Season 7

Episode 717: “I Am An Angel”

Episode 717: “I Am An Angel”
Original Air Date:March 11, 2001
Written by::R.J. Colleary
Directed by:Larry Peerce
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Guy Garfield  Lee Horsley
Ryan Dempsey Tony Denman
Val Osgood Shannon Cochran
Mickey Dempsey Matt Weinberg
Joanie Kim Abunuwara
Woman #2 Frances Linden
Wannabe Angel #1 Nina Girvetz
Fan #1 David Nathan Schwartz

Seven-year-old Mickey has been despondent since his mother’s recent death. He lives with his Aunt Val and his older brother Ryan. When Ryan learns that Guy Garfield, the star of Mickey’s favorite television show “The Avenging Angel,” will be appearing at an Angel Convention in Portland, he goes there in the hopes of persuading Guy to help his brother. Guy makes a grand entrance by way of his “golden ladder” (which takes him back and forth to Heaven on his weekly series) to cheering fans. But Monica and Tess have observed the real Guy, a boozing womanizer who is anything but angelic. Ryan stretches the truth and asks for help for his “dying” brother. Guy graciously agrees, milking the moment for all its worth. But once he’s offstage, he makes it clear to Monica (who’s filling in as his assistant) that he has no intention of keeping his promise.

Monica decides to keep it for him by driving an unsuspecting Guy to the rural town where Mickey lives. Once Guy realizes he’s been “kidnapped,” he bolts and flags down the sheriff, only to discover that she is Aunt Val. While trying to sort things out, Aunt Val vents her frustration about losing her sister and how her life has suddenly changed. Ryan takes this the wrong way, assuming she resents being stuck with two kids. Ryan explains to Monica how his mom made them lunch every day and tucked them in at night and told them she loved them, whereas Aunt Val just does the minimum. Out of the spotlight, Guy gets a chance to appreciate the simple pleasures of small town life and strikes a rapport with Val.

Meanwhile, Mickey talks to Andrew (his bus driver) about praying for an angel. When Mickey comes home to find “Gabriel” in his living room, he thinks God has answered his prayer. Despite Monica’s pleas, Guy assumes his angel persona and assures Mickey that his mother is in Heaven — conjuring a make-believe image. Mickey packs his overnight bag so that “Gabriel” can take him to Heaven. When Guy tries to explain his way out of this, Mickey runs off and climbs to the top of an old grain silo to wait for the “golden ladder” himself. While Val and Ryan go for help, Monica reveals herself as an angel to Guy. She tells Guy that God wants him to be the man he was before the fame, who served God rather than serving himself. Guy climbs the silo to rescue Mickey and explains that he’s not an angel, but that real angels do exist. Mickey reaches out to Guy and accidentally falls, but Andrew is there to catch him.

Andrew reveals to Mickey that he took his mother to Heaven and helps him understand the difference between Guy’s make-believe version of Heaven versus the awesome reality of being in God’s presence. Comforted by Andrew’s words, Mickey is finally able to say goodbye to his mother and move forward. Aunt Val embraces her nephews, telling them how much she loves them, and a spiritually renewed Guy joins the restored family as they return home.

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