Season 8

Episode 820: “The Impossible Dream”

Episode 820: “The Impossible Dream”
Original Air Date:May 4, 2002
Written by::Brian Bird
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:



Luther Vandross


Joe Morton


Penny Johnson Jerald

Aunt Charlotte

Lee Chamberlin

Dr. Winston

Thom Gossom


Richard Biggs


Reggie Hunter has the voice of an angel and the love of his family. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the courage to sing in over twenty-five years. Instead he works as a janitor at his former high school, even though he was once good enough to audition for Berry Gordy of Motown Records. Every Sunday, he, his Aunt Charlotte, his brother Martin, and his sister Eleanor sit down to supper with the rest of their family. It is a family tradition that they have kept throughout their lives, missing only once for their parents’ funeral On this particular Sunday, news of Aunt Charlotte’s impending retirement makes its way around the table, distressing Reggie. The only reason he can even tolerate his job is because Aunt Charlotte teaches choir at the school. The thought of her leaving upsets him so much, that he leaves the table.

On Monday, Reggie goes unhappily back to work at the school, breaking in a new janitor, Andrew. Meanwhile at Detroit Metro Bank, Martin hires Monica as a new loan officer, counting on her to take his place when he is promoted to Vice-President. He brings her along with him when he speaks at the high school’s career day. During the course of his speech, he sticks up for Reggie, who is seen as a failure by the kids. When Martin returns to the bank, he is confronted by Mr. Stoecker, an investigator from the Michigan Bank Examiner’s Office. A man that Martin approved a loan for is being charged with investment fraud.

Tess, who has been working as the new interim choir director, puts together a meeting to plan Charlotte’s retirement party. Eleanor suggests a barbeque, but Charlotte isn’t interested. Finally, Reggie suggests a concert, performed by some of her former students. Eleanor thinks it’s a good idea, and that Reggie should sing. Charlotte promises to give it some thought. The following Sunday she has decided, she wants to have the concert and she wants Reggie to sing. Before he can object, lunch is interrupted by Mr. Stoecker and a federal marshall. Martin is under arrest.

In an attempt to raise bail money Reggie attempts to sell the 1914 Steinway piano that his mother left him. Charlotte stops him, caving in and finally telling him the truth about his audition with Berry Gordy. He had wanted to sign him, but Martin said he wasn’t interested because he wanted him to go to college. Reggie goes to the jail and fumes at Martin, accusing him of ruining his life. When next he tries to sell the piano, to get the money to move out, Andrew and Tess appear and speak to him of lost dreams and the importance of family. Reggie forgives Martin and new evidence clears him of all charges. When the family is reunited, the concert is on, and Reggie sings once again with the voice of an angel.

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