Season 9

Episode 913: “Song For My Father”

Episode 913: “Song For My Father”
Original Air Date:February 22, 2003
Written by::Brian Bird
Directed by:Ricardo Mendez Matta
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sarah Krystal Harris
Richard Geoff Pierson
Paula Ann Dowd
Ty Tyler Andrews


Sarah Dardenne is front-woman of an up and coming band called “The Jane Factor.” She is also a seventeen year-old who is at odds with her father about her music, her cigarette smoking, and the prospect of college. It’s bad enough that he calls her music “trash”, but he also is the music teacher at school. Either at home or in class, she must endure his lectures and his disapproval. The final straw comes when Richard forbids Sarah and her friends from practicing their songs in his garage.

Luckily, the new neighbor across the street, Tess, is a music lover and her house comes complete with a sound proofed garage. This is a small miracle, considering that the house was only on the market for an hour. But with Andrew as her real estate agent, and the fact that he works with her mother, Paula, at Wonderland Realty, all the pieces are in place for a garage band on the rise. Especially since Sarah’s boyfriend, Ty, has set up a gig for them at the Retro Club, where local DJ legend, Bumper Doorman, will be at hand. Sarah and her band-mates are thrilled, if only her throat didn’t hurt so much.

In music class, Sarah has a coughing fit during a solo, and Richard sends her to the school nurse while admonishing her about cigarette smoking. The school nurse takes a look, and sends a note to Richard, telling him that he is concerned. The next day, Paula takes her to the clinic, where Dr. Gloria takes a culture of the inflamed area. When she has the test results, she brings them immediately to the Dardenne household. Sarah has throat cancer. She will not be able to sing that night, and maybe never again.

As Richard and Paula discuss their fears with Gloria, Sarah sneaks out to the Retro Club. By the time her parents notice and get to the club, she is already on stage, singing beautifully. But before she can finish, she blows her vocal chords, collapses in pain, and is rushed to the hospital.

While Sarah is prepped for surgery, Richard alternately blames her, Paula, the cigarettes, and God. When he is at his most vulnerable and scared, Monica reveals herself to him. He finally understands. He walks along with Sarah’s gurney, singing to her, and assuring her that they all love her: he, Paula and God.


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