Season 7

Episode 705: “The Invitation”

Episode 705: “The Invitation”
Original Air Date:October 29, 2000
Written by::Jon Andersen
Directed by:Michael Schultz
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Annie Higuerra Karina Arroyave
Millie Marla Gibbs
Rick Higuerra Guillermo Diaz
Dennis Thomas Dekker
Cal Jeremy Roberts
Clara Alex Elias


Rick and Annie Higuerra are expecting their first child and struggle to keep up with their debts.  Annie, seven months pregnant, is undeterred by her husband’s suggestion to cancel their Halloween party in a few days.  The angels make their own preparations as Tess alerts Monica to Satan’s presence in town.  Monica, unseen, keeps vigil outside the Higuerra’s apartment.  Monica confronts Satan, in the form of a lion, but is resolved to protect Rick and Annie, causing the lion to retreat.

Rick and Annie are awakened the next day by their new neighbor, Tess, singing the hymn “When You Can’t Move The Mountain.”  Monica, working as a manicurist at Annie’s salon, meets two of Annie’s clients Millie and Clara, and a wayward 13 year-old boy, Dennis, who finds a set of tarot cards in an old box of decorations.  Monica fears that Annie’s interest in the cards is part of Satan’s plans.  Meanwhile, Rick tends bar in a scarcely populated lounge, his only regular is Cal, a bookie.  Andrew, working as a plumber, is suspicious of Cal’s presence.  Later that night, Rick is unwilling to entertain Annie’s prediction that “Three” is his lucky number.   Annie’s next prediction apparently comes true when they receive an unexpected check in the mail for $4500.  Annie reports her success to the delight of Clara, who requests a reading.   Despite Monica’s admonitions, Annie obliges Clara.

Distressed over her foreboding reading, Clara rushes outside, too preoccupied to notice an oncoming truck.   She is nearly run over, but is pushed aside at the last moment by Monica.  The truck’s logo, as envisioned in Annie’s reading, seems to validate the tarot cards.  Cal hears of Rick’s newfound fortune and tries to convince him to gamble it.  Encouraged by Dennis’ account of how Annie’s cards can foretell the future, Rick wagers the $4500 on a horse named “Three by Three”, believing it to be the one foretold the night before.   Rick is wreaked with guilt for risking their savings and concealing it from his wife.  Rick blames his restlessness on Tess’ singing and rudely confronts her, leading to Tess’ departure.

It is Halloween and Monica is disheartened by the power the tarot cards hold over these people’s lives.  Millie is despondent, finding out “an old enemy returns with death” and Rick has lost their entire future savings.  Rick entertains Cal’s offer to use a loan shark as a way out, but is reminded by Andrew that Cal’s suggestions and the belief in the cards have led to his problems.  Clara and Millie enter the bar.  Millie later excuses herself to the restroom, intending to commit suicide.  Andrew interrupts Millie, who confides her fear that the “old enemy” is her cancer returning.  Andrew reveals himself as an angel and reassures Millie that her cancer has not returned.   Tess appears and explains to Rick, Millie and Clara that there is a God, but Satan also exists.  And their faith in the tarot cards has allowed Satan to disrupt their lives and mislead them away from Annie.   Annie, ready to deliver her baby, calls out for help after accidentally falling down the stairs in her apartment building.   Dennis arrives and reveals his true identity — morphing into a lion.

Monica rushes to Annie’s side and urges her to involve God against the power of darkness —  “the enemy cannot stand in the presence of God.”  Annie becomes empowered as she recalls the hymn sung by Tess.  Annie is joined in her singing by a united Rick, Millie, Clara, Tess and Andrew.  Satan retreats into the night — the beautiful cries of Rick and Annie’s baby boy are heard.

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