Season 9

Episode 915: “As It Is In Heaven” (The 200th Episode Of Touched By An Angel)

Episode 915: “As It Is In Heaven” (The 200th Episode Of Touched By An Angel)
Original Air Date:February 15, 2003
Written by::Martha Williamson & Luke Schelhaas
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Kelly Lesley Ann Warren
Jesse Edwin Hodge
Lionel Robert LaSardo
Guillermo Gilbert Leal, Jr.


Monica and Tess begin their 200th assignment together, on a sour note. While attempting to give Tess a gift, in celebration of their partnership, she accidentally takes her foot off the brake and nearly runs down her assignment. This does not go over well. Not only has she already alienated herself from the person that she is there to help, but she gets a ticket and must now attend traffic school. As a result, Gloria must fill in for her as the new volunteer at the community center. It is Gloria who must now assist Jessie, a smart urban youth who tutors underprivileged children. He is also the adoptive son of, Kelly, the woman who Monica almost hit.

When Monica arrives in traffic school, she is surprised to find that Kelly is in fact her driving instructor, and she’s not thrilled to see the new addition to her class. It is a grueling four hours of stop-sign quizzes and drunk driving videos. At the end, Monica tries to make peace with the woman she has come to help, but all she discovers is that Kelly is selling completion certificates to traffic offenders.

At the community center, Gloria learns that Jessie is a shining light in a gritty, harsh neighborhood. His student, Guillermo, strives to better himself, but he is one of several siblings, and his father is in jail. Jessie tells Gloria that prison is the only good thing that can be said about Guillermo’s dad. Unfortunately, the parole board does not agree, and they allow Lionel’s slick lies to convince them that he is rehabilitated. Soon he is back on the street, trying to re-enter his son’s life, and retake the streets he once roamed as a drug dealer. Jessie tries to get him to leave, but Lionel only laughs at him.

Meanwhile, at the second section of traffic school, Monica completes her lessons, and confronts Kelly about her discrepancies. She tells her that God sees what she has been doing. Kelly flinches, and stares Monica down. “You’re an angel aren’t you?” she asks. Monica is shocked, even more so when she discovers that Kelly is also an angel. She was on assignment when Jessie’s mother died, and she adopted him. She has been AWOL this whole time.

Monica tries several times to reach her, but Kelly won’t listen. She does listen however, when Andrew shows up with the news that Jessie is going to die. Kelly hurries out the door and drives as fast as she can to the community center. She is not quick enough. Jessie has gone outside to run Lionel off, when a drive-by shooting, aimed at the former drug dealer hits Jessie instead. Kelly is only in time to watch her son die.

Giving up hope for the world and herself, she gives the money she had been saving to move Jessie to a safer town, to Guillermo’s mother. And finally she accepts the fact that Monica has come to take her home. She even smiles when she realizes that Jessie will be there.


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