Season 9

Episode 922: “I Will Walk With You” Part Two

Episode 922: “I Will Walk With You”  Part Two
Original Air Date:April 27, 2003
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Larry Peerce
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Zach Scott Bairstow
Mike Patrick Duffy
Dr. Jean Patty Duke
Sophie Marion Ross
Jones David Ogden Stiers
Wayne Randy Travis
Joey Paul Wittenburg
Carver Bob Bancroft
Eddie William Mapother
Rindy Karina Logue
Peter Ivar Brogger

…continued from Episode #921.

As the uproar increases, Wayne whisks Zack off to the jail to protect him from the frenzied crowd and to ask him some questions. Unfortunately Zack’s answers are less than satisfactory and not entirely forthcoming. He is, quite simply, a drifter, and as such he has no way of backing up who he is or where he comes from. He does admit to being at the school on the day of the explosion, but he won’t say why he was there. There is already talk of putting him on trial.

Monica is dismayed, and sets to work getting Zack the best representation she can, i.e. Mike and Gloria. They are both certain that there is no case against Zack, and that even if it goes to trial, they should have no trouble getting a change of venue. They are both, however, wrong. The prosecuting attorney, Jones, is tough as nails and as twisted as a screw. He is also, according to Monica, the devil. Not only does he succeed in bringing the case to trial, but he also eloquently rebuffs all of the defense team’s motions for dismissal. He then proceeds to bring a barrage of witnesses to bear against Zack.

The townspeople testify that when Zack arrived in town, little things belonging to the children began to go missing. Soon after that, Jones calls an expert witness to testify that serial killers habitually collect tokens from the scenes of their crimes. When he gets Zack on the stand, he gets him to admit taking the items and to being in any number of towns when accidents claimed the lives of children. Gloria and Mike try their hardest to win over the court-members, but in the end, Zack is found guilty and given the maximum sentence for his crimes.

It is after the trial though that Monica makes the most progress. She helps the townsfolk to remember who they were and what they lost. She reminds them that it wasn’t until Zack arrived that they began to fall back into the rhythms of their old lives. When she guides them back to the church and back to the pastor who had let them all slip away, they realize the terrible mistake that they have made.

Back in the jail, Monica apologizes to Zack for not helping him in time. But she lets him know that she’s an angel and that she will forgo any future assignments and promotions in order to stay by his side and protect him. She will have to start almost immediately, as Zack is scheduled for transfer the next day. But when she arrives the next morning, Zack’s cell is empty. Everyone is surprised, though the townspeople make it clear that they will not be pursuing him. Especially after they learn from Joey, that it was he who set the boiler on its deadly course, tricked by the devil into turning the heat up to warm some orphaned kittens. Monica, perplexed, moves on to meet Tess back in the desert, but it is there that she finds Zack once again.

He thanks her for her service and devotion, and allows her to recognize him for who he truly is, her Lord, God. She will be promoted. Monica bids farewell to Gloria, Andrew, and Tess and drives off in the Cadillac, a goodbye present from Tess.


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