Season 7

Episode 710: “The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways”

Episode 710: “The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways”
Original Air Date:January 21, 2001
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Joel Fiegenbaum
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Ronald Joel Grey             
Kelly Rockhill Mel Harris
Mr. Nalls Brad Slocum  
Brandon White Ben Siegler


Monica and Andrew are planning a surprise party for Tess to show their appreciation.  A new angel, Ronald, from Records and Permanent Files, shows up at the party hoping to meet Tess.  The only problem is that Tess is running late and the hotel’s banquet manager, Mr. Nalls, is pressuring them to move things along for the Chamber of Commerce banquet at five.  Meanwhile, Tess, who is under the impression that Monica’s in trouble, is having car problems, pulls into a diner/car repair station where a none-too-helpful cashier, Kelly, tells her she’ll have to wait until Penny returns from a tow call.

Meanwhile, back at the banquet room, Ronald tells Monica and Andrew about how he daydreams about helping people face to face.  But he doesn’t feel he has what it takes to be a caseworker. Tess, meanwhile, tries to get Kelly to help her, but Kelly insists she doesn’t do favors, that anytime you do things for other people, you just get in trouble.  As the five o’clock hour arrives with no sign of Tess, the Chamber of Commerce banquet starts moving in.  While Ronald has a pretty good idea of who Tess is, Monica and Andrew try to fill in the blanks, such as Tess’s gift for music.  We then see that Tess is using that very gift to get through to Kelly.  Kelly finally explains how her father ran into a burning house to save a man’s life and they both died.  Once Tess realizes that Kelly refuses to be swayed, she offers to give Kelly her beloved Cadillac if she’ll just drive her where she needs to be.

Tess finally arrives.  Monica and Andrew explain how they’ve spent the entire afternoon talking about her and how they’ve come to realize even more how much she means to them.  They then present her with their gift — a beautiful hood ornament for her car.  Tess introduces Kelly — when Ronald suddenly recognizes her last name.  Ronald pulls Monica aside so that she can deliver God’s message to Kelly.  But Monica tells Ronald that this time, God is calling him to deliver the message.  With a little push from Monica, Ronald reveals himself as an angel (along with Monica, Andrew and Tess).  He tells Kelly that her father was a brave man and that while two people died that day, one little boy’s life was saved — the man who is being honored this evening as Man of the Year — Brandon White.  Brandon White then steps up to the podium to deliver his acceptance speech.  He speaks of the perfect stranger (Kelly’s father) who gave his life for his and explains how he dedicated himself to be deserving of the second chance he received.

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