• A Musical Tribute to Della Reese

  • Signed,Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Higher Ground

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: One in a Million

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered From the Heart

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered – The Impossible Dream

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love

    Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe and Geoff Gustafson explore the mystery of true love when they return for a new duty to deliver in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From Paris With Love.” The Postables, Oliver (Mabius), Shane (Booth), Rita (Lowe) and Norman (Gustafson), explore the mystery of true love as they deliver divorce papers to […]

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas

    With a duty to deliver every last letter before Christmas, the beloved quartet of post office detectives—Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth), Rita (Crystal Lowe) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson)—are working around the clock to redirect Santa’s mail just as Oliver runs into his former Sunday school teacher (Marion Ross). When they receive an emotional last-minute […]


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  • Martha on Raymond Arroyo

    Watch Martha on World Over speaking to Raymond Arroyo about her father.

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 10 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Martha on CBN Discussing Signed, Sealed, Delivered For Christmas

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered for Christmas

  • “A Hope and a Future (Sample)”

    Celebrating Rita’s win at the Miss Postal Delivery pageant, Oliver, Norman, and Shane decorate the DLO with balloons and streamers. As Rita walks in the team bursts into song and cheers. Rita gushes but insists that she’s still the same person and doesn’t want to be treated differently. And to prove her point, she presents […]

  • “The Future Me “

    A loud screech rips through the post office as the voice of the new Branch supervisor, Glynis Rucker, echoes though the PA system. Ears still ringing from Glynis’ announcement, the DLO team is hardly ready for the arrival of the perky carrier, Kimmi Cooper. Kimmi picked up an undeliverable letter on her route and decided […]

  • Carol Burnett on Accepting The Role

  • Episode 110: “A Hope and a Future”

    Celebrating Rita’s win at the Miss Postal Delivery pageant, Oliver, Norman, and Shane decorate the DLO with balloons and streamers. As Rita walks in the team bursts into song and cheers. Rita gushes but insists that she’s still the same person and doesn’t want to be treated differently. And to prove her point, she presents […]

  • Legendary actress Carol Burnett shares why she was so excited to guest star on “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

  • Episode 109: “The Treasure Box”

    It’s the night of the finals for the Miss Special Delivery pageant as Norman quizzes Rita on her postal history. As he does, Shane sits and unwraps an old and disheveled parcel containing a wooden puzzle box. A centuries old tradition, puzzle boxes can only be opened through a series or movements. The first compartment […]

  • Episode 108: “Dark of Night”

    While at lunch with visiting supervisor Rebecca Starkwell, Shane gets a double helping of embarrassment. Rebecca reveals that during their last lunch, Oliver overheard everything the two friends said, including Shane’s personal feelings about Oliver. Mortified, Shane is hardly prepared for Oliver’s sudden arrival at the café. Looking for insights on a strange package, Oliver […]

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 9 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Episode 107: “Something Good”

    A new day at the DLO brings a spirited conversation between Oliver and Shane on the definition of “fun.” When Oliver suggests an upcoming weekend seminar on the future of home delivery is the epitome of fun. While Shane snidely responds that, in her mind, the dance classes she and Oliver took were fun. That […]

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 8 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Episode 106: “The Future Me”

    A loud screech rips through the post office as the voice of the new Branch supervisor, Glynis Rucker, echoes though the PA system. Ears still ringing from Glynis’ announcement, the DLO team is hardly ready for the arrival of the perky carrier, Kimmi Cooper. Kimmi picked up an undeliverable letter on her route and decided […]

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 7 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Episode 105: “The Edge of Forever”

    A melancholy mood follows Oliver and Shane make their way into the post office. While Shane clearly felt their friendship was developing into something more, Oliver still clings to hope that his wife will someday return to him. The misread signs have led to an uncomfortable state in their relationship, made only worse by the […]

  • Episode 104: “The Masterpiece”

    In preparation for their upcoming dance recital, Shane selects a hip new song for she and Oliver to perform to. Her choice does not go over well with Oliver, sparking a lively debate between them. Their bickering is interrupted by Cora Brandt who, enthralled by Rita’s novel, exclaims that Rita is her hero and that […]

  • Episode 103: “Soulmates”

    With Theresa Capodiamonte’s sudden departure, the DLO team regroups and welcomes their new supervisor, Cora Brandt (Della Reese). Unlike Theresa, Cora is less interested in the unique way lost letters are delivered. Cora decrees that from now on the team is “swinging for the fences,” and if a recipient can’t be found by the end […]

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 6 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Episode 102: “To Whom It May Concern”

    It’s the end of the month and performance review time for the Dead Letter Office’s team of Postables. During Oliver’s tenure as section leader he has consistently earned the highest scores of anyone, but this time, Theresa is determined to dig into Oliver’s mind and learn how he makes the team so effective. The end […]

  • Episode 101: “Time to Start Livin'”

    It’s the start of a new week for the team of intrepid postal detectives tasked with tracking down the recipients of undeliverable mail. Amongst the hustle and bustle of shuffling letters, Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius), the rigid leader of the team, makes his way to the office. As he moves through the mailroom, he bumps […]

  • A Sneak Peek At Episode 5 of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered On Location

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered from Martha Williamson & The Hallmark Channel

  • Eric Mabius on Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Kristin Booth on Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Geoff Gustafson on Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Crystal Lowe on Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Valerie Harper on Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered – A Hallmark Channel Original

  • Episode 922: “I Will Walk With You” Part Two

    …continued from Episode #921. As the uproar increases, Wayne whisks Zack off to the jail to protect him from the frenzied crowd and to ask him some questions. Unfortunately Zack’s answers are less than satisfactory and not entirely forthcoming. He is, quite simply, a drifter, and as such he has no way of backing up […]

  • Episode 921: “I Will Walk With You” Part One

    Monica meets Tess in the dessert, at the same bus stop where she began her job as a caseworker. It is from this, the place where her first assignment began, where she will take on her final one. If all goes well, Monica will advance from caseworker to supervisor. She can’t wait to get started, […]

  • Episode 920: “The Show Must Not Go On”

      There’s a lot to be said for a theater founded solely to celebrate children, but there is more to be said about a theater that, after 50 years, ceases to do so. This is the case for the Egyptian Theater, a little community playhouse, that has aged with its owner, Ben Horner. As the […]

  • Episode 919: “At The End Of The Aisle”

      Monica, Andrew and Tess are cordially invited to witness the joining of Audrey Carmichael and Scott Morgan in holy matrimony… or not so holy matrimony. While Audrey has been blessed with angelic visitations and knows for a fact that God exists and loves her dearly, she has no qualms about marrying a man who […]

  • Episode 918: “Virtual Reality”

      Marissa Atkins lies in a coma in her hospital room. She’s been asleep for nearly six months, and shows no signs of recovery. Her future is locked away in a dormant mind, just like the future of the boys who did this to her are locked in the wheels of justice. Victor Jackson is […]

  • Episode 917: “The Good Earth”

      Stan and his friends are fascinated by the crazy old man who lives on their street. He’s an inventor, a mad scientist, and he’s building cars that run on chicken droppings… or so they say. There is also speculation that he is experimenting on dead bodies in his basement, but the truth is that […]

  • Episode 916: “A Time For Every Purpose”

      The Kellermans are the perfect American family: they’re business owners, proud parents, and they have a strong marriage. But life is about to turn less than ideal for Rob and Courtney and their son, Sam. While working on pieces of their custom furniture and skipping stones with his son, Rob begins to notice a […]

  • Episode 915: “As It Is In Heaven” (The 200th Episode Of Touched By An Angel)

      Monica and Tess begin their 200th assignment together, on a sour note. While attempting to give Tess a gift, in celebration of their partnership, she accidentally takes her foot off the brake and nearly runs down her assignment. This does not go over well. Not only has she already alienated herself from the person […]

  • Episode 914: “The Root Of All Evil”

      There are only a few hours left for the angels to infiltrate two sides of a heist that will go horribly wrong. Monica is not on the case, and so the angels must enlist the help of Adam, one of the angels of death. He and Andrew must insinuate themselves into the plans of […]

  • Episode 913: “Song For My Father”

      Sarah Dardenne is front-woman of an up and coming band called “The Jane Factor.” She is also a seventeen year-old who is at odds with her father about her music, her cigarette smoking, and the prospect of college. It’s bad enough that he calls her music “trash”, but he also is the music teacher […]

  • Episode 912: “And A Nightingale Sang”

      Snow falls, blanketing the streets and alleyways with a thick layer of impassible white. The throughways clog up and the hills ice over, and on what’s supposed to be one of the busy nights in the restaurant business, the Ritz Restaurante is virtually empty. With an overstocked kitchen of swordfish fillets and prime rib, […]

  • Episode 911: “Private Eyes”

    The sun rises over the grittier end of Chicago, and the light of dawn cuts right through Maury Hoover’s eyelids and into his hangover. He grumbles his annoyance and embarks on another day of deceit, never knowing that there are angels in his future. Scooping coffee grounds from his potted plants and wondering that they’re […]

  • Episode 910: “The Christmas Watch”

    It’s Christmas Eve and all through the shop, a party is waiting for the workday to stop. The angels have come to lend joy and aid, to the little old watch shop that’s starting to fade. Piltdown & Sons is the name of the store, but after this Christmas they’ll do business no more. Across […]

  • Episode 909: “Bring On The Rain”

    Natalie Tate is trying to keep her life in very neat categories. She wants to go to Yale, she wants to be like her friends, and she doesn’t want anyone to know that she lives in a trailer with her mother, Annie. Annie, on the other hand, thinks her daughter is perfect; smart, studious, polite, […]

  • Episode 908: “Jump!”

    Buzz Wescott dominates the drive-time airwaves throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. His radio show is number one and about to go national. All he needs to get where he wants to be is that little something extra. Of course, that little something is going to push him in a direction he never anticipated. With the […]

  • Episode 907: “Remembering Me” Part 2

    In the town of Joseph Wells, Kevin Greeley plays catch with his foster son, Nathan. He has been Nathan’s guardian for seven years, and is in high spirits, because today, the adoption will be finalized. A couple towns away, Tess sits, unresponsive in her room at the assisted living center. Her Alzheimer’s has progressed, and […]

  • Episode 906: “A Feather on the Breath of God”

    Lorena Watkins is dying. She has an inoperable brain tumor, and only a matter of days left to live. As though this weren’t troubling enough, she also has a twelve year old daughter, Grace, and no family left to take her in. But what she does have, is a strong faith, and a sense of […]

  • Episode 905: “Remembering Me” Part 1

    While Monica observes her new assignment, David, at a zoo with his family, Tess talks with the angel, Sam. He tells her that she must be strong for what is coming, and not fear because God is with her. Tess says she isn’t afraid for herself, she is afraid for Monica. Sam nods and leaves. […]

  • Episode 904: “The Sixteenth Minute”

    Ed Gold is an underappreciated underwriter for Brewster Financial Services, and he’s in a rut. His bills are behind, his paperboy keeps throwing the morning edition into the sprinklers, and he feels like a nobody. To top it all off, his wife, Gwen wants him to ask for a raise. He knows he won’t get […]

  • Episode 903: “Two Sides To Every Angel”

    On their day off, Monica and Gloria hit the road in Tess’s Cadillac, looking to “bond”. Gloria realizes that while she is a unique and distinctive angel, so is Monica, and as a result they don’t always see eye to eye. So the two of them go off together to try to find some common […]

  • Episode 902: “The Word”

    Monica becomes a substitute teacher for a class of “resource students”. Their learning disabilities and health problems have aggravated a number of subs and none of the temporary teachers have stuck around. One student especially needs her help. Her name is Charlee, and she has obsessive compulsive disorder. As a result of her disorder, she […]

  • Episode 901: “A Rock and a Hard Place”

    In the middle of the wilderness, at the base of a mountain, a ways from the road, Monica and Tess discuss the perfect décor for a remote hotel. Meanwhile, in Glendale, Joe Collette arrives at his former home to pick up his 16 year old son, Ricky, for a weekend camping trip. Joe’s separation from […]

  • Episode #822: “For All The Tea In China”

    Sarah and James Berrington are unable to conceive a child. They have tried everything, including in-vetro fertilization. Nothing works. When their final pregnancy test comes out negative, Sarah weeps, devastated. On the other side of the world, a Chinese woman staggers down a dark road with a small bundle in her arms. Finally she comes […]

  • Episode 821: “Forever Young”

    One year ago the Costellos were a happy family. Now, Don is losing his touch at work, his wife Stacey is wandering the park at all hours of the day, and their son Justin has been suspended from school pending therapy. The root of the problem is the murder of Kimmie, their daughter and Justin’s […]

  • Episode 820: “The Impossible Dream”

    Reggie Hunter has the voice of an angel and the love of his family. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the courage to sing in over twenty-five years. Instead he works as a janitor at his former high school, even though he was once good enough to audition for Berry Gordy of Motown Records. Every Sunday, he, […]

  • Episode 819: “The Bells Of St. Peter’s”

    Rose is the loving mother of Maggie, an oncologist. She is also her office manager, a meddler in her personal affairs, and a collector of various superstitions and faiths. In an attempt to ease tension in Maggie and her husband Brian’s marriage, Rose has planned a trip to Rome. She is counting on her son-in-law […]

  • Episode 817: “Secrets and Lies”

      Allen Lowry is having a great day at the gym with his wife, Suzanne and their 17-year-old daughter, Erica. Things couldn’t be better. Unfortunately they could get a lot worse, and they do. In the middle of a one-on-one basketball game, Erica collapses. When Allen and Suzanne rush to her side, they discover a […]

  • Episode 818: “The Princeless Bride”

      Liz and Jonas are in love, it’s the day before their wedding and everything is perfect. The only thing that could go wrong is an act of nature. And the only thing that can make it right will be an act of God. The wedding is to be held at the Peery Hotel in […]

  • Episode 816: “The Blue Angel”

    From being televised at the 1939 World’s Fair, to finishing out his days as the director of a community access station in South Bend, Indiana; Max Blandish has run the spectrum of television’s growth. Once he had ideals and dreams, now all he has is a lump of bitterness and emphysema. His failure to make […]

  • Episode 815: “Hello, I Love You”

    In the small town of Wells, Nevada, good news travels fast, almost as fast as gossip. Danni Blake has been plagued by the latter for all of her short life. The shame of not having a father has kept her down. What’s worse, is that her school is planning a father-daughter dance. After a few […]

  • Episode 814: “Ship-In-A-Bottle”

    Tevis Lockwood is starting a new life with his daughters, Ashley and Jasmine. Leaving behind the sun and heat of Los Angeles, they move to the cold and rainy Seattle suburbs so Tevis can take control of a large shipping company. His daughters are not overly enthused about the move, particularly Jasmine who fears that […]

  • Episode 813: “A Winter Carol”

    In a small New York town, just a short commute from NYC, a lone Volkswagen Beetle sits abandoned in the train station parking lot.  It hasn’t moved in months, not since its owner, Bill Harper, took the 6:15 train into the city on the morning of September 11th.  No one knows why he went to […]

  • Episode 812: “The Last Chapter”

    Monica revisits the home of Elizabeth Jessup, a retired reporter who she once helped cope with alcoholism.  Tess insists that Monica is there as the answer to someone’s prayer.  Monica hurries up the steps to offer Elizabeth whatever help she may need, only to discover that her help is not only unwanted, but resented.  Elizabeth […]

  • Episode 811: “Angels Anonymous”

    The angels lure a group of former classmates and their significant others to a run down bar and restaurant called “Bubba’s Polynesian Paradise”.  Andrew, acting as a marriage counselor, sends Yvette and Peter there when they have trouble talking about anything but work.  Monica catches the eye of Michael, a lonely paramedic, and leads him […]

  • Episode 810: “Heaven’s Portal”

    Nick Albright is having a difficult time adjusting to the changes in his family.  His dad’s business is going under, his parents are splitting up, and on top of that it looks like there may not even be a Thanksgiving.  It is all of this and Nick’s curiosity that lead him to make a terrible […]

  • Episode 809: “Most Likely To Succeed”

    Dennis Loggins is a young multi-billionaire. He’s become a success, he’s gotten in shape, he’s spent years improving himself, and he’s done it all for the love of a good woman. Or so he tells himself. The fact is that Dennis has engineered this façade of confidence and importance solely as a means for revenge. […]

  • Episode 808: “Famous Last Words”

    Monica and Gloria breeze into Carlisle, Arizona in search of a cup of coffee, and the Famous Last Words of a death row inmate.  Posing as an author, Monica steps into the Oasis diner, where she meets Shirlee, a waitress with a nice smile and a strange fascination with the families that come to see […]

  • Episode 807: “When Sunny Gets Blue”

    Mike is a young man trying to discover the truth about his father. All that his mother, Allison, ever told him was that he was a lawyer and that he left. She refuses to tell him anything more, and gets upset when Mike announces his transfer to a building site near her parking enforcement patrol. […]

  • Episode 806: “The Birthday Present”

    When a cancer patient is taken by Andrew, Gloria’s curiosity about death is piqued.  Monica suggests she take a “ride-along” with Andrew.  Meanwhile, Robby McGregor locks his sister Sarah in a bomb shelter to protect her from their abusive father.  He then returns the key to his father’s key-chain.  Later on, mailman Chuck Parker comes […]

  • Episode 805: “Holy Of Holies”

    Andrew pays a visit to Catherine, an 88-year-old woman who lost her husband in WWII. She has since lost her youth as well as her faith in her children and grandchildren. All except for one that is: her grandson, Paul. She shows Andrew a copy of the Memoirs of Nehemiah, an ancient document pointing out […]

  • Episode 804: “Manhunt”

    The Angels go to Happy Hour at The Monte Carlo, a bar run by one of Tess’s former assignments. It is here that Monica learns that Zoe, a girl she saw earlier in the park, is her assignment. Zoe is lonely, heartbroken, and trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship with […]

  • Episode 803: “The Perfect Game”

    Ben McCloud, ace pitcher for the AAA Richmond Braves, is on his way to the Major Leagues.  His biggest obstacle is his father, Norm.  Norm is constantly critical of Ben’s performance, including a two-hit shut-out.  He wants so much for his son to make it to the Majors that he will except nothing short of […]

  • Episode 802: “Minute by Minute”

    The angels stand outside of Our Lady of Hope Senior High, watching as Sister Theodore enters the school. It’s early, 6:00am, and all is not well. Punk Rock music blares from an old car as it pulls into the parking lot. John and Cory sit inside, both are seventeen and they’re about to do something […]

  • Episode 801: “Chutzpah”

    After Monica leaves Gloria alone at a Portland bus stop, Gloria learns about the Jewish people…from 3 skinheads. A short time after that, Gloria meets Sam Silverstein. Sam is a sofer, a Jewish man who hand-makes the Torah, the holy scripture. Sam is amazed that Gloria does not know the truth about the holocaust and […]

  • Episode 725 “Shallow Water, Part Two”

    Cynthia and J.D. meet with Diana Winslow, who is still in denial that her son, Danny, is dead.  Monica goes to the long-term acute care center where Carter and Lila wait with their son, Joshua, who lies unconscious on life support.  Monica hopes that they might be able to help her locate their other son, […]

  • Episode 724: “Shallow Water, Part One”

    Perched on a rocky peak above a vast canyon, Monica reflects on her previous temptation by Satan and her triumphant return to God’s grace. Monica is at a loss for words trying to describe the new gift God has given her. Tess explains that God has blessed her with the ability to see humans “from […]

  • Episode 723: “Netherlands”

    Monica works with the newly created Angel, who has yet to be named, trying to explain what it means to work with human beings and the rewards of helping them connect with God. The Angel is apprehensive, wondering why Monica chooses to stay on Earth after experiencing the wonder of being in God’s presence. Monica […]

  • Episode 722: “The Face Of God”

    Dr. Sarah Conover is at the forefront of human genetics and on the verge of a historic breakthrough by being the first to clone a human being. Her headstrong pursuit is met with strong opposition from her supervisor, Brad Renslow, who questions the social ramifications of human cloning. Under the microscopic scrutiny of a government […]

  • Episode 721: “Band Of Angels”

    17-year-old Alex Wilson breaks into the music store where he works to steal a guitar, not counting on the fact that his boss and mentor, famed Blues musician Henry Baldwin, would be working late that night.  Armed with a gun, Henry goes out into the darkened store to confront the intruder.  Henry is shocked to […]

  • Episode 720: “The Sign Of The Dove”

    Andrew runs into a colleague, fellow Angel of Death, Adam, while spending his “day off” in Richmond, Virginia visiting the Mason family, a family he’s had the privilege of following over many generations.  Andrew occupies a special place in the Mason family, so much so that they’ve dedicated a special chair in his honor.  Adam […]

  • Episode 719: “The Penalty Box”

    Star hockey player, Jeff McHenry, a senior at the exclusive St. Crispin’s prep school enjoys the privileged lifestyle afforded to him by his father’s wealth.  With his team on the heels of the playoffs and his father’s financial support to attend Harvard, Jeff’s future seems secure.  Jeff’s arrogance fuels a rivalry with teammate, Chase Jennings, […]

  • Episode 718: “Visions Of Thy Father”

    Seventeen-year-old Jason Harris seems to have it all: a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend and aspirations of being a photojournalist.  Jason’s father (Will Harris) a prominent ophthalmologist, has been urging Jason to monitor an old eye injury which resulted in detached retinas.  Monica is assigned to help this family deal with a secret, and she […]

  • Episode 717: “I Am An Angel”

    Seven-year-old Mickey has been despondent since his mother’s recent death. He lives with his Aunt Val and his older brother Ryan. When Ryan learns that Guy Garfield, the star of Mickey’s favorite television show “The Avenging Angel,” will be appearing at an Angel Convention in Portland, he goes there in the hopes of persuading Guy […]

  • Episode 716: “Winners, Losers & Leftovers”

    Liam Cadegan works for ApexOne Technologies, a high-tech company which has just been bought as part of a merger.  While Liam is generally secure in his job and is clearly devoted to his family, he starts to become affected by the paranoia of those around him in the wake of the company president’s termination.  Tess […]

  • Episode 715: “Thief Of Hearts”

    11-year-old Corey Taylor is hanging out at the local newsstand when he spies a locket dangling near the cash register.  He steals the locket in plain view and runs off before anyone can catch him.  Alice Dupree, the newsstand attendant, contacts the police regarding the theft.  Monica arrives on the scene as the officer on […]

  • Episode 713: “A Death In The Family”

    Detective Frank McCovey and his narcotics team obtain a warrant to raid the house of an elusive drug dealer based on a tip from his informant.  The targeted address is an African-American neighborhood known for its criminal element.  McCovey leads the raid, ignoring the signs that indicate they may be at the wrong house.  McCovey […]

  • Episode 712: “An Angel On My Tree”

    Tess hires Kathy Benson, a mother of three whose husband is in prison, to wrap gifts for the Christmas rush. Meanwhile, Andrew is conducting an anger management course at the prison where Kathy’s husband is serving a five year sentence for manslaughter. Andrew asks the prisoners to submit their applications for Project Angel Tree, a […]

  • Episode 714: “Bringer Of Light”

    Monica and Tess are captivated by the thousands of stars that decorate the beautiful night sky.  Monica elaborates on the majesty of God’s heavens as it is revealed that the angels are actually sitting in planetarium hosted by Andrew.  Across the city, fifteen year-old Lucy Baker sits in her room looking at the sky, where […]

  • Episode 711: “Mi Familia”

    Miguel and Anna’s marriage is interrupted by Anna’s father, Tommy, who rejects his daughter’s decision to marry Miguel, the father of their 6-month old child.  Unmoved by Anna’s protests of love, Tommy dismisses Miguel because of his gang affiliation.  Tommy insists the two teenagers stay away from each other.  Andrew and Rafael, working with the […]

  • Episode 710: “The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways”

    Monica and Andrew are planning a surprise party for Tess to show their appreciation.  A new angel, Ronald, from Records and Permanent Files, shows up at the party hoping to meet Tess.  The only problem is that Tess is running late and the hotel’s banquet manager, Mr. Nalls, is pressuring them to move things along […]

  • Episode 709: “God Bless the Child”

    14-year-old Charnelle Bishop tells her grandmother that she’s going to the museum for an essay she has to write about “finding a piece of yourself in history.”  But she’s really going there to buy drugs from her dealer, Lamont.  Monica tries to forge a bond with Charnelle through her love of music, but Charnelle is […]

  • Episode 708: “Reasonable Doubt””

    Monica is summoned to be a juror on a murder case in which the defendant could get the death penalty.  The defendant, Brendan Falstaff, is on trial for the murder of his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Bennet.  The prosecution maintains that Brendan Falstaff set fire to Elizabeth’s house while she was asleep.  The defense, however, maintains […]

  • Episode 707: “The Empty Chair”

    Bud and Betsy Baxter are in their fifteenth year hosting the popular local TV program “Breakfast with the Baxters” when they learn their show is being cancelled.  Still reeling from the loss, Bud and Betsy are grateful when two unexpected visitors (Monica and Andrew) show up on their doorstep, feigning car trouble.  Monica and Andrew […]

  • Episode 706: “Restoration”

    Cantankerous 102-year-old film director Chandler Crowne wants to die, but Andrew tells him he’s got unfinished business.  Enter Stevie Noonan, twenty-something student filmmaker who’s making a documentary about the famous director who built his reputation on dark, depressing subject matter.  Stevie’s task is to persuade the reclusive genius to share why he abandoned his early […]

  • Episode 705: “The Invitation”

    Rick and Annie Higuerra are expecting their first child and struggle to keep up with their debts.  Annie, seven months pregnant, is undeterred by her husband’s suggestion to cancel their Halloween party in a few days.  The angels make their own preparations as Tess alerts Monica to Satan’s presence in town.  Monica, unseen, keeps vigil […]

  • Episode 704: “The Face on the Bar Room Floor”

    High atop a New York penthouse, Tess is entertaining at a society party hosted by bon vivant Everett Clay when his octogenarian father Benjamin, who still runs the family business, makes a surprise appearance to chastise his son and grandson about their wasteful ways.  The following morning, Benjamin tells Everett the Bible story of the […]

  • Episode 703: “Legacy”

    Max Rigney shows up for his first day of college with his father, Sam, who is proud to show him the frat house of which he was once president–the PIG House.  Rafael meets them and introduces himself as a student.  Tess and Andrew join Rafael, noting that Sam is paying for Max’s education–but only if […]

  • Episode 702: “The Grudge”

    Monica and Tess are driving through North Carolina in search of their next assignment when they get pulled over by a traffic cop and hauled into court.  The presiding Judge turns out to be Andrew, who shows no special treatment and sentences them to “community service.”  He assigns them to assist two members of the […]

  • Episode 701: “Finger of God”

    Calvin Chillcut is a storm-chaser who tracks tornadoes for the National Severe Storms Lab.  But due to the dearth of storm activity, the NSSL has just informed him to cease and desist.  Distraught over the news, Calvin ties one on and sleeps through the first twister in 2 years.  The next day, Calvin shows up […]

  • Episode 626: “Pandora’s Box”

    The Radcliff family is a paradox of centuries. Mother, Kate, lives in the 19th Century, running an antique shop and avoiding technology as much as possible. Father, Charlie, lives in the 20th Century with his wide-screen TV and microwave. But Sarah, their 13 year-old daughter, and Millie, their kindergartner, live in the 21st Century, relying […]

  • Episode 625: “Mother’s Day”

    Celine sits at the grave of her friend Petey Carmichael giving him an update of the things that have happened since his death. She tells Petey that his mother, Audrey, hasn’t been doing too well since he left — she refuses to compose music and she drinks frequently. Celine asks Petey if he can send […]

  • Episode 624: “A Clown’s Prayer”

    Monica and Tess laugh as they look at themselves in the mirrors of the fun house at the Grazeldi circus. Tess reminds Monica that, like their distorted mirror images, the circus is all about illusion. Davey Tucker seems like the luckiest boy in the world because he lives at the circus, yet Davey dreams about […]

  • Episode 623: “Monica’s Bad Day”

    Late one night in New York City, a desperate Monica hails a cab and demands that Merl, the driver, take her to the Queensborough Bridge – she says if she doesn’t reach the bridge by 10 pm, someone will die. Flynn Hodge, the proprietor of Flynn’s Bar and Grill also hops in the cab, claiming […]

  • Episode 622: “Stealing Hope”

    Ricky Hauk has just received the news that he’s being laid off from his dead-end job as a mechanic at Al’s Gas Station. Ricky vents his frustration by writing poetry on the bathroom wall, quickly erasing it before it can be preserved for posterity. Monica is hired to take inventory at the station, and she […]

  • Episode 621: “Living The Rest Of My Life”

    Abby is a 71-year-old widow who spends her days watching soap operas and her nights doting on her overly-attached son Phillip and his wife Judith. Monica and Tess’s assignment is to help cut the apron strings between mother and son. When Monica arrives at Abby’s door to collect clothes for the “Living the Rest of […]

  • Episode 620: “Quality Time”

    Toni Cozzi organizes her life the same way she runs her family — in adherence to a rigid schedule. Monica and Tess watch unseen as Toni prepares for her day, completing even the simplest of tasks with perfect timing — Toni’s way of keeping her family safe. That family includes: patriarch Paul, an idea man […]

  • Episode 619: “True Confessions”

    As Monica and Tess discuss the end of winter, Tess reminds Monica that in some places winter lasts all year round. One such place is the Kewanee Women’s Correctional Facility where Monica’s assignment, Carla Robinson, is doing 25 years to life for murder. Monica joins the prison staff as a social worker and begins to […]

  • Episode 618: “Bar Mitzvah”

    Ross Berger, an 83-year old owner of a successful chain of exercise gyms, credits his recovery from a stroke to his own physical strength and will. He considers himself a self- made man and believes religion is for the weak. Ross’ son Alan, on the other hand, is a man of faith in God and […]

  • Episode 617: “Here I Am”

    Monica, Tess and Andrew find themselves in a New York art museum, each assigned to a different individual. The museum is full of visitors of all ages, including a class of young children on a field trip. Keeping a wary eye on these youngsters is Bud, an older security guard whose retirement begins at the […]

  • Episode 616: “Life Before Death”

    Monica is ecstatic to be assigned to help her beloved Ireland, where she first set foot on earth. Her assignment is a group of teens from Northern Ireland, whom she hopes to persuade to come to the United States through a program called Project Children. However, the group of teens is made up of both […]

  • Episode 615: “Buy Me A Rose”

    Greg and Ellen Sawyer have been married for nineteen years. Tess and Monica’s assignment is to make sure they stay married well past twenty. Greg, a successful Portland developer, is often too preoccupied with his work to notice Ellen. But when securing a business deal takes precedence over their twentieth anniversary celebration, Ellen begins to […]

  • Episode 614: “The Perfect Game”

    The angels arrive at the Cherry Lanes Bowl-A-Rama where they meet Ziggy, the unhappy owner of the alley. Despite the fact that it is technically the angels “night off,” Monica takes an immediate interest in helping the cantankerous woman. Ziggy, who is too proud to ask for help from anyone, refuses Monica’s offers to watch […]

  • Episode 613: “A House Divided”

    Andrew, on assignment as a sixth-grade teacher, resides over a parent-teacher night at the school. A simple game the parents play turns into a scene when a divorced couple, Martin and Janet, argue over who better knows their son, John. Eleven-year-old John is humiliated in front of his classmates, but quietly hides his grief as […]

  • Episode 612: “Millennium”

    At a New Year’s Eve party in the final minutes of 1999, the angels meet Angela, their new assignment. Tess tells Monica that Angela is reluctant to enter the new millennium because she does not want to give up the past. Tess also informs her that Angela has forgotten about an important appointment that she […]

  • Episode 611: “The Christmas Gift”

    Robert and Brianna return to their impoverished hometown of East St. Louis for the Thanksgiving holiday. This tradition annoys Brianna, who worked hard to leave this city behind, and wishes that Robert’s widowed mother LaBelle would come to their safe and wealthy neighborhood instead. Monica and Tess watch unseen as Robert welcomes in the season […]

  • Episode 610: “Then Sings My Soul”

    Andrew gives a tour of Taffy Town to a group of young schoolchildren. Taffy Town seems like a wonderful place, as evidenced in the warm video that plays for visitors hosted by the founder, Uncle Dudley. Uncle Dudley is known to children as the man who makes all the taffy in the world. Tess reveals […]

  • Episode 609: “With God As My Witness”

    In Tess and Monica are on hand to witness their next assignment, Jim Sullivan, get fired from his job as a construction foreman. Trying to warn the project managers of potential safety hazards, Jim instead incurs their wrath. Tess reminds Monica that humans value themselves for what they do, rather than for who they are. […]

  • “Episode 608: The Whole Truth And Nothing But…”

    Monica, Tess and Andrew sit on a Chicago park bench reading the Chicago Daily Guardian, a tabloidesque newspaper with the motto: “If It’s The Truth, It’s News.” The angels cringe at the sensational headlines and Tess notes that there is more to the truth than just the “facts” these articles portray. According to Tess, Liz […]

  • Episode 607: “Voice Of An Angel”

    In New York City, Tess and Monica enjoy the vocal talents of some street performers, but when Monica tries to join in Tess points out that, clearly, singing is not one of her gifts. Monica reminds Tess that she has always prayed for a beautiful singing voice, and when she hears one echoing down the […]

  • Episode 606: “The Occupant”

    On Halloween night all angels have their hands full, and this night is no different for Monica, Tess, and Andrew, who attend to a spiritual battle at Salt Lake City’s Mercy Hospital. The ambulance brings in Lonnie, a deranged and suicidal homeless man. Lonnie frequently visits the ER and Duncan, the head of the ER […]

  • Episode 605: “The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life”

    Corey, Stasi, Dolores and Larry meet at a support group meeting, all of them answering to the same ad: “Are you ready for the last day of the rest of your life?” They are all dying. Rachel shows up, too, but something deep and personal keeps her from going inside. As facilitator of the group, […]

  • Episode 604: “The Compass” Original Air Date: October 3, 1999

    In July of 1944, a month after D-Day, a small squad of American soldiers make their way through the deadly battlefields of Normandy, part of the attempt by the Allied forces to re-claim France. Led by Sergeant Walker, the men are weary, and anything but unified. Cynical Private Joe Faraday takes bets on how many […]

  • Episode 603: “Such A Time As This”

    In the middle of the African desert, Andrew snaps photographs of Sudanese slaves toiling in the hot sun. Back in the United States, young Thomas Cooper is upset that his mother, Senator Katherine Cooper, has to return to work in Washington D.C. Monica is horrified to see the pictures that Andrew took, and wonders why […]

  • Episode 602: “The Letter”

    As Tess and Monica drive through the crop fields of central California, Monica comments on their beauty. But when Tess asks her to take a closer look, Monica sees the hardworking families, including many young children, toiling over the crops in the hot sun. One such family is the Morante clan. Patriarch Roberto works tirelessly […]

  • Episode 601: “‘Til Death Do Us Part”

    Molly Avery’s preparations for her husband Jordan’s 40th birthday surprise party are interrupted by a phone call from her doctor’s office — they suspect she may have cancer, the disease that killed her mother and grandmother at the same young age. Andrew, working as the Avery’s farmhand, believes that Molly is his assignment, but Tess […]

  • Episode 599: “More True Stories From Touched By An Angel”

      Roma Downey, John Dye, and Della Reese host this one-hour special exploring some of the true stories behind Touched By An Angel and the important role that music plays in the series. In the first segment, former major leaguer Dave Dravecky talks about episode #102, “Show Me the Way to Go Home.” In the […]

  • Episode 526: “Godspeed” (5th Season Finale)

    Major Josie Saunders grew up reading all about Charles Lindbergh. It was Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic, along with Josie’s own desire to make her mother proud, that fueled her drive to join the Air Force and later NASA. When, just a few days before her first mission into space, Josie learns from a NASA […]

  • Episode 525: “Hearts”

    Monica is an aid to Dr. Sandra Pena, a Portland heart surgeon. Sandra’s favorite patient, Ilena, is in need of a heart transplant and time is running out to find a compatible donor. Meanwhile, at a hospital in Boise, Angela, the victim of a horse riding accident, lays dying. Sandra is excited to learn that […]

  • Episode 524: “Black Like Monica”

    Monica encounters Tess on the side of a dirt road on the outskirts of Aynesville, a small Southern Illinois town. Tess, holding a bloodied noose and crying, directs Monica to the body of a dead black man. Tess, in anguish, tells Monica that she has given up on earth, and is returning to heaven. In […]

  • Episode 523: “Full Circle”

    Monica re-enters the life of a former assignment, Kate Prescott, who has spent the last few years of her life waiting for her son, Thomas, to return home. When Monica was last with the Prescotts, Thomas had been falsely accused of murdering a young woman, and Kate doubted her son’s innocence. Later, Thomas was cleared, […]

  • Episode 522: “Fighting The Good Fight”

      In a run-down apartment complex, eleven-year-old Tim endures being teased by his older brother Steven as they try to sleep on a fold-out couch. Uncle Frank, the boys’ reluctant guardian, threatens to beat them if they leave the house while he is gone for the night. As he does every night, Frank takes the […]

  • Episode 521: “Made in the U.S.A.”

    Nick Stratton, owner of Stratton Apparel, hires Vietnamese women to work in his sweatshop because they are willing to work for little pay. Monica’s assignment is to help Nick, a “good man with a bad attitude.” Nick hires Monica as his accountant the same day that Am-Nhac Nguyen starts at the factory, pressing pants on […]

  • Episode 520: “Into The Fire”

    Monica meets her next assignment, Melina Richardson at her latest temp job, a telemarketing agency. When the usually meek Melina is fired for yelling at a potential customer, she decides to attend a seminar of the Golden Path Institute hoping to find meaning in her life. After an impassioned speech by the Golden Path’s Jacob, […]

  • Episode 519: “Jagged Edges”

    Andrew helps an older man, Doug, clean out his garage, searching for a box he wants to give to his daughter, Natalie. Doug has a heart attack, and as he is dying, Andrew assures him that God’s angels will be on hand to deliver the box to Natalie. When Natalie, a stand-up comic, hears of […]

  • Episode 518: “Family Business”

    On their 35th wedding anniversary, Ben and Sylvia Mangione, owners of a car dealership, host a huge sale. Monica and Tess are on hand to help the Mangione family, and Phil, the angel of reconciliation, will assist them, if the perennially late angel ever arrives. Mangione Auto World is a family business, with daughters Ellen […]

  • Episode 517: “The Anatomy Lesson”

      When Dewey Burton dies of a heart attack while running for help after finding a young girl trapped in a deep drain pipe, Tess tells Monica that his body is the key to saving the young girl and she only has four hours to do so. When Dewey’s body arrives at the coroner’s office, […]

  • Episode 516: “The Man Upstairs”

    Gus Zimmerman, an insurance salesman, arrives in Las Vegas to call on his largest account, the Paradise Grand Casino. Tess tells Monica that behind Gus’ smile is a desperate man. Monica meets Gus at the bar where he explains that he is there to call on the casino manager, Mac, and earn the commission that […]

  • Episode 515: “On Edge”

      Tess and Monica are introduced to their next assignment when the Cadillac by Bart and Hayley Ewing, a father and daughter con team.  The angels follow Bart and Hayley to Salt Lake City where Bart has promised Hayley she will be able to indulge her favorite hobby, ice skating.  Monica works as an employee […]

  • Episode 514: “My Brother’s Keeper”

      Tess and Monica arrive in Park City, Utah as the World Cup Qualifier Ski race is about to begin.  As Tess and Monica watch over two of the contestants, Jett Rudin and Will Heller, Tess explains that the two boys have been friends for their entire life but that their friendship is about to […]

  • Episode 513: “The Medium and the Message”

    Tess and Monica arrive at the offices of NNT Television to pay a visit to T.K. McKenna, a network executive who once dreamed of “being the best” and now only wants “to be first.” As T.K. is bragging about the ratings on a show featuring a hijacked bus which explodes, Monica arrives in T.K.’s office. […]

  • Episode 512: “Fool For Love”

    Sara Parker, a successful big city district attorney, is forced to come to terms with her past when an ex-boyfriend, Jesse, is arrested and she must interrogate him. Rather than face Jesse, who still has some strange kind of hold over her, Sara retreats to a pub for some sanctuary. Monica, who is waiting tables […]

  • Episode 511: “An Angel On The Roof”

    Charley, an aging south Texas motel owner, gets a Christmas Eve visit from Monica, who tells him not to fear, because she brings him tidings of great joy.  Charley in a drunken daze, thinks the beautiful glowing angel before him is merely a hallucination, and begins a dialogue with this “vision” as he decorates his […]

  • Episode 510: “The Peacemaker”

      As part of his application to New York University, seventeen year-old Mark Tanner videotapes the morning coffee ritual that his parents, Scott and Michelle, began during his recovery from a recent drug addiction. Although all appears well, Andrew warns Tess and Monica not to waste any time with this case. Scott arrives at the […]

  • Episode 509: “The Wind Beneath My Wings”

    When Andrew arrives in the court of Judge Dorrie Chapin to notify her that she is the governor’s first choice to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, Dorrie and her ever-dependable mother, Emma, are overjoyed. Having met Tess while sitting in the gallery of her daughter’s courtroom, Emma invites Tess and Dorrie’s new assistant, Monica […]

  • Episode 508: “Psalm 151” (100th Episode)

    Monica, Tess, and Andrew celebrate Monica’s one-hundredth assignment with a cake in a park.  In the same park Audrey, a single mother who writes commercial jingles, celebrates her son Petey’s birthday.  Petey tries to blow out his candles but is racked with coughing, an effect of his disease, Cystic Fibrosis.  Monica arrives at Petey and […]

  • Episode 507: “Beautiful Dreamer”

    Tess substitutes at a school in Washington D.C. and asks the students what they want to be when they grow up. One of the children, Calvin, tells the class he wants to be an assassin. Tess tells Calvin that being an assassin is nothing to be proud of and to prove it Tess tells the […]

  • Episode 506: “Lady of the Lake”

    Andrew and Tess show Monica how to skip stones on Lake Paradise, and notice that this lake is “dead” in that it has no birds, no fish, no people. It is Monica’s assignment to help revitalize this lake, and at the same time, revitalize the life of Blake Chapman, who has returned to Lake Paradise […]

  • Episode 505: “I Do”

    Monica tries to determine God’s greatest gift to humans and hypothesizes that it might be marriage – the wedding of two people. Tess reminds her that a marriage is much more than a wedding ceremony. Stephanie and Michael are planning to elope with Michael’s younger brother, Eddie, in tow, when Nancy, Michael’s mother, finds out […]

  • Episode 504: “What Are Friends For?”

    The angels arrive in the life of mayoral candidate Carrie Carver to help her learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Monica arrives as Carrie’s speechwriter when Carrie is called away by a message from an old college friend. Monica tells her “truth is the best spin.” Carrie arrives at Frodo’s, her old college hangout to […]

  • Episode 503: “Only Connect”

    When a widower named Donnie Mancuso is having problems communicating with his son, Cameron, the angels arrive to help them learn from the least likely of souls, an autistic man by the name of Ferdie. Misunderstood all of his life, Ferdie lives in a shack on the edge of a baseball field in Cicero, Illinois. […]

  • Episode 502: “Miles To Go Before I Sleep”

    When Andrew arrives at a hospital to escort an elderly Mr. Richards to Heaven, Mr. Richards makes Andrew promise to help someone else in the hospital, someone whose soul is dying.  Mr. Richards directs Andrew to the bible he is leaving behind which, he insists, will answer Andrew’s questions.  Andrew meets up with Monica and […]

  • Episode 501: “Vengeance Is Mine, Pt. 1”

    In a previous episode of “Promised Land,” Joe Greene caused the death of a father and son in an automobile accident. In this two-part crossover episode with the cast of Promised Land, the angels arrive to help the surviving wife and son. As the one year anniversary of Joe’s tragic car accident approaches, the Greene […]

  • Episode 426: “The Spirit Of Liberty Moon”

    While testing a kite, Tess briefs Monica and Andrew on their next assignment: it can change many lives because the “courage of one single person” can change history.  That chance may come for Edward Tanner, CEO of Tanner Toys, and he may not recognize it.  It will come for one of Edward’s employees, Jean Chang, […]

  • Episode 425: “Last Dance”

    The pressure to abstain from sex before marriage is almost as great for teenagers Greg and Jill, as the pressure from their mothers to be perfect students. Greg’s mother, Liz, owns a flower shop, and doesn’t like Greg seeing Jill, claiming it affects his grades and will jeopardize his ability to get into college. Jill’s […]

  • Episode 424: “Elijah”

    Jacob Weiss, a bitter slum lord, is sentenced to spend two weeks in one of his own tenements and the angels arrive to help him understand the error of his ways. As the code enforcement officer, Monica quickly educates Jake on the changes that will need to be made but he is intent on trying […]

  • Episode 423: “Perfect Little Angel”

    Monica and Tess meet their next assignment, Tracy Beringer, as she receives some very bad news via a letter in her mailbox.  The nature of the news is unclear, however Tracy needs money very badly, telling her boss at the auto repair shop where she works that she needs the money for college tuition.  When […]

  • Episode 422: “Cry And You Cry Alone”

    Four aging comics sit around a diner table reminiscing about their careers and celebrating the fact that one of  them is soon to leave on a cruise ship gig.  One of the men offers to tell the story of Salt and Pepper, a famous comic team who suddenly broke up before they hit it really […]

  • Episode 421: “Seek And Ye Shall Find”

    Monica and Tess discuss the next mission in the one-stop town of Savage, Mississippi.  Monica slips on the icy pavement outside of a bus station, hits her head, and suffers from amnesia. Inside the station Dr. Chester Crayton somewhat impatiently examines a frightened Monica. The Doctor is on the way to a prison to watch […]

  • Episode 420: “How Do You Spell Faith?”

    Monica and Tess arrive in the life of a single mother, Mary, to help her reconcile her relationship with her son, Aaron.  Herself a former athlete, Mary relates to her eldest son, Michael, who is the star wrestler of Olympus High School.  Aaron, on the contrary, is more cerebral and spends the majority of his […]

  • Episode 419: “Flights Of Angels

    Richard is an artist diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a terminal sickness that has a debilitating effect on one’s motor functions.  Richard is in denial about the prognosis but his wife Sally is not, and she prays for guidance for her family.  Monica arrives to help her take care of their 3 boys; John Henry, […]

  • Episode 418: “God And Country”

    Rafael enters the army in an attempt to befriend a bitter soldier named Tomas. Tomas hates the army, in particular his commanding officer Colonel Victor Walls. Both men are Hispanic but Tomas feels that Col. Walls has rejected his heritage by failing to use his original surname, Paredes. Tomas requests a transfer from this base, […]

  • Episode 417: “Breaking Bread”

    A timid baker named Matt Coletti is closing up his bakery one evening when two white men attack his black assistant in the street.  Matt witnesses the crime but is too frightened to come forward.  Tess tells Monica that it is their job to help him make a stand against the criminals, members of a […]

  • Episode 416: “Redeeming Love”

    As Monica and Tess take a walk through the city streets, they stumble across Monica’s next assignment, a young woman sleeping under a pile of garbage.  The woman’s name is Lydia and she is a crack addict.  As Monica follows Lydia into her apartment building, her beautiful clothes become like Lydia’s, ragged and dirty.  Lydia’s […]

  • Episode 415: “The Trigger”

    As Monica gives Tess an ice skating lesson we meet the seemingly happy Craig family at the rink where the son, Alex, is finishing hockey practice.  This family is Monica’s next assignment as she gets a lesson that things aren’t always what they seem.  Linda and Ray Craig bring their children home to welcome Linda’s […]

  • Episode 414: “Deconstructing Harry”

    Monica and Tess arrive at the DMV where Tess has been instructed to obtain a driver’s license.  Now ready to take the driving portion, Tess meets her instructor and assignment, Doris.  Midway through the driving test, Doris tells Tess to follow a hearse which leads them both to the funeral of Harry Applegate.  Doris enters […]

  • Episode 413: “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”

    When Joey breaks the Christmas angel while he and Wayne decorate the Christmas tree, Wayne leaves him alone to monitor the turkey while he goes out into the snow to buy a new angel.  As the storm causes the lights to go out, Monica arrives to console Joey by telling him the story of the […]

  • Episode 412: “Venice”

    Tess and Monica arrive in Montana to help the elderly Annie Doyle reconcile her life before she loses her failing eyesight.  Offering to help Annie with her daily errands, Monica escorts her to the weekly bingo game at church where Annie admits that the only reason she plays bingo is to “tick off” her nosy […]

  • Episode 411: “The Comeback”

    Thirty years after suffering stage fright during her Broadway opening, Lillian Bennett returns to Broadway to discourage her daughter from following in her footsteps.  Arriving just in time to attend her daughter’s audition, Lillian sees her old understudy, Amanda Revere, who has now become the famed diva she once dreamed of becoming herself.  Monica arrives […]

  • Episode 410: “Charades”

    With the approach of a special tribute to the victims of the Hollywood Blacklist to be given by the Hollywood Screen Guild, Tess and Monica arrive to help Libby Glaser, a powerful Hollywood agent, learn the truth about her Blacklisted father’s last days. Monica arrives as Libby’s new assistant and quickly impresses Libby with her […]

  • Episode 409: “My Dinner With Andrew”

    When the angels find themselves at a posh “Books and Bachelors” luncheon to benefit medical research, Andrew is quickly chosen to be auctioned as an eligible bachelor. When the prominent research scientist, Beth Popik, begins to bid on Andrew, her chief rival, Kate Calder, outbids her and then refuses the date with Andrew, explaining that […]

  • Episode 408: “Sandcastles”

    While Tess, Monica, Andrew and Rafael vacation at the beach, Rafael and Monica find a message in a bottle from a boy named Scooter Fisher. Tess gives them the option of helping the boy and both Monica and Rafael set out to find Scooter in the neighboring town, Pacific Falls. While Andrew stays with Tess […]

  • Episode 407: “Doodlebugs”

    After the death of his wife, small town minister Erskine gave up his ministry and his lack of faith has spread to the rest of the townspeople. Erskine’s son, Andy now fears he will die of cancer like his mother while his daughter, Bits, spends her time trying to draw the elusive doodlebugs out of […]

  • Episode 406: “The Pact”

    The angels arrive at a camp for HIV positive teenage girls to find two veterans, Nikki and Erin picking on the “newbies” Melanie, Kim and Abby. Acting as counselors, the angels get to know the girls and try to help them deal with their fears. Rafael speaks to Melanie, learning her mother died of AIDS […]

  • Episode 405: “Jones vs. God”

    The town of Clarion, South Dakota is in the midst of a farm killing drought when Tess and Monica arrive to help them with their growing crisis of faith. Justinian Jones, a struggling farmer, enters Cotton’s barber shop where a heated debate quickly develops between he, Cotton, Judge Dawes and Risa, the town mayor, as […]

  • Episode 404: “Children Of The Night”

    While Tess and Monica work at an inner-city coffee shop, they see their next assignment, a group of homeless teenagers who have given up their real names to avoid being returned to the families that they no longer trust. “Doc,” “Lightning,” “China,” and the missing “Fish” have formed a family and soon take in a […]

  • Episode 403: “Joe’s Return”

    In the first half of a two-part crossover episode of “Touched By an Angel” and “Promised Land,” Joe Greene, the long-lost brother of Russell returns, speeding wrecklessly down the highway as Tess, Monica and Andrew follow. When another car pulls out in front of Joe, he runs the car off the road and kills a […]

  • Episode 402: “Nothing But Net”

    Tess, Monica, Andrew and Ruth arrive in the announcer’s box of a professional basketball game overlooking their next assignment, Eric (E.Z.) Mony, the star point guard for the Salt Lake Saints. Tess tells the others that Eric is angry and rebellious, with a complete disregard for rules. As the angels look on, Eric shoves a […]

  • Episode 401: “Great Expectations”

    Bill McNabb, a cappuccino machine salesman, arrives with his pregnant wife, Joann at Juliano’s Coffee Shop where Andrew is acting as temporary manager. While Bill tries to sell the “newest and best” machine to Andrew, Joann comfirms their plans to give a baby shower for friends at the coffee shop later that evening. Having overheard […]

  • Episode 327: “A Delicate Balance”

    In an empty gym, Tess “coaches” Monica on their next assignment. They are interrupted by the arrival of Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, who will cover the gymnastics competition for a TV station. Andrew appears after they leave, and the angels then observe the Browner family. Rebecca Browner is a gifted gymnast, whose mother, Sandra […]

  • Episode 326: “Inherit The Wind”

    An orphanage burns on a dusty street as the Angel of Music observes, singing. The song continues although he has relocated to a rowdy party at a mansion. Tess and Monica, unseen, are chagrined by the excess as the host, Kevin Greeley, carouses with friends. His father, Edward, confronts him but angrily exits. Kevin glimpses […]

  • Episode 325: “An Angel By Any Other Name”

    Tess works for a local nursery, and Monica is a postal carrier in the middle-class neighborhood where IRS auditor Carolyn Sellers lives. An avid gardener, she is eager to have her rose hybrid officially recognized but becomes dismayed when three people with Down syndrome move into a group home next door to her. Tess tries […]

  • Episode 324: “Full Moon”

    As Ed Bingham prepares for a ceremony to honor his heroic efforts as a fireman, his wife, Sarah receives a terrifying letter. Carl Atwater, the man who raped her six years ago is eligible for parole. Frightened of Ed’s reaction if he found out, Sarah conceals the letter from him. Instead she visits a Crisis […]

  • Episode 323: “At Risk”

    This episode is introduced and closed by General Colin Powell, U.S. Army (ret.), who served as General Chairman of the Presidents’ Summit on America’s Future, which was held in Philadelphia April 27-29, 1997 and aimed to bring America to a new level of commitment in volunteerism. Jason DeLee, a troubled teen, steals a car but […]

  • Episode 322: “Missing In Action”

    George Zarko, a.k.a. the “Colonel,” sits on a park bench watching kids play war. Monica thinks her assignment is to help the elderly Army veteran find the joy of living. But Tess responds that what he really needs is to be understood. She gives Monica’s swing a push… and the caseworker’s human form transforms into […]

  • Episode 321: “Last Call”

    Monica, disappointed in the human race, watches as Tess performs in a small Chicago bar. She finishes and announces God has given the caseworker a miracle to give someone in this bar. Initially hesitant to decide, Monica observes the inhabitants: the owner, Noah, who is upbeat despite being wheelchair- bound; Claude Bell, a craggy Irishman […]

  • Episode 320: “Have You Seen Me?”

    After observing–with Monica and Andrew, respectively–the Monroe family at breakfast and two businessmen who work in the same office building, Tess tells her charges their assignment will be difficult because it involves six intertwined human lives. The case kicks into gear when Hank Monroe sees a picture resembling his younger brother, Noah on the back […]

  • Episode 319: “Labor Of Love”

    At a New York City hospital, Monica and Tess are assigned to Dr. Meg Salter, a pediatrician. But when she decides to surprise her husband by boarding his flight to Paris, the angels have to call for back-up. Rookie caseworker, Celeste and special agent angel, Sam are put on the case, and so is Meg’s […]

  • Episode 318b: “Amazing Grace, Part 2”

    After the shooting, Mary and Dr. Hall scramble to help their friends and loved ones. The luncheonette owner learns the .45 Mr. Kim possessed was a record, not a weapon, but both are aghast to notice her own wound from a stray bullet. Meanwhile, Tess returns to Russell and tells him Josh needs his family. […]

  • Episode 318a: “Amazing Grace, Part 1”

    Tess visits Russell Greene, announcing that God has a special purpose for Josh. Despite his fathers misgivings, the teenager departs with her and meets Monica, who has temporarily lost her sight. After the Cadillac breaks down, Michael Burns stops and gives Josh and Monica a ride to Denver. His grandfather owns an inner-city mini-mall there […]

  • Episode 317: “Angel Of Death”

    Tess instructs Celeste, an angel new to human form, and takes her to a Las Vegas showroom to see their assignment–Eric Weiss, an illusionist who calls himself the “angel of death.” The supervisor angel volunteers her jittery charge to participate in his act, but Tess is dismayed when Celeste… and her dog vanish. On a […]

  • Episode 316: “Crisis of Faith”

    In a hospital emergency room, a team of medics labors furiously to resuscitate an accident victim. Monica and Tess observe unseen and are eventually joined by Andrew when it becomes apparent the patient cannot be revived. The angels reflect on the events that led to this tragedy. Their assignment had been to help Reverend Daniel […]

  • Episode 315: “Clipped Wings”

    On the way to a performance evaluation, Monica encounters her rival, Kathleen. The dark angel tricks her former friend into entering the wrong office suite. There Monica encounters Jodi, a troubled woman comforted by the angel’s accounts of past assignments. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew fret while waiting for their colleague. The High Court judge, Ruth, […]

  • Episode 314: “Smokescreen”

    Tess represents a group of former employees in a class-action suit against family-owned Fairchild Tobacco. Her opposing counsel is Marc Hamilton, who has accepted this assignment to the dismay of his mother, Esther. When he was growing up, both she and his late father worked for Fairchild as a maid and a chauffeur. Young Marc […]

  • Episode 313: “Forget-Me-Not”

    Sara Perkins rebels against her overprotective mother by hiring Monica as her new photography assistant. Though the angel understands why the woman has covertly taken a freelance assignment to Bosnia, Tess–a volunteer helping Charlotte at the public library–thinks Sara’s actions are inconsiderate. Noting the mother and daughter act differently when the other is not present, […]

  • Episode 312: “The Violin Lesson”

    Apprenticed to Jordan Du Bois, a violin maker, Monica must ensure he finishes a violin he started 30 years earlier on the Christmas Day his son was born. The unsuspecting father doesn’t realize Tony has come home for the holidays with a devastating secret, which the angel soon learns: Tony has AIDS and has returned […]

  • Episode 311: “The Journalist”

    At a television news station, Monica is the new weather girl and Andrew, a cameraman. Sam explains their assignment is Rocky McCann, a hard-edged investigative reporter. Evasive regarding Tess’ whereabouts, the special agent angel tells the duo he is supervising them because of the universal ramifications of broadcasting. Monica, attempting to befriend the reporter, agrees […]

  • Episode 310: “The Homecoming, Part I”

    Working from different vantage points, the angels help rehabilitate Julia Fitzgerald, a drug addict who is down and out. Monica, posing as a street walker, persuades the police to round up the disheveled Julia with the other ladies. In jail, she is encouraged by the angel to enter the New Spring Halfway House administered by […]

  • Episode 309: “Into The Light”

    James Block, a man with a heart condition–and a criminal past–gets a second chance after a near-death experience. He suffers a heart attack after marrying his girlfriend, Rachel to prevent her from testifying against him. While “dead,” James sees Andrew walking toward the “light,” though he himself moves in the opposite direction. Realizing he must […]

  • Episode 308: “Something Blue”

    Tess, Monica, and Andrew observe unseen as Kevin Abernathy proposes to Alison Miller in a forest glade. Six months later, the angels are wedding coordinators for the couple. Although preparations have proceeded apace, Monica feels she has forgotten something, and Tess admonishes her to remember because Kevin and Alison’s future depends on it. Wedding day […]

  • Episode 307: “The Sky Is Falling”

    On Halloween, renowned author Leonard Pound is grief stricken regarding his wife, Grace’s recent death. His son, Allan has hired Monica to attend to the widower, who has lost the will to live. To help him, the angel prompts Leonard to revisit a pivotal event in his life, October 30, 1938–the night of Orson Welles’ […]

  • Episode 306: “Groundrush”

    To Monica, Scott Walden seems like a perfect assignment. The charming owner of a small aviation company, he performs numerous charitable deeds and has been a wonderful surrogate father to his fiancee’s pre-teen son. What Monica doesn’t know is “Mr. Wonderful”has a secretive past, which comes to light after an employee borrows a plane to […]

  • Episode 305: “Secret Service”

    Marty Dillard, an overachieving Secret Service agent, is at odds with Monica, assigned as an agent to protect a Presidential candidate. While off duty, Marty enjoys fishing and befriends Ulysses Dodd, an older gentleman who teaches her to enjoy the sport for its own sake rather than for sheer competitiveness. Baffled by a series of […]

  • Episode 304: “Written In Dust”

    Henry Moskowitz, a proud archaeologist on a dig at a Navajo excavation site, receives a surprise visit from his zayda (grandfather). Sam hopes to reconcile his grandson to himself and his Jewish faith by asking him to say kaddish–the Hebrew prayer for the dead–for him. Henry resists the reconciliation effort, still angry that his late […]

  • Episode 303: “Random Acts”

    A solemn Monica stands in the woods, reflecting on the events that transpired there earlier. Tess appears, reminding Monica that some “days humans behave so badly to one another that it’s all an angel can do to keep loving them.” The caseworker recalls how this assignment began. Fed up with the “Yeah, whatever”generation, Mike O’Connor […]

  • Episode 302: “A Joyful Noise”

    Monica begins working with Dr. Adam Litowski, a child psychiatrist haunted by an event from his past that is influencing his treatment of Melissa Houghton, a young girl who claims to hear the voices of angels. While exploring a nearby church’s bell tower late on a rainy night, Melissa encounters Clara, a mysterious stranger who […]

  • Episode 301: “Sins of the Father”

    Monica poses as a journalist to interview Luther Dixon, a teenager on death row. During their conversations, Willis, the prisoner in the adjacent cell often eavesdrops, interjecting his unwanted opinions on Luther’s situation. Meanwhile, Tess and Andrew try to help Valerie Dixon prevent her younger son, Samuel from “gang banging.” Despite Luther’s incarceration, Sam looks […]

  • Episode 222: “Birthmarks”

    Michael Russell is dying of cancer, a fact his father finds hard to accept. A potter by trade, Whit is skeptical of technology and persuaded his son to leave city life for the family farm once his illness was diagnosed. Unbeknownst to Whit, Michael and Penny have undergone gamete fertilization, a process enabling Jolene to […]

  • Episode 221: “Flesh And Blood”

    Monica befriends Kate Prescott, whose son has been accused of a brutal murder. Angered by Thomas’ acquittal, Leonard Page–the victim’s father–tries to force the Prescotts to leave town. Tess advises the man to let God avenge his daughter’s death, but he refuses to listen, even when Kate herself begs him to stop the vendetta. When […]

  • Episode 220: “Statute Of Limitations”

    The angels are assigned to The Morgan Bell Show, a tabloid talk show, with Monica having the plum job of assisting Claudia Bell, the program’s embittered producer and Morgan’s sister. A dark secret from the Bells’ past forged their unhealthy symbiotic relationship; the glamorous Morgan is the on-air talent while the obese Claudia calls the […]

  • Episode 219: “The Quality Of Mercy”

    Joel Redding is a former soap-opera star who is coming to terms with middle age and life after television.  He, his wife, Sally and son, Marshall have moved to a small town trying to regain a semblance of normal family life.  While helping with a college theatre’s fund raiser, Monica, Tess, and Andrew witness tension […]

  • Episode 218: “Portrait of Mrs. Campbell”

    The women in Naval officer, Neil Campbell’s life do not get along. His mother Marian (Linda Grey) and his pregnant wife April (Gabrielle Carteris) seem to be competing for his love. After he goes out to sea, Monica enters their life as an artist commissioned to paint a “portrait of Mrs. Campbell”. We soon learn […]

  • Episode 217: “Dear God”

    Note: John Dye became a series lead starting with this episode. While working at the post office, Monica meets Max, who is responsible for handling “dead” letters addressed to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and God. A Holocaust survivor, Max answers children’s letters to God by telling them there is no God and not to […]

  • Episode 216: “Lost And Found”

    Monica and Tess are assigned to Detective BOB CHAMPNESS (Bill Nunn) at the Center for Missing Children. Champness is very good at this job, but is haunted by his failures: the children who have died or have simply never been found. Andrew, the Angel-of-Death, is also taking his shift at the center. Andrew is intrigued […]

  • Episode 215: “Out Of The Darkness”

    What happens if you go into a coma, wake up five years later and discover you’ve lost everything that mattered to you? When we open STEVE (Brad Whitford) is celebrating the opening of he and his partner MATTHEW’s (David Morin) architectural firm. Then his son falls off the roof, but is miraculously unhurt. Monica caught […]

  • Episode 214: “Jacob’s Ladder”

    As Monica studies a sleeping man in a run-down apartment, Tess appears and informs her she’s in the wrong place–801 Cedar in Jacksonville, Florida rather than Jacksonville, Illinois.  After using her angelic powers to tidy the apartment, Monica stoops to pick up a bag under the bed when the police burst in.  The bag she’s […]

  • Episode 213: “Indigo Angel”

    Club Indigo, once St. Louis’ premier blues and jazz club, has fallen hard times. Its owner, SAM (Hal Linden), is getting on and his grandson ZACH (Geoffrey Nauffts) arrives to convince his grandfather to sell the club and move into a nursing home. Sam resists. He’s always told Zach that “The Countess” told him “do […]

  • Episode 212: “Rock N’ Roll Dad”

    Rock’n’Roll star JON BORDERS (A Martinez) has it all: a loving wife, EVIE (Rosalind Allen), a devoted teenage daughter SAMANTHA, and a wiseass son, DYLAN. He relies on Evie for support and she responds by trying to be everywhere and do everything for him. Borders’ comfortable world is turned upside down when Evie, rushing from […]

  • Episode 211: “The Feather”

    The sequel to the first season’s Christmas episode “Fear Not”, “The Feather” continues the story of a little church’s congregation now that they’ve seen Monica reveal herself in all her glory. Awed, trying to figure out what it all means, the congregation is susceptible to CHARLES, a con artist posing as a preacher. He seizes […]

  • Episode 210: “‘Til We Meet Again”

    The Carpenter family gathers as their father, Joe prepares to die at home. Although grown, the siblings demonstrate the roles they have become accustomed to. Kate, the eldest, takes charge like their mother, Elizabeth but is not quite as overbearing. Chris, the middle child, stuns his sisters with the news that he is estranged from […]

  • Episode 209: “The One That Got Away”

    En route to a wedding in a picturesque mountain meadow, Monica meets an uninvited guest–Andrew, an Angel of Death whom Tess is well acquainted with. The angels’ new assignment focuses on former law school classmates traveling via train to the nuptials. Mark Monfort and Susan Duplain rekindle their passion, having ended their relationship just before […]

  • Episode 208: “Unidentified Female”

    Jennifer has a burn on her finger and a hole in her memory. Two detectives are rigorously interrogating her about a shooting death she witnessed. As she is cross-examined, her jumbled memories eventually coalesce into a narrative. A reporter for the trendy magazine Curb, Jennifer met Clay Martin, a real-estate developer, in an elevator at […]

  • Episode 206: “Reunion”

    Returning home for her mother’s funeral, Megan Brooks arrives with a Dixieland band playing “When the Saints Go Marching in.” This incident raises the ire of her godmother, Clarice Mitchell, a renowned poet. Clarice’s son, Sam and Megan had been high school sweethearts, but their lives drifted apart. Now that she is recently widowed, Sam […]

  • Episode 205: “Operation Smile”

    GINGER (Terumi Matthews) works as an exotic dancer, in which unlikely venue she meets Monica. Ginger hires Monica to babysit her little daughter EMILY, who was born with a disfiguring cleft palate. Ginger fears other kids in her trailer park will taunt Emily, but Monica invites JEREMY, who befriends the little girl. When Jeremy learns […]

  • Episode 204: “Trust”

    Monica “O’Dooley” is a rookie cop assigned to Zack Bennett, who returns to the force following rehabilitation from a gunshot wound.  Zack’s request for a new partner upsets his former one, Ben Rivera.  Monica soon learns why Zack has been avoiding Ben:  he’s become addicted to pain killers. This condition becomes overt when he steals […]

  • Episode 203: “The Driver”

    Monica is the new producer for high-powered television reporter Debra Willis.  Although her signature tag line is “As my mother always said…” in reality Grace Willis is an icy perfectionist whom Debra could never please while growing up.  After hitting a teenager in her car, Debra flees the scene of the accident.  Her old buddy, […]

  • Episode 202: “Interview With An Angel”

      Tess is in an uncharacteristically grumpy mood as she gives Monica her new assignment: to be interviewed by Callie Martin, a cynical reporter writing an expose’ on angelic encounters. Explaining that she is an angelic experience, Monica recounts the story of a recent case. Heart transplant surgeon Dr. Joe Patcherik  is assigned to operate […]

  • Episode 101: “The Southbound Bus”

    Tess guides Monica on her first assignment as a case worker after being promoted from search and rescue.  On the southbound bus, she befriends David Morrow, a young boy who tells her that his mother and sister died in a car accident.  After helping David fend off some bullies, Monica escorts him home.  There she […]

  • Episode 201: “Sympathy For The Devil”

    Matt Duncan books a rodeo into an arena he manages not realizing that his estranged father is one of the feature attractions.  Ty Duncan is a grizzled veteran of the rodeo circuit and wants to reconcile with his son before he dies.  Monica, who’s acting as Matt’s bookkeeper, is horrified to learn that the midway’s […]

  • Episode 102 “Show Me The Way To Go Home”

    Monica is assigned to Earl Rowley, a crusty baseball coach. Bitter because his Vietnam War injury prevented him from pursuing a major league career, he pushes his high school players hard, especially Peter Enloe, the star player whose own father is dead. Earl is less than thrilled to have a female assistant coach but is […]

  • Episode 207: “The Big Bang”

    Monica and Tess find themselves caught in the middle of a bank holdup. JACKSON (Jeff Nordling), the arrogant and brilliant stick-up man, holds Monica and a very pregnant ALISON (Lisa Jane Persky) hostage, as he forces the president of the bank, MAX CHAMBERLAIN (Jack Scalia) into the vault. But when an earthquake shakes the building, […]

  • Episode 103: “Fallen Angela”

    Monica learns to overcome her fear of water when she moves next door to Angela Evans, an avid boater with a secretive past.  Years ago during college, she supported herself as a call girl.  Now that her husband Carter is running for the U.S. Senate, she is being blackmailed by Marshall, her former pimp. Monica […]

  • Episode 104: “Tough Love”

    Monica serves as the personal assistant to Elizabeth Jessup, a prominent journalist, and the angel soon learns that her new assignment has a serious drinking problem.  At a birthday dinner for her granddaughter Beth, Liz has too much to drink, which prompts her own daughter Sydney to take the child home.  Soon afterwards, the newswoman […]

  • Episode 105: “”Cassie’s Choice””

    Cassie Peters is pregnant and plans to give her baby up for adoption.  Although neither Craig (the baby’s father) nor Joanne (Cassie’s mother) is present for the delivery, Monica is, posing as a nurse.  After holding her daughter, Cassie changes her mind and runs away, much to the chagrin of the Feldmans, the adoptive parents. […]

  • Episode 106: “The Heart Of The Matter”

    Monica serves as a legal assistant to a young lawyer, CHARLES HIBBERT (Peter Scolari). Charles mistakenly gives an inheritance to an eccentric young woman, ROBIN (Wendy McKenna) and must convince her to give it back. Charles is a hypochondriac with an imagined heart condition. Monica helps him to open his heart and he falls in […]

  • Episode 107: “An Unexpected Snow”

    Monica and Tess arrange an accident on a deserted road for MEGAN (Nancy Allen) and SUSANA (Brooke Adams), two women involved with same man. The angels create an estate where the women and eventually Susana’s husband, JACK (Ed Marinaro) spend Thanksgiving together. The angels are assisted by Adam, the Angel-of-Death, who doesn’t have the heart […]

  • Episode 108: “Manny”

    Monica and Tess are party coordinators for Harrison Trowbridge Archibald IV, a stuffy doctor whose wife, Barbara, and mother, Amelia, are planning a prestigious social event to commemorate a new hospital expansion named after their family.  They are in the midst of preparation when Manny arrives at their doorstep, claiming to be a child the […]

  • Episode 109: “The Hero”

    Three years ago, James Mackey defused a tense hostage situation by shooting the gunman who had fatally wounded James’ partner.  Now Monica is a journalist writing a story about the small-town sheriff and local hero.   Although a loving father, Mackey places intense pressure on his son, Matthew so he can gain admission to the U.S. […]

  • Episode 110: “Fear Not!”

    A small town church is putting on its Christmas pageant, and little SERENA (Ra’ven Kelly) desperately wants to be the angel. Her slightly retarded friend JOEY (Paul Wittenberg), must come to terms with the fact that Serena is dying of a heart condition. Joey is pathologically afraid of the dark–his parents went out into the […]

  • Episode 111: “There, But For The Grace Of God”

    Monica is stripped of her angel powers to help a proud, homeless man PETE (Gregory Harrison). She also befriends SOPHIE (Marion Ross) and ZACK (Malcolm Jamaal Warner) a Desert Storm vet. Monica realizes that she has stood in judgment on homeless people and after a prayer she washes Pete’s feet. Sophie is reunited with her […]

  • Episode 113: “Angels On The Air”

    Monica works as a personal assistant to radio personality Sandy Latham, who is renowned for her caustic rapport with listeners and her biting wit.  In that capacity, the angel hopes to repair Sandy’s relationship with Claire, who is continually mortified that her mother uses her as a pawn in the ratings battle.  Meanwhile, Tess joins […]

  • Episode 112: “In The Name Of God”

    Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help JOANNE (Talia Balsam) open an AIDS hospice. Joanne is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment TIM (Craig Wasson). Tess’ anger causes her to be replaced […]

  • Scenes from ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’

    Take a sneak peak at scenes from ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered,’ Martha Williamson’s first show since ‘Touched By an Angel,’ premiering on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday, October 12 @ 9/8c.

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Oh, Holy Night, Part 1

      Martha Williamson reveals how a Christmas Eve choir changed a man’s life forever.

  • Thirteen Going on Vintage

    Martha Williamson talks about how tough times led to a classic result.

  • Martha Wants to Encourage You

    Martha wants to encourage you – because God is always in your life.

  • Martha on Raymond Arroyo

  • A Challenge to All

  • Oh, Holy Night, Part 2

    Through a Christmas Eve choir, Martha Williamson shares how the miracle of God’s love touched a man in his last moments.

  • A Brand New Start

    Martha Williamson reminds us that every single morning, God has prepared a brand new day and a chance to start over.

  • Extra Dogs

  • God at the Top of the Stairs

    Martha Williamson learned early in life that, even amidst our deepest fears, God is guiding us through every dark room we encounter on our life journey.

  • A Touch of Encouragement

  • Welcome

  • Going, Going Grey

    Martha Williamson shares how to look for the silver lining in any situation.

  • Getting Through The Grief

    When we feel sorrowful and left behind by the loss of a loved one, Martha Williamson shares that just as God welcomes them into His arms, He is also with us.

  • God Loves You!

    Martha reminds us of one simple truth – God Loves you and he is not going away!

  • A Hero On The Dresser

    Even when we think no one is watching, Martha Williamson reminds us that God sees our good works and can make us each a hero in the eyes of a stranger.

  • Everybody Needs a Touch of Encouragement

    Sometimes we all just need a touch of encouragement.

  • The Big Cheese

    During times when we feel misunderstood, especially during those teen-age years, Martha Williamson believes we are only as distant from someone we love as we decide to be.

  • The Resolution Solution

    Although Martha Williamson doesn’t usually make New Years Resolutions, this year she makes a presidential promise.

  • A Golden Opportunity?

      Martha Williamson believes when controversy arises, we have an opportunity to engage in the freedom of speech without diminishing others.

  • Wicked, Weary or Wrong?

      Anyone who thinks that the Bible says “There is no rest for the weary” is wrong.

  • Peace On Earth

      During the Christmas season, Martha Williamson reminds us that we all have a chance to bring peace into our hearts.

  • Bride of Cheerios

    When it comes to choosing the right people in our life, Martha Williamson reminds us not to settle, but rather to always look for those who see the best in us.

  • Head For The Hills

      When we’re at our lowest, Martha Williamson believes if we dare to look up, we’ll see how strong and faithful God is.

  • An Ancient Recipe

      As God prepares the road ahead, Martha Williamson believes there are things we must do now in order to be ready for God’s blessings later.

  • The Smallest Prayer

      From a child’s mistaken prayer, Martha Williamson shares that God is not listening so much to our words as He is listening to our hearts.

  • The Perfect Designer Kitchen

      Martha Williamson let her dreams of a “perfect kitchen” fade to let the real life of her family shine through.

  • martha_word_faith_love_promo

  • What Prayer Isn’t

    Martha Williamson discusses why she believes prayer at its best is about truly getting connected with God and being thankful for the gifts we already have in our lives.

  • The Bad and the Beautiful

    Martha Williamson finds beauty in all the right places.

  • Thirteen Going on Vintage

    Martha Williamson talks about how tough times led to a classic result.

  • Touched By an Angel: The Sixth Season

    Starring Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye and Alexis Cruz (2012)

  • Touched By an Angel: The Fifth Season

    Starring Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye and Alexis Cruz (2012)

  • Touched By an Angel: The Seventh Season

    Starring Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye and Alexis Cruz (2012)

  • Touched By an Angel: The Complete First Season

    Starring Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye and Alexis Cruz (2012)