Season 2

Episode 202: “Interview With An Angel”

Episode 202: “Interview With An Angel”
Original Air Date:September 23, 1995
Written by::Marilyn Osborn & Martha Williamson
Directed by: Helaine Head
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
Robert J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Dr. Joe Pachorek Gerald McRaney
Henry Bruce Altman
Lisa Pachorek Marcia Strassman
Callie Martin Dinah Manoff
Dr. Rence Patterson Steven Culp
Dr. Gus Jacobs Jeannetta Arnette
Ethan Parker Douglas Roberts
Chris Stuart Fratkin


Tess is in an uncharacteristically grumpy mood as she gives Monica her new assignment: to be interviewed by Callie Martin, a cynical reporter writing an expose’ on angelic encounters. Explaining that she is an angelic experience, Monica recounts the story of a recent case.
Heart transplant surgeon Dr. Joe Patcherik ┬áis assigned to operate on Ethan Parker, the drunk driver who killed Joe’s five children. Since that incident, Joe and his artist wife, Lisa have drifted apart. She has immersed herself in a sculpture that will stand in the children’s wing of the hospital as a dedication to her kids.

During a heated, emotional conversation, Lisa urges her husband to forgive her, Ethan, and God for their children’s deaths. Later, in the middle of the surgery, Monica, the transplant coordinator, stops time and reveals herself to Joe. She tells him that he is holding his own life in his hands and that no one except God has the right to determine whether another human should live or die. After successfully completing the surgery, Joe is shown the sculpture Lisa has been crafting: it is a statue of their children sledding–the activity they were en route to when the accident occurred.

Outraged that the killer lived, Callie tosses the interview tape away and walks out on to the street. She is nearly hit by a bus but is rescued by none other than Ethan Parker. Scrambling to recover the tape, Callie sees Monica, Tess, and Henry (an Angel of Death) wave to her as they ride on the back of the garbage truck containing the tape.



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