Season 8

Episode 806: “The Birthday Present”

Episode 806: “The Birthday Present”
Original Air Date:October 13, 2001
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Chuck Parker Kirk Cameron
Grams Gloria Stuart
Gary McGregor James MacDonald
Robbie McGregor Michael Welch
Sarah McGregor Skye McCole Bartusiak
Officer Dave Benito Martinez

When a cancer patient is taken by Andrew, Gloria’s curiosity about death is piqued.  Monica suggests she take a “ride-along” with Andrew.  Meanwhile, Robby McGregor locks his sister Sarah in a bomb shelter to protect her from their abusive father.  He then returns the key to his father’s key-chain.  Later on, mailman Chuck Parker comes upon the McGregor house.  Robby answers Chuck’s “easy” baseball trivia question, then asks about a special package he is expecting.  Chuck hasn’t seen it, but assures Robby that he’ll keep an eye out.  Robby’s father, Gary, hollers for him to “Get in here!”.  Robby does, and Chuck gets back into his truck, only to discover the package.  Chuck hurries up to the door, but before he can knock , he hears an argument.  At the sound of a slap, and Robby’s “Ow!”, Chuck rings the doorbell.

When Gary answers, Chuck presents the package and insists that Robby sign for it himself.   Gary refuses, so Chuck leaves.  Gary demands to know what’s in the package, Robby says “I can’t…it’s your birthday present.”  This changes Gary’s attitude, and he goes to buy Chinese food for dinner, but not before Robby can once again steal the key to the bomb shelter.  With Gary gone, Robby frees Sarah from her hiding place.  Chuck meets Grams’ new nurse, Monica.  Monica leads Grams to her room, and is surprised to find Gloria and Andrew waiting.  This is part of the “ride-along”.  Andrew takes Grams Home.  Across town, Gary is drunk again, so Robby hurries Sarah back into the bomb shelter where she meets an angel, Tess.

Chuck, overcome with grief, delivers Robby’s package: it’s a gun.  He loads it and tells Sarah that everything will be okay.  Robby puts the gun back in the box and hides it under his bed.  But, before he can return the key, Gary wakes up and demands to know where he’s hiding Sarah.  Robby refuses and hides in his room.   Robby aims the gun at the door, while Andrew and Gloria watch unseen.  Robby decides he can’t do it, and returns the gun to its box.  When Gary gets into the room, Robby runs.  He hides the box in a bush and takes off.  Robby rushes into the street in front of Chuck’s car.  Chuck accidentally hits and kills Robby.

The next day he shows up with a casserole that Gary chucks into the yard.  While retrieving it, Chuck finds the gun.  He takes it home and contemplates suicide in the garage.  The angels have a revelation and Chuck recants, God gave him the gun to save Robby’s sister.  Meanwhile, Gary has found the key amongst Robby’s personal effects.  He opens the bomb shelter and yells for Sarah to come out.  Tess confronts him, and Chuck arrives with the box.  He shows the gun to Gary so he knows how bad it had gotten.  Sarah confirms their fears and Gary crumbles.  Officer Dave arrests him.  Chuck agrees to stay with Sarah until she finds a new home.

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