Season 9

Episode 919: “At The End Of The Aisle”

Episode 919: “At The End Of The Aisle”
Original Air Date:April 19, 2003
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Jim Charleston
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Audrey Wynonna Judd
Cornelia Mika Boorem
Scott Gregory Jbara
Alex Michael Milhoan
Kyle Brandon Mauro
Herbie Ned Gill
George Paul Michael
Karla Nina Girvetz


Monica, Andrew and Tess are cordially invited to witness the joining of Audrey Carmichael and Scott Morgan in holy matrimony… or not so holy matrimony. While Audrey has been blessed with angelic visitations and knows for a fact that God exists and loves her dearly, she has no qualms about marrying a man who does not share her faith. In fact, Scott not only doubts the existence of God and angels, but he scorns the beliefs of those who do. Still, Audrey loves him and his son, and wants to be a part of their family. Scott is, after all, a good man and a good father. The difference between their beliefs would be a minor problem, if not for Audrey’s promise to preach the word and testify to God’s love.

It is that promise, which has allowed her to pull herself together and get on with her life after her son Petey died. But now, she is so eager to get on with her life, that she is ignoring who she is, and what she knows is true. When Monica discovers this, she begins to have doubts about Audrey’s impending nuptials, especially after learning that the word “God” has been replaced by “Universe” in the wedding vows.

At the rehearsal dinner, Monica broaches the subject briefly, but is rebuffed by Audrey who tells her that “it’s no big deal.” Monica looks to Tess for reassurance, but all she receives is more doubt. Tess points out how much Scott’s son, Kyle, looks like Petey, and how much Audrey dotes on him. Is she marrying the man, or is she marrying back into motherhood?

Monica corners Audrey on the issue that night. She expected a bit of anger, but was not prepared to be un-invited to the wedding. Still, she respects Audrey’s wishes, and leaves. But the next night, before the wedding, while practicing the lighting of the candles, Kyle accidentally sets the Wedding Room on fire. He tries to put it out, but the smoke overwhelms him and he passes out.

Outside, Scott is frantic, and is about to rush in to look for his son, when Andrew emerges from the building with Kyle in his arms. He is rushed to the hospital. Waiting anxiously for word of Kyle’s condition, Audrey realizes how much she has invested in Kyle, and how little she has in Scott. When they find out that Kyle is alright, Audrey thanks God, and Scott belittles her for it. She asks straight out whether, after all that has happened, he can honestly say that he has no belief in God or in angels. When he says no, Audrey knows that they are not fit to be together. Though she does love them, she loves God more, and cannot deny her faith in Him, or in the angels who have so touched her life.

This episode features the song “Testify To Love” by Wynonna Judd.  It is available on The TBAA Soundtrack.


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