Season 8

Episode 818: “The Princeless Bride”

Episode 818: “The Princeless Bride”
Original Air Date:March 9, 2002
Written by::Luke Schelhaas
Directed by:Kevin Dowling
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Jonas Neil Patrick Harris
Liz Kim Rhodes
Aunt Meg Lainie Kazan
Stuart J.W. Smith





Liz and Jonas are in love, it’s the day before their wedding and everything is perfect. The only thing that could go wrong is an act of nature. And the only thing that can make it right will be an act of God.

The wedding is to be held at the Peery Hotel in Washington D.C., the very spot that Jonas and Liz met. Liz arrives in a great mood only to be met with a new staff, a loitering homeless man, and an unwanted wedding guest, Aunt Meg. All of this she can handle, just as long as Jonas makes his flight into town. Unfortunately Jonas decides to squeeze in one last meeting, and must take a later flight. Even more unfortunately, all later flights are canceled as a monster blizzard sweeps across the eastern seaboard. Forced to seek alternate transportation, Jonas catches a ride from a helpful cabbie, Andrew.

Back at the Hotel, Liz is shattered as she receives phone call after phone call from guests unable to make it to town. Her wedding is ruined, her parents won’t be there, the groom may not be there, and Aunt Meg is. She is so upset, that she gets into a fight with Jonas on the phone, causing him to call off the wedding, and ask Andrew to take him back to New York. Liz breaks down at Jonas’s decision not to show and tells Monica, Gloria, and Tess about the wedding she always wanted, and how she’ll never get it. Later that evening, the angels show up at Liz’s door to throw the pre-wedding slumber party she wanted to have.

Around the same time, Jonas wakes up in the cab to find that Andrew drove him to the hotel despite his request to the contrary. Angry at the interference, he storms out of the cab and into the blizzard. He quickly gets lost, and is forced to call another cab. As soon as he’s made the call, his cell phone rings, it’s Liz. She tries to apologize but Jonas is forced to cut the call short when he is held up at gun-point. Andrew and a homeless man (sent by Tess) help Jonas to his feet, replace his stolen clothes and help him back to the hotel. Tess has spent most of the day and the evening bringing the homeless off of the street and into the boiler room of the hotel.

The next day, the wedding banquet is prepared yet none of the guests have arrived. Monica tells Liz that just because things aren’t turning out the way she expected, doesn’t mean they won’t turn out well. At Monica’s prompting, she invites all of the homeless people to attend the wedding banquet. Making the most of the disastrous wedding, she sees that all of her new guests are well fed and entertained. Jonas watches from the hallway, dressed as a vagrant. He falls in love with her all over again, but can’t bring himself to go inside. Liz comes out of the banquet while his back is turned, she mistakes him for another homeless person, and invites him to have the last plate of food, the one she was saving for Jonas. He turns around, revealing his identity, and they reunite.


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