Season 7

Episode 721: “Band Of Angels”

Episode 721: “Band Of Angels”
Original Air Date:April 15, 2001
Written by::Jennifer Wharton
Directed by:Stuart Margolin
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Ronald Joel Grey
Alex Wilson Robert Ri’chard
Henry Baldwin Bill Cobbs
Carl James A. Watson Jr.
Olivia Tamu Smith
Plus One:
Shane Nate Cole
Nick Gabe Combs
Kelvin Jeremy Mhire
Michael Jason Perry
Aaron Nathan Walters

17-year-old Alex Wilson breaks into the music store where he works to steal a guitar, not counting on the fact that his boss and mentor, famed Blues musician Henry Baldwin, would be working late that night.  Armed with a gun, Henry goes out into the darkened store to confront the intruder.  Henry is shocked to find Alex there and goes to call the police when Alex tries to stop him.  There’s a struggle for the gun and Henry is fatally wounded.  Alex is arrested, found guilty and remanded to the local juvenile detention center until sentencing.

Monica works at the detention center supervising a group of six boys, including Alex.  In a show of false bravado, Alex makes it known that he’s serving time for murder.  Ronald (the angel from records and permanent files) suggests to Monica that perhaps the boys need to find some common ground.  The next day, Tess surprises Alex with some strawberry pancakes for his birthday — and when everyone joins in to sing “Happy Birthday,” they stumble onto some untapped potential.  Andrew accompanies Alex to his sentencing hearing where he calls Alex’s high school counselor, who testifies to the important role Henry played in Alex’s life.  But Alex’s fate takes a turn for the worse when Henry’s daughter Olivia takes the stand.  She tearfully recounts how her father had a lot more love and music to share and that Alex is a murderer who should be made to pay.  The judge sentences Alex to twenty-five years without the possibility of parole.  Alex returns to the detention center feeling hopeless, and Monica asks if there’s something he’d like to do in the remaining time before he’s transferred to the penitentiary.

Alex admits he’d like to hear his music performed before an audience.  Alex asks the guys if they’d be willing to sing his song.  They’re reluctant, but eventually agree to give it a try.  While Alex works with the guys on their harmony, Ronald locates a venue for them to perform.  Tess smoothes things over with the juvenile center administrator, who grudgingly allows them to attend the “open mike” night under their supervision.  The boys perform Alex’s song to an enthusiastic response, but Alex escapes before the song is over.  When Alex is discovered missing, the performance is interrupted and the boys are sent back to the detention center, where Ronald reveals himself as an angel and tells them that God loves them and forgives them.

Monica finds Alex hiding out in the now abandoned music store where it all began.  Monica shows Alex that Henry had intended to give him the guitar as a birthday present.  Monica reveals herself as an angel, and that she was sent in answer to Henry’s prayer.  She reminds Alex that God loves him and that he still has a future, even if it’s behind bars and that it’s time to turn his future over to God.  Alex returns to the juvenile center and apologizes to the guys.  He asks them for one last favor — to honor Henry’s memory.  As Alex is transferred to prison, the guys restore Henry’s music store with the angels’ help, to be reopened as a youth center.

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