Season 2

Episode 212: “Rock N’ Roll Dad”

Episode 212: “Rock N’ Roll Dad”
Original Air Date:January 20, 1996
Written by:: Andrew Smith
Directed by:Tim Van Patten
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
Robert J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Andrew John Dye
Jon Mateos A Martinez
Murray Richard Roundtree
Evie Mateos Rosalind Allen
Samantha Mateos Ivey Lloyd
Dylan Mateos Spencer Klein
Kathleen Sullivan

Rock’n’Roll star JON BORDERS (A Martinez) has it all: a loving wife, EVIE (Rosalind Allen), a devoted teenage daughter SAMANTHA, and a wiseass son, DYLAN. He relies on Evie for support and she responds by trying to be everywhere and do everything for him. Borders’ comfortable world is turned upside down when Evie, rushing from her daughter’s concert to a TV appearance by Jon, is killed in a car accident. Faced with actually having to raise his children, and deal with their emotional trauma, Borders retreats into work and then rapidly descends into drink and drug use.
Monica, who is Jon’s driver, watches as his attempts to record a new song, “Nowhere”, disappear down the bottle and up his nose. Tess is the kids’ nanny; Samantha slips around her to go out with friends to a concert. But en route they stop at a motel to party. Samantha didn’t plan on this and runs out. She pages her Dad, but he’s too stoned to pick up her page. Eventually Sam hitches a ride with a trucker. When the driver points out they’re right at the spot where Evie died, Sam insists on getting out and staying there alone. she looks down the ravine where her mother died–then slips and falls into it herself. At the bottom, Sam finds her mother ‘s purse, with a notation of a song Evie was writing for Jon. Andrew, the Angel-of-Death, sppears, but then Tess appears also to comfort Samantha.
Back in the recording studio, Monica reveals herself to Jon, pointing out to him that the word NOWHERE may also be read as NOW HERE. She leads him to his daughter, and the show ends with Jon and Samantha on TV, singing the song that Evie wrote.

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