Season 2

Episode 208: “Unidentified Female”

Episode 208: “Unidentified Female”
Original Air Date:December 2, 1995
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by:Michael Schultz
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
Robert J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Bill Salisbury Greg Evigan
Clay Martin Brian Bloom
Jennifer Allison Smith
Cookie Alanna Ubach
Alex Jackson Brandon Douglas
Ava  Alicia Coppola

Jennifer has a burn on her finger and a hole in her memory. Two detectives are rigorously interrogating her about a shooting death she witnessed. As she is cross-examined, her jumbled memories eventually coalesce into a narrative.

A reporter for the trendy magazine Curb, Jennifer met Clay Martin, a real-estate developer, in an elevator at her office building. He invited her to a party where she met his best friend, Alex, as well as Monica. Against his mother’s wishes, Alex had been traveling in search of his real father. Despite the former roommates’ cross words–not the least of which regarded the fact that Alex’ ex-girlfriend was now dating Clay–they soon reconciled. Jennifer subsequently had a heart-to-heart talk with Alex where the prodigal confided he was on his way home to deliver yellow roses and an apology to his mother. Afterwards she just happened to be in the room when Clay shows Alex an antique gun. Although apparently unloaded, the gun contained a chambered round that killed Alex when the weapon fell off a desk.

Since Jennifer’s story corroborates Clay’s, the police release her. Two weeks after the incident, she is still in shock and denial. Revealing herself, Monica informs the distraught woman that God had a purpose for her witnessing the incident, and that she has a task to complete. Understanding this, Jennifer comforts Alex’s mother and gives her the roses he never got the chance to deliver.

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