kindergartner, live in the 21st Century, relying on the Internet to help them with their school projects. One night while researching Hawaii, Sarah stumbles onto a pornographic website. Charlie and Kate insist she turn it off immediately, upset that this sort of material is so easily accessible.

At the antique store, Kate meets Monica and they become fast friends. Meanwhile Tess, Millie’s teacher, avoids Millie’s questions about reproduction (her pet rabbit is pregnant) suggesting that her mom and dad will want to give her those answers. Kiki, Sarah’s world-wise pal, takes her to the cyber café run by Andrew. At work, Charlie’s co-worker shows him some porn sites on the web. Charlie is intrigued and, before he knows it, has spent an hour surfing these sites. When his boss catches him, he is fired. Charlie tells Kate about the firing, but he lies, saying he was only on the sites for a minute. Despite this, Kate insists on getting rid of the computer. Charlie offers it to Andrew who agrees to rent it for the café. Charlie begins spending time there, preparing his resume.

Sarah, furious that the computer is gone, spends time at Kiki’s house surfing the web. They begin a webchat with “Dean16,” who sends them his picture – he looks like a handsome teenaged boy. But as Sarah sends Dean her picture we learn that Dean is much, much older than he’s portraying. Tess brings Millie home from school and talks to Kate and Charlie about Millie’s questions. They agree to have a speak with her soon. When Kate talks to Monica about protecting her children from the Internet, Monica reminds her that it is more important to equip children with the tools they need to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, Sarah arranges to meet Dean face to face. Charlie admits his lie to Kate, telling her he cannot get the images he’s seen out of his head. This further affects Kate’s hatred of technology. Later, Sarah meets Dean at a local park. At first she is nervous that he seems so much older, but he sweet-talks her into believing he is only 19. She agrees to go back to his apartment. Monica and Andrew find Charlie and Kate, and they reveal to them that they are angels. They tell them of the danger that Sarah is in. At Dean’s apartment he quietly slips some drugs into Sarah’s drink, and becomes upset when she claims she’s not thirsty. As Dean moves to attack Sarah, Charlie and Andrew arrive. Dean attacks Andrew with a bat, but Andrew is able to stop him. In anger, Andrew smashes Dean’s computer. Monica then delivers a message to the Radcliff family – that they have been the victims of an evil force. She also tells them that the Internet is an exciting gift from God but, like many of His gifts, it can be abused. That is why is it important to take precautions with the Internet. A few days later, Sarah unveils a new web page – for Kate’s antique store! Charlie decides to start his own business too – managing the cyber café.

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