Season 9

Episode 914: “The Root Of All Evil”

Episode 914: “The Root Of All Evil”
Original Air Date:January 25, 2003
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Michael Schultz
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Adam Charles Rocket
Father Madden Charles Durning
Pete Matt Ross
Mike Kirk Baltz


There are only a few hours left for the angels to infiltrate two sides of a heist that will go horribly wrong. Monica is not on the case, and so the angels must enlist the help of Adam, one of the angels of death. He and Andrew must insinuate themselves into the plans of two brothers on opposite sides of the law.

Adam must partner himself with Mike, the edgier of the two. Filling in for one of Mike’s associates, Adam must accompany him on what is essentially an arms deal in order to gain his trust. Meanwhile, Andrew is beginning his first day as an armored car guard. He set to be riding with the other brother, Pete, much to his surprise.

On the other end of town, Gloria is assigned to help someone desperately in need of God’s guidance, Father Madden, a priest. Gloria doesn’t know what it is that he needs, or how to convince her that she’s not a raving lunatic with a delusions of angelic grandeur. What she does know, is that Father Madden needs to be where he is, in the lobby of this building, near the ATM when the heist goes down in a few hours.

Adam is very reluctant to get involved with Mike. He doesn’t like his assignment, but sticks with it and accompanies Mike as he scopes out the very lobby in which Gloria is working the priest. Pretty soon it is apparent that Mike knows Father Madden, and is eager to avoid his attention.

Andrew makes the regular ATM pickup run with Pete. They’ve got an almost full load and Andrew has gotten to know Pete a little better. He knows that Pete made a great sacrifice in regards to his life plan, by sticking by his ailing father until his subsequent death. He also knows that Pete harbors some bitterness toward his rebellious brother, who was seeing the world while his father lay dying. Pete thinks it’s unfair that Mike was also bequeathed the house in their father’s will.

Soon Andrew and Pete arrive at the last stop of the night, an ATM pick up that will complete their heavy cash load. It is not surprisingly, the very ATM that Mike and Andrew are watching, and the one near which Gloria is waiting with Father Madden.

This is the moment they’re all there for. The ATM heist, brother against brother, one to steal, the other to stop. But it’s not quite how it seemed. It is Pete, the guard, who is in fact pulling the job. His elaborate plans of riding off into the sunset with the full armored car load have already been dashed by Andrew’s placement on the car, and now his brother is there too. Mike steps forward with his gun and his badge, a cop as it turns out, and he’s acting on a tip to stop the heist.

Soon guns are pointed, voices raised, and angels anxious. Father Madden tries to intercede, to bridge the gulf between the two brothers that he has known for so long, but in the heat of the moment, Pete shoots him. If they are to try and save him, and themselves, the brothers must set aside their anger and their guns and focus on the problem. In the end, there’s nothing they can do. Andrew and Adam take him home to heaven, but his death brings the brothers back together, and Pete puts himself into Mike’s custody.


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