Season 9

Episode 910: “The Christmas Watch”

Episode 910: “The Christmas Watch”
Original Air Date:December 21, 2002
Written by::Ken LaZebnik
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Christopher Matt Malloy
Agnes Jodi Thelen
Joy Christie Lynn Smith
Joshua Eddie Mills
Oscar Jose Zuniga
Mr. Piltdown Austin Pendleton

It’s Christmas Eve and all through the shop, a party is waiting for the workday to stop. The angels have come to lend joy and aid, to the little old watch shop that’s starting to fade. Piltdown & Sons is the name of the store, but after this Christmas they’ll do business no more. Across from ground zero the watchmakers sit, though their store was spared, their business was hit.

Gloria finds troubles in Mr. Piltdown’s finance, but she hates to disrupt the song and the dance. But still he must listen, still he must know, he must have the time to let it all go. When Gloria tells him he takes the news bad, this is one more loss on top of all that he’s had. Oscar, Chris and Agnes, his workers, his friends, will they still be so close when their legacy ends? And so Piltdown tells them, and know they all see that this is the last Piltdown Christmas to be. Sadness and anger and confusion all reign, to lose it all now causes such pain.

But in Andrew comes with one final chore, a Piltdown watch has been found in the rubble next door. Do they know where it’s from, do they know whose it is? They hope and they pray that perhaps he still lives. They look through the books and check the old sales, but it’s their memory of Joshua, in the end, that prevails. Dialing the number with a big bated breath, they hope for a life, but fear for a death. A woman’s voice answers, sad for the season, this time of year there can be just one reason. Her husband is gone, her son has no father, could they please fix the watch, would it be such a bother? Piltdown, he thinks, as do Agnes and Chris, should their last work together be for something like this?

The answer is yes, what else could they do, what are their troubles compared to those two? A mother and child of a father bereft, this little old watch is all they have left. And all through the night, the watchmakers toil, tightening and tweaking and winding the coil. The angels lend spirit, and purpose and joy, to grant a holiday wish to a poor little boy. And when the day rises and Christmas is here, they’ve done their best work in many a year. Mother and child arrive and thank them sincere, for a little old watch that they’ll always hold dear.

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