Season 8

Episode 807: “When Sunny Gets Blue”

Episode 807: “When Sunny Gets Blue”
Original Air Date:December 1, 2001
Written by::Jason Jersey
Directed by:Frank E. Johnson
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Simon John Savage
Mike Zachary Quinto
Allison Annie Corley

Mike is a young man trying to discover the truth about his father. All that his mother, Allison, ever told him was that he was a lawyer and that he left. She refuses to tell him anything more, and gets upset when Mike announces his transfer to a building site near her parking enforcement patrol. She encourages him to quit the job and go to college and to stop listening to all that jazz. Mike just smiles and shakes his head.

Later on at the construction site, Monica shows up as a building inspector and asks Andrew, the foreman, for some building permits. He doesn’t have them, but assures her that they have been pulled. Monica suggests that they use the internet coffee house to check online. Andrew sends Mike to help her. On their way into the coffee shop they pass by Gloria who is selling record albums from a sidewalk booth. Inside, Monica shows him how to find things on the net. He asks can she find people? Monica doesn’t see why not, so she begins a search for a lawyer named Simon K. Miller, Mike’s father. Mike goes outside to look at Gloria’s records, then Monica comes out with bad news, she can’t find Simon K. Miller. Tess, also looking at the records, asks Gloria where she saw that name. Then she remembers and produces an old jazz album featuring Simon K. and the Chattanooga Express. Simon is amazed and goes inside to play the record on the Juke Box.

Once the record gets going, a local homeless man comes in and grabs it, saying it’s his record. It’s him. Mike has found his father, but Simon gets scared and runs. When confronted, Allison admits that Simon was a musician, but she says that that is why he left them. Mike tries to track him down, but soon discovers that not only is Simon homeless, but he’s also suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. He finds Simon and takes him home, much to Allison’s agitation. Simon refuses to take his medicine, and in the midst of one of his hallucinations, sets fire to Mike’s room. He runs. When they finally find him again, it takes the angels to bring him out of his delusion state and into the arms of his family, who will see that he gets the help he needs.


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