Season 7

Episode 720: “The Sign Of The Dove”

Episode 720: “The Sign Of The Dove”
Original Air Date:April 22, 2001
Written by::Martha Williamson & Burt Pearl
Directed by:Jeff Kanew
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Adam Charles Rocket
Ben Mason Thomas Calabro
Nicholas Freeman Richard Lawson
John Jacob Mason Harry Danner
Marine Eric Joseph
Slave Catcher Larry Brandenburg
Mason Freeman Scott Lawrence

Andrew runs into a colleague, fellow Angel of Death, Adam, while spending his “day off” in Richmond, Virginia visiting the Mason family, a family he’s had the privilege of following over many generations.  Andrew occupies a special place in the Mason family, so much so that they’ve dedicated a special chair in his honor.  Adam and Andrew stop in for a non-alcoholic beverage at the Mason family tavern, The Sign of the Dove, which is managed by Ben Mason, an affable young man who is to be married that evening.

While Andrew and Adam talk shop, one angel of death to another, Monica tries to get through to her assignment, Nicholas Freeman, a hard-working man who owns the print shop next door, which is being edged out by the competition.  Driven to drastic measures to provide for his family, Nicholas is planning to blow up his print shop so his family can collect the insurance.  While recounting his experiences with the Mason family, Andrew sees a dove on the window sill, a sign that Ben is going to die today, bringing an end to the Mason family lineage.  Andrew tells Adam how The Sign of the Dove served as an underground railroad back in the 1850s.  He relates the story of how Ben’s ancestors staged a fake funeral to help a runaway slave escape to freedom.

That night, the newly freed man changed his name to Mason Freeman, accidentally leaving behind a fifty-cent piece which is now displayed in a frame behind the bar.  Tess then shows up and explains that Andrew has been reassigned to assist Monica and that Adam will be following Ben.  Monica tries to persuade Nicholas to think about what he’s doing, but he is resolved, convinced that he’s worth more to his family dead than alive.  He assures Monica that the explosion will happen while everyone’s at the church, so that nobody will get hurt but himself.

Andrew takes some solace in the fact that Ben has left the tavern in time to avoid getting hurt.  But Monica and Adam remind Andrew that Ben left behind the Mason family Bible, a register of births, deaths and marriages over generations, something he will be sure to return for.  Monica finally relinquishes her assignment to Andrew, but when she introduces Nicholas by his full name, Andrew realizes the reason they were brought together.  Andrew takes Nicholas back to the tavern and explains his place in history as Mason Freeman’s descendant, showing him the coin his ancestor left behind.  Monica explains the coin was a symbol of hope that God would always provide a way and that the Mason family has saved this coin all these years, waiting to return it to its rightful heir.  His faith restored, Nicholas rushes to disarm the explosives with moments to spare.  At the wedding reception, Andrew takes Ben aside and explains the history that links his past with Nicholas Freeman.

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