My voice shalt thou hear in the morning O Lord and in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee and I will look up.

From Martha: When I read this Psalm it reminded me of my dad. My dad was not the sort of person who would run around and grab people by the lapels and say “come to Jesus!” “Repent and be saved!” But people could always tell what he believed by the way he lived and the way he helped people.

He was a kind, friendly gentleman and no one ever questioned his great faith. And one of the ways I knew that he truly loved God was one little thing that he always did. Every morning as he walked into the kitchen he would stop at the back door, the kitchen door that faced the east where the sun was coming up. He would pull back the drape and look at the sunrise and he would say a little quiet prayer.

I never knew what he said. I don’t know if it was the same prayer every day or if it was a different prayer every day, but I know that he always stopped there on that little step and spent a moment with the Lord, preparing himself for the day. I imagine that he prayed for his family and for our safety and for my future and certainly prayed that our family would come together again in safety at the end of the day. And I’m sure it included some words of thanksgiving. It was a touching habit and a powerful example to me. And I’m sure that it came from a line from one of his favorite hymns “Great is Thy Faithfulness”: “Morning by morning new mercies I see.”

He taught me that every single morning God gives you a brand new sunrise, a brand new start, every morning His mercies are new, yesterday is gone, God has given you a brand new today. So, right now where you are sitting at your computer, whatever you have to do after you click me off today, remember that God is already preparing a brand new day tomorrow, with brand new mercies, with great forgiveness, and a chance to start over.