Season 2

Episode 214: “Jacob’s Ladder”

Episode 214:  “Jacob’s Ladder”
Original Air Date:February 10, 1996
Written by::Ken LaZebnik
Directed by:Michael Schultz
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
Robert J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sam Paul Winfield
Claire Cindy Williams
Jake Stone Joe Morton
Sue Cheney Wanda De Jesus
Terry Hayman Barbara Mandrell
Dr. H. C. Arnovitz Jim Metzler

As Monica studies a sleeping man in a run-down apartment, Tess appears and informs her she’s in the wrong place–801 Cedar in Jacksonville, Florida rather than Jacksonville, Illinois.  After using her angelic powers to tidy the apartment, Monica stoops to pick up a bag under the bed when the police burst in.  The bag she’s holding is full of cocaine, and the police arrest her.  During interrogation, her claim that she’s an angel makes her a candidate for a mental hospital.  At her arraignment, Monica alone can see Sam, the angel from special services.  He tells her the simple mistake of going to the wrong address has set events in motion that have to play out, but no matter what happens God will never leave nor forsake her.

Monica is assigned a court-appointed attorney, Jake Stone, a Vietnam veteran and hardened cynic.  He tries to convince her to plead guilty but mentally ill.  She refuses, however, and insists on a competency hearing.  In the meantime, Monica is remanded to a psychiatric hospital where she shares a room with Claire, who also claims to be an angel but keeps repeating the phrase, “May Day.”  At the hearing, Jake produces Terry Hayman, the woman from Jacksonville, Illinois that Monica was supposed to help.  Terry describes her encounter with Tess, which corroborates Monica’s story.  The judge declares her competent to stand trial, but anxious to avoid placing angels on trial is ready to dismiss charges based on a legal technicality.

A skeptical Jake tells her a real angel would resemble Claire, whom he met in Vietnam.  During the fall of Saigon, Jake attempted to rescue a little girl, May Ling, nicknamed “May Day.”  As he helicoptered away, the girl fell from his grasp but was rescued by Claire.  Realizing that Claire is indeed an angel, Monica asks to return to the mental hospital.  There, Monica helps Claire remember who she is.  In turn, the newly restored angel helps Jake resolve his anger toward God.  Returning to 801 Cedar Street, Monica and Tess learn that the building is going to become a home for orphans and child survivors of trauma and run by Executive Director May Ling Gustafson.

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