Season 9

Episode 907: “Remembering Me” Part 2

Episode 907: “Remembering Me” Part 2
Original Air Date:November 23, 2002
Written by::Luke Schelhaas
Directed by:Armand Mastroianni
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Hannah Jenica Bergere
Nathan Nathan Norton
Kevin Charlie Schlatter
The Angel of Music Keb’ Mo
Gabriel Ossie Davis

In the town of Joseph Wells, Kevin Greeley plays catch with his foster son, Nathan. He has been Nathan’s guardian for seven years, and is in high spirits, because today, the adoption will be finalized.

A couple towns away, Tess sits, unresponsive in her room at the assisted living center. Her Alzheimer’s has progressed, and now she won’t even sing. But when Monica, Gloria and Andrew begin discussing Joseph Wells, Tess perks up a little. Still in her dazed state, she mouths the words “Joseph Wells” over and over again. Later on, when Monica’s frustration has risen, and her fear of never having Tess back the way she was has grown, Gabriel arrives and tells her to go to Joseph Wells to see Kevin Greeley.

Monica does as she is told and meets Kevin outside the courthouse where the adoption will be made official. Kevin greets her warmly, but insists he doesn’t need her help. Everything is great. Nathan is going to be his son. Monica is confused, but happy for him, and accompanies him into court. It is there, when the adoption is all but complete, that a woman enters with her lawyer. They are there to contest the adoption. The woman is Hannah, one of the volunteers at Tess’s nursing home, and she is claiming to be Nathan’s mother. The judge, having little choice, postpones the adoption until paternity can be established. Kevin is outraged. Nathan’s natural mother left him in box on the street next to a burning orphanage. As far as Kevin is concerned, Hannah has no parental rights. He is even more upset when he realizes that Monica knows Hannah, and is unwilling to speak poorly of her.

Monica asks Kevin to come to visit Tess. She thinks that he can help Tess, and that she perhaps, can help him. Kevin agrees, and he and Nathan go to see Tess at the home. There, the Angel of Music waits with his guitar. He and Kevin play a duet and sing “Hand it Over” to Tess. She doesn’t respond, but Monica comes to a realization. “Handing it over” is exactly what she and Kevin need to do. He needs to place Nathan’s fate in God’s hands, and she needs to do the same with Tess. After much deliberation and prayer, Kevin asks God to decide what will become of Nathan. After he does so, he introduces his son to Hannah, and allows them to get to know each other. Later on, as Kevin and Hannah sit over coffee, he asks her to come back to Joseph Wells, so that he can gain a mother without losing a father.

As things resolve themselves on that end, Monica hands Tess into God’s hands, and is surprised by her recovery. In no time, Tess is back to her old self. The angels reunite with joy and tears, their love for each other, stronger than ever.


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